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This paper will try to study Ayala’s Herbal water together with its potential consumers as well as distribution channels. It can be said that the product is suited for almost every type of person belonging to any type of age group and profession and not on the primary targeted consumer of the product only. Also, distribution channels really play an important role in introducing and bringing the product not only to the desired consumers but to every potential consumer of Herbal Water. It was proven that the company is able to reach different consumers through various distribution channels.

Ayala’s Herbal Water Every product has its own consumers that the company sees as potential consumers or buyers of that particular products, the same thing for Herbal water Inc. Ayala Herbal Water is preferably, but not limited, to females aged 20 to 45 years old. It can be said that persons belonging to this group are the ones that are most interested in the product and its benefits. Since Ayala Herbal Water contains to calories, preservatives and artificial ingredients, it was proven good not only for the human health but figure as well (Associated Content Inc, Ayala’s Herbal Water).

Thus, Ayala Herbal Water does not only help in developing a healthy body but a beautiful body as well. For this reason, females especially belonging to the age group mentioned earlier are the ones who are likely to consume the product and thus, they are the target consumers of the company. Also because of the target consumers, the company is also targeting industries related to the target consumers of which high end hotels as well as resorts and spas are included. Shopping malls are also suited for the product and other places that the target group usually comes to spend their leisure time.
These places had been proven to attract the desired consumers of the company and thus, creating the right environment to make the product known and as well as available to the consumers. However, the product is also not limited to these places for Ayala’s Herbal water is being advertise and available to consumers from almost every places and thus, increasing the opportunity of the company to increase sales. If the demand for the product increases, the company is also able to meet the desired production in order to accommodate the increase in the demand.
Still, although females are the primary target of the company, other groups are also considered and seen as potential consumers by the company such as females not belonging to the age group and as well as males of different ages. Because of the effects brought by the Ayala Herbal Water to the body, almost every person from different age and sex groups are interested in the product especially the youths who are more conscious regarding their the condition and figure of their body. Athletes can also be considered as a good consumer of the product since they are very eager to maintain a healthy body.
Another important consumer of Herbal Water are those who desire to have a sexier body especially the overweight’s and obese. Consequently, it can be said that the product suits almost every person of all ages and situation and will surely benefit all the consumers (PR Newswire, New Herbal Water Creating Taste Sensation). Thus, the company is also interested in almost every establishment in the society in order to bring the product to all their valued consumers and consumers to be.
Consequently it can be said that the company has a wide variety of potential consumers since almost every person from any age group will surely be interested in the product because of its good health effects and also because of its delicious taste. Actually every person who desires to live a healthy lifestyle without compromising the benefit of enjoying what they drink are all potential consumers of Ayala’s Herbal Water, that is, every person of every age group and profession. Thus, Ayala’s Herbal Water is indeed not limited to females aged 25 to 40 years.
Also because of the wide range of consumers, the company has to make several actions in order to deliver and advertise their product, Ayala Herbal Water to the general public. One of the major means of advertising the product is through the internet which can be considered as the fastest means of advertising in today’s generation. Via the net the company is able to make their products known to everyone. They also offer the product in their website for those interested consumers and as well as distributor. The site also offers information about the product, health benefits and other pertinent information about Ayala Herbal Water.
Thus, by giving the public the information that they want and need, Herbal Water Inc, the manufacturer of Ayala Herbal Water, is one step closer in reaching the world. (Herbal Water Inc, Ayala’s Herbal Water) Another step taken by the company in order to inform the public about Herbal Water is through the market representatives of the company that offers information to individuals as well as group regarding the product. Thus, they are personally able to advertise the product to the potential consumers and providing the right information for the benefit of the potential consumers and the company as well.
These representatives do not only offer information to a wide range of potential consumers but may also give information on a one to one basis (Herbal Water Inc, Ayala’s Herbal Water). Thus, they give equal opportunity to every citizen to learn about this wonderful product that the company is offering. The company also has agents and representatives that offer free samples of Ayala’s Herbal Water (Herbal Water Inc, Ayala’s Herbal Water). Although the public were aware of the product, it is also important that their doubt about the product is taken away.
One doubt that the public may have regarding the product is the taste since most good tasting products today are filled with lots of calories and preservatives and since Ayala Herbal Water has no calories or preservatives and artificial ingredients, the public may have the notion that the product doesn’t taste good as what the advertisement says. By giving free samples to the public, they are able to caste away their doubts and disbelief about Ayala‘s Herbal Water. This may seem like a lost for the company since it is giving it’s product for free.
This may be true for the time being, but in the long run, it will surely benefit the company. If the consumers were satisfied with the free samples that were given to them, it is most likely that the product will reach several people as well because of these satisfied consumers. Thus, in the long run, the company will have more and more consumers desiring the product. The more costumers that were satisfied with the product, the more potential consumers that the company may have and thus, increasing the sale of the company.
Just as in any other company that offers food products to the market, retailers are also a very important part of the company. These retailers bring Ayala’s Herbal Water to places other than those that are highly targeted by the company. Such places include public establishments wherein the majority of the persons that can be found are ordinary people of various ages, gender and class or the general public. Thus, retailers bring the product to places and people that the company was not able to reach.
By doing so, Ayala’s Herbal Water is being made available to almost every part of the country that also makes the product to be known throughout the country. These retailers are the ones responsible for taking the product to areas unreached by distributors and company representatives. Thus, they really play an important role in the development of the company. Through the help of all those who are said to comprise the company such as distributors, retailers, representatives, agents and even through different advertisement of the product, Herbal Water is able to reach a wide variety of potential consumers.
Ayala’s Herbal Water is widely known today not only in Philadelphia but in other countries as well which could not be possible without the distribution channels, advertisements and other actions that the company had taken to make Ayala’s Herbal Water known and available to the general public. In order for any company to succeed, it is very important that one knows who they are targeting as the primary consumers of their particular product and as well as all those potential consumers. The main advantage of Ayala’s Herbal Water is that the product suits almost everyone of every classification.
Most of today’s products are limited to certain costumers and age group only while Ayala’s Herbal Water sees everyone as a potential consumer thus; enabling the company to advertise the product to everyone for they are all viewed as potential consumers of the product. Another important consideration that every company must be able to address is the distribution channels that will not only inform the public about the product but as well as delivering the product to these costumers. In this part, it can also be said that Herbal Water Inc is doing a good job in informing and delivering their product to the consumers.
However, much work needs to be done to take the Ayala’s Herbal Water to all of Philadelphia and eventually to other countries as well. Works Cited Associated Content Inc.. 12, September 2007. Ayala’s Herbal water: Free from Artificial Ingredients. 07, February 2008 <http://www. associatedcontent. com/article/370827/ayalas_herbal_water_free_from_artificial. html> CNS Media. 10, August 2007.
Free Ayala’s Herbal water to Help Citizens Stay Hydrated. 07, February 2008 <http://www. foodingredientsfirst. com/newsmaker_article. asp? fSite=AO545&idNew sMaker=14656&next=pr> Herbal Water Inc.. 2007. Ayala’s Herbal Water. 07, February 2008 <http://www. herbalwater. com/index. html > PR Newswire. 2007. New Herbal Water Creating Taste Sensation: Ayala’s Herbal Water Has No Calories, No Preservatives and No Artificial Additives. Just All the Natural Benefits of Herbs! 07, February 2008 ;http://www. bio-medicine. org/…; Trade Media Ltd. 2008. Herbal Manufacturers and Suppliers. 07, February 2008. ;http://www. globalsources. com/manufacturers/Herbal-Water. html;

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