53. Follow the instruction to write 1page essay

5/11/2019Questionmark Perception
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Small Group Communication
Lesson 3 Live Event 1 Reflection Assignment
Your assignment is worth 25 points.
Please make sure you have answered all questions prior to submitting. Once you click the submit button, you will not be
able to return.
1 of 5
Summarize your experience in this live event by stating what role you played and how well you played your role. Next,
consider your blog post for lesson #1, along with any comments or questions. How does your experience in the live
event compare to the small group roles you play in your life? Use specific examples from your experience.
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Questionmark Perception
Evaluate how well your group worked together using Schultz’s theory of inclusion, control, and affection. Use specific
examples from your participation to explain your assertions. Next, discuss how these tenets helped or hindered the
development of the group’s mutuality of concern.
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Using Tuckman’s stages of group formation and specific examples, describe the progression of the event from greeting
your group members, to selecting which candidate to hire, to concluding the meeting.
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Questionmark Perception
Review your work for Blog Post 2 in Lesson 2. Considering your post and any comments you received, are there links
between what you learned in small group communication theory and your experience in the live event? Describe these
links using at least 2 specific concepts from lesson 2 and/or lesson 3 in your answer.
5 of 5
Describe at least three factors of interpersonal and group attraction you noticed among your group members. How did
these attractions impact the group’s performance? Use specific examples from your participation to explain your
Live Event 1 Assignment Description
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COM230 Live Event 1 Assignment Description
Welcome to this live small group event! This assignment is worth 60 points. You will receive 10 points
for participation in the live event (Part 1) and 50 points for your post-event reflection (Part 2).
During this event, you will participate with other students in COM230 in real time for a synchronous
meeting. As a member of this event, you will have the opportunity to demonstrate and practice small
group communication concepts. After you have participated in the live event, complete the Live Event
1 Post Event Reflection Questions.
Part 1 (10 points)
Register for the event: Sign up to participate in the live event at this Live Event Registration Page.
The Scenario
Conflict Consultants for Waking Up, Inc.
Congratulations! As a member of the Waking Up, Inc. staff, you’ve been named to participate in a
hiring committee to hire a new life coach to add to the team.
Before the Live Event
1. Read the case study .  Before you participate with your colleagues in the hiring committee,
prepare for the meeting by studying the case study and thoroughly familiarizing yourself with
the company, members of the team, and the candidates for hire at www.wakingup.com.
2. Read Lesson 5 “Roles and Norms” to familiarize yourself with the roles and norms.
3. Additional suggested reading:
“Preparing to Collaborate,” Lesson 4
“Listening,” Lesson 8
“Making Decisions and Solving Problems,” Lesson 10
4. Review the post-event reflection questions . After the live event, you will reflect on your
participation with questions that are designed to help you connect concepts with your real-time
experience. Reviewing the post-event reflection questions before the event will help you to plan
your communication during the event.
During the Live Event
Live Event 1 Assignment Description
Your group should aim to complete the assignment within 1 hour. The assignment will conclude when
your group has come to consensus on who to hire as the new life coach for Waking Up, Incorporated.
Keep the College Civility Policy in mind when you communicate with your small group for learning
activities and assignments in this course. Live events are considered learning environments; therefore,
college policies are in effect.
1. Greet your group . Engage in moderate self-disclosure by meeting your group, stating the role
you will be playing, and establishing your expectations for this event. Notice how this begins the
forming and norming stage.
2. Play your role . After introductions have been made, it is time to start work as the hiring
committee to select a candidate for hire. During this process, you need to obviously play the role
you selected during registration. You may support your role with your comments. For example,
use comments similar to “As the initiator, I think the group should…” or “This is Jane, the
energizer,” or “That is a great idea!” Remember, this event is your practice area. Be bold in your
3. Select a candidate for hire . This process can take any number of shapes, depending on how your
group decides to work together. Items to consider may include, but are not limited to the
Developing norms for your group’s discussion
Crafting an agenda for the discussion
Deciding on criteria to use to evaluate candidates
Considering decision-making techniques
4. Notice communication concepts . While you are participating, consider what you have learned in
COM230 thus far. Specific concepts you may consider include roles, norms, small group
communication theory, goals, and attraction.
5. Conclude the event . After the group has selected a candidate to hire, take a few minutes to
reflect on the group experience with your colleagues. Questions your group may consider
include items such as these:
Were you satisfied with this group experience?
What small group communication concepts did you notice during this process?
