Different aspects in Nursing Profession

 Identify a nursing theory that has influenced your values and goals

The nursing theory that has influenced my professional career is Kolcaba’s Theory of Comfort. This theory states that it is important for nurses and other medical professionals to ensure that patients and their family members are accorded all the comfort they need while receiving medical care (Khan, 2017). The model is based on the belief that a comfortable environment will aid the healing process of the patient. Nurses apply this theory in their professional setting. For example, nurses seek to be culturally competent as this helps them to learn and understand different cultures. It also enables them to serve patients well by ensuring that their cultures are observed at all times. This theory has influenced my career in a major way. In my line of work, I always ensure my patients are comfortable by providing them with a comfortable and clean environment where they can recuperate from their illness.    

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Different aspects in Nursing Profession
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Identify the contributions of two historical nursing figures in the nineteenth or twentieth century

Florence Nightingale and Mary Eliza Mahoney played major roles in advancing nursing as a profession. These women lived in the nineteenth century when nursing as a profession was just beginning to take shape. Nightingale working in Britain started by volunteering her nursing services to the army and she was the one who was identified with the concept of nursing and hygiene (Catalano, 2015). From Nightingale, I have learned that I should always ensure my working environment is clean. She emphasized on the importance of hygiene because cleanliness advances the well-being of patients. Miss. Mahoney, on the other hand, was the first black nurse in America at a time when the American society was deeply divided along racial lines (Judd, Sitzman, & Davis, 2010). Despite the fact that many of her patients were from the Caucasian race, she did not discriminate against them. She believed very strongly that it was her duty as a nurse to help those who are in need of her nursing care irrespective of their past deeds. Mahoney has influenced my career in a positive way. Even though racial discriminations are very rare today, I have learned that I should never discriminate against any of my patients along religious, sexual orientations, and racial lines. 

Explain the functional differences between the State Board of Nursing and the American Nurses Association (ANA).

State Boards of Nursing are state agencies that have jurisdictions in their specific states. Their responsibility is to promote and protect the public’s welfare and health by ensuring and overseeing that only licensed nurses work as healthcare caregivers and that they offer competent and safe care to patients. American Nurses Association on the hand is a professional agency that seeks to promote and protect the welfare of nurses across the United States (American Nurses Association, 2006). These two agencies have influenced my nursing promotion in that I always seek to adhere to the rules and regulations set by the State Board of Nursing in my State. I always enjoy the benefits brought about by American Nurses Association such as better pay and good working conditions at my workplace. 

The explanation of the licensing requirements for the state of Florida

The state of Florida has some requirements that prospective nurses should attain and abide to be registered as a nurse in the state. One should attain one of the nursing programs in an accredited learning institution, and complete their nursing education and their exams. Typically, an LPN diploma takes one year to complete while an ADN program takes approximately two years. A BSN nursing program takes four years to complete. A student must ensure they attend classes and pass their examinations well as this is what prepares them for their actual work in their nursing careers. After passing the exams, a nurse should then seek certification from the Florida State Board of Nursing and the American Nurses Association. The boards recognize NP – Nurse Practitioner, CNM – Certified Nurse Midwife, and CRNA – Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist. A nurse should register in one of these categories in order to be able to perform their nursing duties in the state of Florida.

Failure to observe or maintain license requirements in my state of Florida can lead to negative consequences. One can be punished through warning letters, or have their nursing licenses suspended or revoked all together (Burnell & Schnackenberg, 2017). 

Discuss the functional differences between the Food and Drug Administration and the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services

Both the Food and Drug Administration and the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services are federal agencies in the United States that are responsible for ensuring that the health of the American people is promoted by ensuring that harmful products and services are banned from the American market. The core duty of the Food and Drug Administration is to protect the public by making certain that efficacy, safety, and security of human and veterinary drugs are guaranteed at all times (U.S. Food & Drug Administration, n.d.). 

The Drug Administration and the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services on the hand ensure and oversee federal healthcare programs to help advance public health. In the course of my duty as a nurse, I always ensure that I observe all the regulations set by the two agencies and this has played a major role in ensuring that all the patients under my care are safe from harmful products. Patients always have a right to reject any medical procedures they do not want to be performed on them. They also have the right to request for alternative therapy and as a patient advocate; I would urge the hospital to offer the patient the alternative therapy they are requesting. As a nurse, I have a cardinal duty to ensure that patients receive the best healthcare at all times. At times, what we as medical professions think is the best healthcare service might not be viewed as such by a patient. For this reason, we should always seek a patient’s opinion about any medical procedure we seek to undertake them and if they are not comfortable with any procedure, we should stop it immediately. Patients have a right to seek alternative medications and procedures at whatever moment. 

