Ancient Egyptian History

The relationship of Queen Hatshepsut under Deir-el-Bahari, which means ‘Northern Monastery’, an ancient city in the West Bank, is no less closely related to Egypt in 1458 BC. If the pyramids were a structure for the afterlife of the pharaohs, the tombs that would have been built through the rock cliffs were the tombs of the kings of the Middle Kingdom (1567), and in the period of the New Kingdom (1085 BC). It is so well known that many treasures have been buried in the pyramids that are visible from far away that they have been subject to robbery from the beginning and continue to be used as kings of Egypt to prevent these evil effects. As soon as all the kings of Egypt were crowned, they began to build tombs or burial rites for their own afterlife.
They developed techniques to preserve the dead body, or mummy because they believed that humans were double structures of the body and soul (Ka) and that the soul continued to live in the body even after the body’s death. In addition, the body of the deceased was made of stone and placed in the tomb in preparation for the damage of the uncultivated body, thus ensuring that the body of the deceased always had no place to live in. It is also fortunate for the history of human culture that this unique wedding hall has left many of the remains of the time.
The study of Egyptian civilization began in 1798 when Napoleon entered Egypt and visited that famous Rosetta Stone. The stone was written in three languages, including Greek, which led to the interpretation of Egyptian hieroglyphics by French linguists in the early 19th century. Later, it was possible to read hieroglyphics filled with many tombs or walls, and more scientific discoveries from the early 20th century revealed the true nature of ancient Egyptian civilization.

As the king’s tomb is located in the valley of the Kings near Deir-el-Bahari, it is the multiple gate of the sun god (Amun). The building is a three-stage, three-stage terrace structure, each connected by a lamp, as shown in the model. Other temples do not exist, and the temple was rediscovered after being buried in tens of thousands of tons of sand for centuries. The temple began rebuilding in 1961 by the Polish Archaeological Institute and looks like it is today. Behind the heat-stock at the top is also a square space lined with columns, and a sacred sanctuary of temples is located where the rocky mountain is penetrated.
This place is known to have been the place where the boat of the Sun god was located. It is also illustrated in her greatest heritage, the Hatshepsut Temple. It would have played a special role in Egypt and architecture, regardless of gender. There is no such thing as design, layout, or effect. Egyptian kings of the new kingdom searched for a lasting temple building monument to pass on their importance and power to posterity. In contrast, the tombs are now hidden in the western cliff of the Tevez Nile, seeking the safety of mummies and treasures that the early pyramids could not guarantee. The funeral home, a little away from the tomb, offered a place for the present ceremony, which was blessed by the gods even after the king died.
And its perpetuity and immortality will preserve the king’s eternal memory and ensure his eternal existence in the afterlife. Further back in this space, a second sanctuary was made around the second century B.C., and this place was for the famous architects of ancient Egypt who were deified. As you can see in the picture, some of the columns on the upper terrace are of the Queen’s own sculpture in the form of an underground god, Osiris. Other columns are square, or hexagonal.
Inside behind the column are the Queen’s achievements and contributions that glorifies her career. The Sphinx, with the face of the queen in front of the temple or temple, has been carefully reconstructed and reconfigured in the Cairo Museum of Art or the Metropolitan Museum of New York. What sets the scene apart is the rocky mountain, the natural background behind it. The towering rock cliffs under the scorching sun of the desert are perfectly compatible with the temple’s thermal columns below, with a fine grain of fine, approximately vertical, fabric made by the gods.
Every architecture in the world is bound to promote harmony with nature in any form, which, like this one, can be seen as a harmony with its natural background, but perhaps a different artifact. The architect of the building, Senemut, is said to have been the queen’s favorite servant and lover and is said to have been buried close to the queen’s grave. It’s a myth. The Temple of Hatshepsut is as majestic as her power, as it feels the power of a very tough beast.
Climbing a slope towards a cliff is one of moving from a wide, flat desert to a high grandeur. If there is a loss in relation to the original decorative effect, the size and order of the space is maintained and affected. Looking at the pictures of the Punt and the royal couple on the Punt land that brought the King a sacrifice was more meaningful in their context. Details such as paintings of bulls, grains, and other crops were surprisingly colorful, readable, and easy to understand. 2,500 years ago, discoveries such as ” gargoyles, ” which rained on lion heads and controlled the famous Gothic style. The pillars of Hartor Cathedral are beautifully carved into the head of the goddess of the cow, but I have never seen them described effectively in the photographs of the temple. But how could Hatshepsut take the throne of an Egyptian man and produce such works for her?
Hatshepsut’s rise to the Pharaoh’s position and her two decades of existence limited one rule in Egypt to an amazing woman who overcame a long history and religious tradition. However, the belief that the pharaoh was handed over to the great god has sometimes given great importance to the royal family as a dark cloud monarch with the title of Queen of God’s Amon or Mother of God. For a man born in the royal family, this legal rule usually came from his mother if her mother was a queen. While some scholars still refute the concept of mathematical succession, this combination of incest is well documented in Egyptian history.
Nevertheless, history has recorded many examples of non-blood men marrying royal women to become kings of Egypt. To ensure the continuation of these lives and their existence and greatness in their next life, the pharaohs made their monuments grand and wrote down their names, images, and achievements. In addition, the pharaohs were praised for restoring, managing, and adding temples built by previous pharaohs. The conspiracies that survive Hatshepsut’s rule demonstrate the dedication and pride she felt in her role as an architectural sponsor. Through this architectural project, Hatshepsut assured herself and her people of God’s grace and prosperity; she proved herself to be the responsible ruler of Egypt’s best.
The important was the Sun god exceptionally, who emerged as the most important being in the Egyptian Plate, and of course, Karnak, the center of worship of Amun, the father of all pharaohs, including Hatshepsut. Karnak became the most important religious center in Egypt. What she has contributed to this temple is two small holes along the south road to Mutte Temple at the front of the entrance. Each obelisk was 88-1 feet 2 inches high and weighed 320 tons.
They were originally gold on top of the pyramid and gold would also paint hieroglyphics on the four sides of each end. As is typical, these astrological hieroglyphs express herself with expectations of her eternal memory for a generous gift to the god of Hatshepsut. In Egyptian tombs before the ancient kingdom, arches and royal ceilings were used in part, but after 3000 B.C., they all used the same columns and posts and lintel systems as they appeared in the building. It seems that the magnificent and solemn feeling of a straight stone pillar was more suitable for temple construction. This style of architecture later became the direct origin of the Greek temple.
The leading architect of this masterpiece was Senenmut, who directed the design and architecture of the temple, including ” The director of all King’s Works. ” In fact, his name and image appeared so often with Hatshepsut’s and her daughter’s that he was considered the king’s closest consul. Although it is clear that the Egyptian design is partly a vision designed by his sponsors, his work makes him one of the greatest architects in Egyptian architectural history.

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