Biology and Technology in the Real World

Power Point Assignment: Biology and Technology in the Real World In this assignment you will be creating a Narrated PowerPoint presentation on a topic that is relevant to both biology and our current society. You will be submitting it into your assignment folder as a YouTube link of your PowerPoint presentation, and a Word document of your narration (your “speaker’s notes) which will be reviewed for similarity by Turnitin. This assignment addresses course outcomes 1-4: recognize and explain how the scientific method is used to solve problems. make observations and discriminate between scientific and pseudoscientific explanations. weigh evidence and make decisions based on strengths and limitations of scientific knowledge and the scientific method. use knowledge of biological principles, the scientific method, and appropriate technologies to ask relevant questions, develop hypotheses, design and conduct experiments, interpret results, and draw conclusions.Select one of the topics listed below (a-e).a) Stem cells. Your friend has suffered a spinal cord injury after a bad car accident. The medical team has decided that he is a good candidate for a clinical trial using stem cell therapy. Your friend has not had a biology course since high school, so you decide to create a presentation sharing your knowledge of stem cells. Include in your presentation a description of the biology of stem cells and how these cells are unique from other cells. Contrast the different types of stem cells, including pros and cons for each type. Explain how stem cells can be used to treat diseases and injury, with special focus on spinal cord injuries. Include information from at least one research study or clinical trial. Conclude with your own opinion. b) Genetically modified organisms (GMOs). A friend tells you that she avoids foods containing GMOs because they are unhealthy. You decide to use the knowledge gained from your biology class and some additional research to form your own opinion on GMOs. You decide to prepare for her a presentation in which you answer the following questions backed up by reliable information sources: What is the purpose of genetically engineering of crop plants? Include at least two specific examples of commonly grown GMO How are GMOs created? Use the provided course materials and make a connection to the central dogma of molecular biology in your explanation. Which foods in your supermarket contain GMOs? Are foods that contain GMOs safe for human consumption? What types of regulations exist for these foods? Clearly explain your reasoning for each answer in your paper and conclude whether or not you agree with your friend. c) Gene Editing (Clustered Regularly Interspaced Short Palindromic Repeats – CRISPR) has been the most recent breakthrough discovery in bioengineering that enables scientists to edit DNA. Because you have studied biology in this course, you have volunteered at your niece’s Middle School Science Club to make a presentation and monitor a student debate about CRISPR. The students will be watching the following video before your presentation: and you need to be prepared in case there are any questions. Please include in your presentation the answers to the following questions: What is “CRISPR”? What role does Cas9 play in the CRISPR process? How does the CRISPR-Cas9 system snip and replace any DNA sequence? What are the potential benefits and drawbacks of gene editing? Include specific examples. Do you believe that the inherent risks of modifying animal DNA is worth the rewards? Explain. Do you believe that it is ethical to genetically engineer humans and/or animals? Explain.d) Vaccines. Your friend is worried about the many vaccines that his newborn son is scheduled to receive and asks you for advice since you are taking a biology course. You decide to create a presentation to help him understand vaccines. Start with an explanation of how vaccines work. Briefly contrast the traditional methods used to create vaccines with more recently used biotechnology techniques. Then list some of the diseases that babies and children in the US are routinely vaccinated against. How have vaccinations impacted the frequency of these diseases over the past 100 years? Why are some people worried about giving their children vaccines? Is there scientific evidence to support these concerns? Conclude with advice to your friend in regard to getting the recommended vaccines based on what you learned from reliable information sources.e) Fracking (hydraulic fracturing) and tar sands (oil sands). With society’s dependence on nonrenewable fossil fuels, the oil & gas industry is turning to hydraulic fracturing and tar (oil) sands to extract natural gas and oil. A friend asks you “What’s all this controversy in the news about fracking and tar sands?” You decide to create a presentation to explain to your friend how hydraulic fracturing and tar (oil) sands are used to obtain these fossil fuels. Then, in more detail, describe the environmental problems that may result from these processes and why they are controversial. Issues that should be addressed involves water, air, and soil pollution with special focus on global climate change, effects on human health, and effects on other species and natural ecosystems. Finally, give your opinions on possible solutions to these environmental problems, with your reasoning backed by information from reliable information sources.Find at least five articles related to one of the topics chosen from above. You can find assistance with searching for articles at the UMGC Library Subject Guides at, Please review the UMGC resource “Is My Source Credible?” Note that WIKIPEDIA is not considered a reliable source. Download the desktop version of Power Point on your computer if you have not already. This is needed to add narration. All UMGC students can download Office 365, including Power Point, for free: Create a narrated PowerPoint presentation which you will upload to YouTube. Information on how to create a narrated PowerPoint can be found below. Your presentation should be between 8 – 10 minutes long (maximum).Your presentation should include the following: You should include the following sections in your presentation: Purpose, Background, Discussion (in which you answer the questions of your research topic) and Conclusion. List all references on the last slide of the presentation using APA format (see a title slide -presentation title, name, course, instructor, and due date.Presentation information slides – 12 – 15 slides maximum, not including title and reference slides. Do not overload your slides, it is always best to identify the important points. Ideally, a slide should have 6 – 7 bullets (maximum) and 6 – 8 words per bullet. Avoid full sentences.Presentation font: You may use a larger font size for the titles (up to 40) and smaller for the content (not smaller than 28) and 10 for references.Add images that contribute to the information that you are sharing verbally. Add the URL to the website where you found an image, below each image you use (small font is OK to make it less distracting) or include these in the reference list at the end of the presentation.Below you will find a guide to create effective presentations:–cms-34595 Narrated PowerPoint instructions1. Write a script for your narration for each slide in a Word document. It is OK if you do not strictly follow the script when you narrate. 2. Record your narration in Power Point. Go to Insert and click the Audio icon (to the right in the editing bar), choose Record Audio… from the drop-down menu. Click the red button to start your narration, then the blue button to stop. Check that your recording is OK. You can delete a recording and start over, and you can also do some minor editing by cutting off the start and/or end of the recording. Repeat for all the slides in your presentation. You may want to move the narration icon that appears in the middle of the slide to a corner. The following video is very helpful: 3. Save as MPEG4 File. Once your narrated Power Point presentation is completed, save it on your computer as a MPG4 file video by clicking File > Save > Choose MPEG4 format from drop down menu. Creating the video will take a few minutes. You can see a progress bar at the bottom. 4. Upload to YouTube. Go to: If you already have a YouTube account, log in. If you do not have a YouTube account, create a free account. Then go to . You can “Drag and drop” or click “Select Files” to locate your narrated Power Point MPG4 file. The processing will take a few minutes. You will need to click through a few pages of options. Most default settings are OK but choose the Unlisted option for visibility (not public, not private). That way only people that you provide the URL to will be able to find and view your video. 5. Submit the YouTube link and the Word document with your narration in the assignment folder by the due date listed in the syllabus. Due DateNov 30, 2021 11:59 PM

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Biology and Technology in the Real World
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