Alcohol Addiction

The Bible does not explicitly argue against drinking but advises against getting drunk. However, in most circumstances where the use of alcohol had an acceptance, it was linked to the suffering. In Proverbs 31:6-7, it is indicated that the strong drinks should be given to those that are perishing and with the bitter heart so that they forget about their poverty, and not remember their misery. The contemporary Christians argue that usage of wine or alcohol is not against the teaching. Further, the amount of the user does not matter, basing the miracle of turning water into wine by Jesus in Cana. However, how badly has the addiction and alcohol abuse affected the Christians analogy and the teaching of the addiction?

Alcohol consumption, according to the bible teachings, is not suitable for leadership. The highly addicted people are not expected to hold high positions in the church, and people without a sober mind are depicted as being prone to mistakes. Denman (2010) argues that while the Christians take the case of using wine for the stomach’s sake as an indication of the acceptance of taking alcohol, they miss the point on the stomach’s sake. In Proverbs 31: 4, the advice to Lamuel from the mother warns against the use of wines and rules that it is not suitable for kings. It states that it is not for kings to crave for liquor or wine. In proverbs 31:5, the Bible indicates that craving for alcohol and drinking makes leaders forget what they are to do.

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Alcohol Addiction
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Alcoholism and addiction lead to the destruction of the great ambition people have. In many cases, when going to the battle, it is always advisable for the soldiers to remain sober (Bates, Buckman, & Nguyen, 2013). When the enemy strikes, everyone should be ready. Many people have fallen in the battle due to the high consumption of alcohol. Proverbs 20:1 states that wine is a mocker, and strong drink is a brawler that whoever is taken away by them is not wise. Most of the drinking was done during the celebration or at mealtimes. Many writings on alcohol taking in the past were for the purification of water they were drinking. In many circumstances, it was in a small quantity of alcoholic content about water.

The bible advocates for sobriety in people at all times to facilitate their activities. Judging from the cases where most people have fallen due to overly alcohol consumption, taking the sobriety direction is worth it (Stavro, Pelletier, & Potvin, 2013). Many people have lost their jobs and even businesses because of addiction cases. The Bible praises those that can stay sober at all times to handle the crisis. During the exodus of the Israelites out of Egypt, they were not to take the fermented bread exodus 12:20. Though the implication was not stated in the following verse, they were to be sober for their journey. In Ecclesiastes10: 17, the Bible praises the work of a king who stays sober for people and does not engage in over drunkenness. The same is evident in Hosea 4:11, where it is indicated that promiscuity, wine, and new wine takes away the understanding. Leviticus 10:9 gives a restriction to the priests not to get to the tabernacle drunk, and their sons who would follow should not get into the tabernacle drunk.

Addiction is the cause of many ills in society. Addiction affects the work pattern and the commitment of the individuals to the affected parties. Many people have lost their valuables in the consumption dens, and many have done the worst cases after consumption (Eashwar et al., 2019). After the consumption of alcohol, Noah was found naked genesis 9:20. Habakkuk 2:15 condemns buying of liquor to people and addresses it as it will lead to shame. The Christian society, therefore, bounds out the use of alcohol. In Sodom and Gomorrah, it was about drinking and making merry. The drunkard asked to fornicate with the angels. The effects of alcohol on society are severe, and society should fight to maintain sobriety at all times to avoid the temptation of ills that comes with it.

Bates, Buckman, and Nguyen (2013) argue that there is neurocognitive impairment for the people that seek medication for alcohol use disorder. The research indicates the adverse effects of alcohol addiction on the person. The overconsumption of alcohol does not give a solution to the problem but adds the problem (Bernardin, Maheut-Bosser, & Paille, 2014). The diseases that come with the excessive consumption of alcohol can be fatal. In 1samuel 25: 36-38, Nabal dies after going on a drinking spree. The Bible, therefore, advises Christian to be filled with the Holy Spirit then be drunk with wine and alcohol.  Christianity, in very many cases, causes harm and diseases to the people.  The Bible indicates that alcohols bite like a serpent and stings like an added. The Bible cautions against drunkenness and also claims it causes poverty. The drunk may not inherit the kingdom of God.

However, alcohol consumption has some medicinal value for society. Alcohol is used for the treatment of some ailments (Modi et al., 2019. In the Bible, most of the stomach ailments were referred to take the alcohol. In the Bible, James is told to take a little wine for the stomach ailments. The Bible also advocates for the little consumption of wine. In proverbs, it indicates that the blessed is the prince or king that takes wine for the satisfaction but not for the basis of drunkenness.   Ecclesiastes 9:7 indicates that one should eat their food with gladness, drink their wine with the joyful heart for God has approved of it. It gives the implication that taking wine is not entirely prohibited. Taking moderate wine for satisfaction is accepted. In various ceremonies and the events in the Bible were occasioned with the wine. In the last supper, Jesus takes wine to signify the blood. The event in Cana the wedding wine was among the foodstuffs, and even in the end, Jesus turned water into wine.

Moreover, a taste for the little wine or enjoyment and fulfillment is good for the health. Alcohol helps kill the bacteria, as was used in the earlier days (Modi et al., 2019). The society valued wine over water, and in most circumstances, alcohol or wine was used to quench thirst. No meal had no wine. While taking the wine in smaller quantities can lead to addiction, it was to be taken moderately. The Bible condemns the overly taking of alcohol, and the habit is believed to be disastrous to the society and the people that benefit from the services of the person affected.

The Bible has a contemptuous opinion about the overconsumption of alcohol. Moreover, with the various instances of immorality and the behavior change after overconsumption of alcohol, it becomes clear the effects of addiction on alcohol. Taking alcohol moderately in for the fulfillment and the satisfaction of the body is acceptable and highly recommended for health purposes. The overreliance in alcohol affects judgment. As with all the rules in most countries, people are not to operate machinery after drinking. The best decision and preparation of the king and leaders are when they are on alert for any impending danger. Many situations of forced drinking are ill-intended, David making Uriah drunk to have sex with the wife. The Bible warns against the giving of alcohol to others that would make them suffer. However, it should be given to the suffering to alleviate their suffering.


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