How easy or difficult was it to play a role?
What could make the process easier the next time?
What norms developed during the conversation?
After the Live Event
Complete the Post-Event Reflection Questions. Thank you for your participation. Your insights will be
valuable. Please contact your instructor with any questions you may have.
Live Event 1 Assignment Description
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COM 230
Live Event #1
Case Study
Hiring Committee: As a member of the hiring committee, you will work with your fellow COM 230 Consultants to select
the best candidate for hire as a Life Coach at Waking Up, Inc. Below is a description of the company, the position for hire,
job requirements and resumes for the potential candidates.
Waking Up, Inc. Company Description
Waking Up, Inc. is a wellness company specializing in resort style life coaching. Our 50-bed residential wellness center is
nestled in the heart of big sky country with lush green landscape and blue skies to provide clients with a peaceful
environment to constructively deal with changes in their personal and/or professional lives. You can become your best self
with the help of Waking Up!
Waking Up, Inc. works to serve our local community as well as the greater community at large. Clients may engage in
voice-to-voice or email support, visit as needed or register to spend a weekend or more at our resort for an opportunity to
decompress and rejuvenate. Our team of dedicated and successful iPEC certified life coaches supports clients with
varying experience, including substance abuse, physical and emotional trauma, holistic medicine, and
nutritional components.
Position for hire description
Waking Up, Inc. is recruiting a full time well-educated certified Life Coach with a proven record of engaging people to
create sustainable change for the better. As a Life Coach for the Waking Up Life Coach team, your priority will be to
administer first class client care to develop a program for growth, identify problem areas and provide support and
encouragement. Life coaches do not need to live on the Waking Up premises, but must be local. Night shifts occur on a
rotating basis with occasional on-call hours.
Job Requirements

Bachelors Degree in social work, psychology, business, communication or related field.
Accredited Life Coach Certification
At least 5 years experience
Excellent communication skills
Formulate effective treatment plans for clients with minimal time and immediate results.
Provide case management according to the policies and procedures of Waking Up, Inc.
Team Player. Participate in overall Waking Up program development and planning as requested with participation
in weekly team meetings.
Ability to work independently and accept critique through annual review process.
Enthusiasm and passion for personal development of clients as well as self.
Additional certifications or degrees in addiction, eating disorders, nutrition, etc., a plus.
Potential Candidates
Jasmine Thorn
32698 Louise Lane, Phoenix, AZ, USA
Mobile – 602-555-5555
E-mail – jthorn98765@mailme.com
Well trained and experienced fitness coach looking for the position of a wellness coach in an esteemed organization to
train the candidates and help them become mentally and physically strong.
Career Summary:
• Over 6 years of experience working as a fitness trainer and nutrition specialist
• Gained extensive knowledge in diet planning for weight loss and weight gain regimens
• Possess the ‘A’ grade certification in nutrition planning and wellness
• Have psychology background focused on the study of human behavior
Key Strengths:
• Excellent verbal communication skills and interpersonal skills for effective interaction with clients
• Effective time management skills and organizational skills
• Knowledge of computer skills for maintaining the health records and diet records of the clients
• Certification in nutrition planning
• Ability to work within rigorous deadlines with good quality work
• Good team player and possess leadership qualities
• Ability to understand the potential of the candidate and provide the exercises accordingly
• Makes effective use of the available resources
Educational Credentials:
• Diploma in Nutrition Planning, 2005 University of Houston, USA
• Bachelor’s Degree in Physical Education, 2002 Houston University, USA
Work Experiences:
Active Health Club, Tempe
Designation – Wellness Coach
Duration – June 2005 till date
• Determined the physical standard of each candidate and provided the exercise accordingly
• Designed appropriate diet programs for people with different needs
• Educated people regarding preventive care measures and mental and physical well being
• Conducted the seminars to state the importance of good physical and mental health
• Monitored the fitness regimen of the clients and guided them for practicing proper exercises
• Kept record of payments of every candidate and presented it to the authorities whenever demanded
• Interacted with the clients, understood their problems and provided necessary solution
• Set goals for the customers and encouraged them to accomplish these goals
Upon requst
Greg Pizzo
2219 E. Softwind Dr
Newport News, VA 23606
Phone: 757-555-5555
Greg’s strong communication and organizational skills are particularly valuable to leaders who depend on professional,
knowledgeable, and skilled support to achieve wellness success for their organizations. Greg provides one-on-one
coaching and workshops using a “wellness” approach which utilizes the whole individual—body, mind and spirit—in a
thought-provoking and creative process to maximize personal and professional potential.