Delegation of Nursing Roles in Florida  

According to the ANA, the delegation of nursing duties is a complex and delicate procedure that requires good handling as it may affect the quality of care offered to patients. For this reason, the ANA board in Florida requires all nurses to understand the importance and the sensitive nature of delegation and always ensure that they handle this procedure well to ensure that the welfare of the patients is guaranteed. The Florida rules on delegation require nurses to only delegate when it is absolutely necessary and they should ensure that they are delegating their responsibilities to someone that is qualified to handle such responsbilities.  

Discuss the purposes of the Nurse Practice Act in your state and its impact on your professional practice.

My state of Florida has a detailed Nurse Practice Act that spells out the roles and scope of the nursing profession. Nurses in my state are required by law to ensure they are qualified to serve as nurses (Nursing Licensure.org, n.d.). They are then required to give high-quality nursing services to their patients with compassion and without any form of discrimination.

Professional Practice Roles

Scientists– It involves taking the role of conducting empirical research to gather nursing information that can be applied in health promotion, restoration, health maintenance, and education

Detective– it involves taking the role of searching to determine the reason as to why a particular individual is in need of care. It involves conducting objective observations, and assessments.

Manager– entails coordination and ensuring equilibrium in the healthcare facility to maximize patient care. 

The comparison of licensing requirements for a nurse working in a compact state versus a non-compact state

In the United States, nurses can either work in a compact or non-compact state. Under the Nurse Licensure Compact (NLC), nurses are allowed to work in multiple states with one license, without having to register afresh with their new State Board of Nursing and the American Nurses Association in case they change states. This agreement allows participating states to allow both registered and practical nurses to practice in the state. It is also known as multi-state nurse license. Some states that participate in the Nurse Licensure Compact include Arizona, Texas, Wisconsin, and Nevada. Non-compact states such as Florida and New York do not recognize any nursing license issued by boards in other states. Nurses wishing to practice in non-compact states have to register with their state’s nursing boards. 

 Identify two provisions from the American Nurses Association (ANA) Code of Ethics

American Nurses Association has a code of ethics that should be followed by all nurses in the United States. Two of the most important codes are:

  1. Nurses should always practice with respect and compassion for the inherent worth, dignity, and unique attributes of every patient.
  2. Nurse’s primary duty is their commitment to their patients and not any other person in the society or institution (Epstein & Turner, 2015). 

These two codes are important in the nursing profession and they have influenced my career in a major way. I always offer my services as a nurse in the most compassionate manner and I always put my patients’ interest first no matter the prevailing circumstances. This has helped me save a number of lives and I believe it has made me a better nurse.

In the course of my duty as a nurse, a number of mistakes have happened and some of them have led to bad consequences. Last year, there was a mix up of blood samples in the laboratory and this led to a bad situation where a patient was administered medical procedures that were meant for another patient. The most fortunate thing was that this mistake was realized early enough and the patient did not suffer any adverse negative effects as a result. However, I used these two codes to rectify the mistake as fast as I could and warned the professionals involved of their responsibilities of always ensuring that patients are offered high-quality services and that at no point should a medical profession act negligently.   

Identify four leadership qualities or traits that represent excellence in nursing.

  • Good Communication Skills 
  • Emotional Stability
  • Attention to Detail
  • Problem Solving Skills

As a leader at the bedside of a sick patient, one should have good communication skills to communicate with both the patient and other caregivers. The nurse should also have emotional stability. Nursing is a hard and emotionally draining work and when nursing a patient, a nurse should be emotionally stable as this gives the patient some degree of confidence (Teng, Chang, & Hsu, 2009). A nurse working at the bedside of a patient should have a good degree of attention to detail, as well as, good problem-solving skills. These leadership skills can be used in an interdisciplinary team to offer quality services to patients. For example, good communication skills can help all players in this team communicate effectively.

Identify how your work environment impacts the following

Work environment may affect nursing leadership in different ways. A good working environment is good for good leadership in that leaders are encouraged to lead from the front and ensure everything is done according to the rules and regulations. Decision-making processes are also affected by the work environment. A work environment characterized by toxic setting makes it hard for people to make good decisions at all time. Professional development is one aspect that is considered important by many nurses. A work environment that is toxic in nature makes it hard for nurses to advance their careers. A good environment, on the other hand, motivates nurses to advance their careers through different methods such as advancing their knowledge by enrolling in schools.    


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