MA, 2008, ASU; 2008 Certified Wellness Coach,
BS, 1986, Biology, ASU
Relevant Experience
Executive Wellness Coaching – Provides creative programs to support personal and professional development in private,
individualized coaching, workshops, presentations and seminars.
Dove and Box – Regional Marketing Representative responsible for direct pursuit of project opportunities, identification of
markets/clients, public relations, and preparation of marketing budget and reports for this large, national firm.
Jessica Ford
2150 Omega Avenue
Plano, TX 75433
Job Objective: Looking forward to join your esteemed organization as a Wellness coach.
Work Experience:
Wellness Coach, 2007 – Present
Wellness ABC, TX
Promoted wellness and provided education regarding preventative care measures.
Conducted onsite health-related wellness seminars
Developed a wellness coaching relationship with clients.
Planned and conducted demonstration on various skin care and health product lines.
Maintained the cleanliness of the fitness area and conducted fitness orientations.
Summary of Qualifications:
Broad knowledge of mental health laws and ethics
Solid knowledge of specific disease and lifestyle
Wide knowledge of principles of health behavior change
Substantial understanding of nutrition
Immense ability to improve health outcomes and reduce health costs for individuals
B.S in Nursing, 2005, University of Idaho
M.S in Nutrition, 2007, Louisiana Tech University
Angela Clark
4968 LaSalle Street
Charlotte, NC 28206
Tel# (123)-555-5555
E-mail: clarkie12345@mailme.com
Job Objective: Seeking a position as a valued member of your company as Wellness Coach.
Summary of Professional Qualifications
 Vast working experience in a healthcare setting
 Profound knowledge of medical terminology
 Proficient with the Internet & applicable software
 Ability to Work within a team of professionals
 Ability to meet with associates in their cubicles and/or meeting rooms
 Ability to communicate over telephone
Work Experience
Wellness Coach, 2009 – Present
Wayne Occupational Health – Charlotte, NC

Provided direct assistance in setting health and wellness goals.
Collaborated with health center staff.
Promoted health and wellness programs.
Promoted a culture of health and wellness through ongoing participation.
Conducted wellness evaluation and program recommendations for all new members.
Maintained the Wellness Centers equipment to the highest level of efficiency.
Academic Qualifications
Bachelor’s Degree in Public Health: Health Education, 2009 UNC, Greely, CO
GPA 3.71 (on scale of 4.0)
Joe Smaltz
Address: 1313, Maple Street, Chicago, IL 58812
Telephone number: 588 – 555 – 5555
Email Id: joeSmaltzwellness@mailme.com
Career Objective
Seeking the position of a wellness coach where I get an opportunity to shape the wellbeing of clients with my knowledge
and skills
Key Skills
 Thorough knowledge in psychology, nutrition and physical education
 Ability to show sympathy and understanding towards clients and establish a comfort level
 Ability to encourage clients and inculcate positive feelings
 Exceptional communication, listening and convincing skills
 Highly skilled at working for long hours and in rotational shifts
Educational Qualifications
Bachelor’s Degree in Physical Education
Chicago University, 2006
Work Summary
Designation: Wellness Coach
Organization: Optimi Health, Chicago
Duration: January 2009 – till date
 Interact with clients and understand their issues, problems and requirements. Analyze the details and prepare
 Advise the clients on improving their lifestyles and adopting healthy habits
 Prepare exercising and diet plans for the clients, as required for their health and lifestyle
 Conduct seminars on issues of fitness, diet, wellness, health and work pressures
 Observe the clients during their practice sessions. Suggest improvements in techniques and routine, as required
Designation: Wellness Coach
Organization: Wellness Innovations Inc, Chicago
Duration: October 2006 – December 2008
 Consult the clients and suggest measures for improving the physical and mental wellbeing of the client
 Chalk out exercise routines and diet plans to bring positive changes in the lifestyle of the clients
 Provide psychological support to the clients and help them improve their self belief, the ability to lead, take
initiatives and undertake responsibilities
 Set goals for clients, inspire them to work hard and help them realize those goals
Career Highlights
Presented a seminar on wellness coaching at a international meeting on Behavior Sciences in the year 2008 at New York
Association Member of Committee for Wellness Coaches
References will be provided upon request.

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53. Follow the instruction to write 1page essay
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