End of Life Decision

Question 1

In the modern world view, medical treatments are the best way to get ones to answer to their physical ailment. While technological advancement has led to the increase in new attempts to solve some of the fatal diseases through therapeutically means, some diseases still kill slowly with the medical practitioners having only the means to slow the death process, but eventually, one must die. Technological advancement has also led to the enlightening of society, unlike a century ago. Patients now do not conform to all the subscriptions of the doctors. The patients make their own decision on the treatment they want. The Bible indicates in 2timothy 4: 1-5 that it is because of the fallness of the world that people need God’s words, and they need to proclaim greatness through the glory of Jesus.  

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End of Life Decision
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George is in the state of where he feels everything is falling apart, and he sees himself dying slowly from amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS). It is sad that he will not be able to handle things on his own and will depend on others to help him with everything. Euthanasia becomes the solution to him knowing the progress of the disease (Davies, 2013). The Bible is against taking one’s life, for it is believed that Jesus died to save people from dying. And it is only by grace that people receive their redemption. George’s state, in the aspect of the fallness of the world, will have euthanasia as the best solution to his problem.

Question 2

Christians believe in the hope of resurrection. Whoever dies without blemish will be resurrected by God the same way Jesus rose from the dead, 1Thessallonians 4: 13-18. However, Christians are against someone taking their own life, and to some extent, some of the believers add that one should not interfere with the process of death. They believe that life is God-given, and it is only through natural death that God accepts death. Christians believe life and death are part of the God-given life. The Christian views would be that whatever happens through one’s life is God’s will, and no one should interfere (Davies, 2013). The call by George for euthanasia can be rebuked to be evil. There would be the aspect of testing of George’s faith through the sickness and that the sickness is meant to bring him closer to God and know the suffering of Jesus. The bible talks of a man who had great suffering in Job.

The Christians believe God does not give one a temptation they cannot handle and would, therefore, see George suffering to have a solution within the church. George needs to reconsider his faith to be among those that would resurrect again when the rapture comes. Suffering the will of God and through this belief, Christians become steadfast in their faith (Davies, 2013). If the suffering is because of their sins, then they should repent. The bible states there will be no rest for the wicked but also gives redemption to those that seek forgiveness. George would, therefore, need to seek divine intervention and accepts his fate with the hope of resurrecting when God comes to take the believers.

The Christian view states that God has a plan for everyone, and He will do His things when the time is right to bring back the lost faith to Him. In the illustration of the parables by Jesus, heaven rejoices besides one lost faith, and people go through suffering to come back to Christ. Mathew 11:28 indicates the call by Jesus for those that are suffering to have rest in him. For these reasons would compel George to reflect on his life and repent his sins such that the faith may heal him, or when he dies, he has the hope to resurrect again with the faithful.

Question 3

Christianity values life, and so is the world. There are repercussions for those that take other people’s lives. In the world view, killing someone would result in prosecution. With the campaigns of human rights, the killers may serve lifetime imprisonment without killing. There have been several campaigns against corporal punishment. Christianity values life and takes it as a gift from God that should be used to praise him. It will be imperative to state that the Christian worldview expects the endurance of pain in mental or physical health but not take their lives. Death comes with loss and grief. The Christians see whoever dies in sin as a loss, 1Thessallonians 4:13, and the world loses the relation one had with others. Besides, the grief that engulfs the people who were closer to one and more so the loved ones shows how precious life is. The Christians will have grief for one that lost one among the believers.

Human beings are made in the image of God. Human life, therefore, has the intrinsic dignity and value because it is created in God’s image and with a specified destiny sharing God’s life. Humankind being in God’s image signifies them having the intrinsic ability to choose what is right. Moreover, they can live the life close to what they feel is right in valuing the life given to them by God. The Christians and the world view take the comfort of resurrection after death. The world takes a person living a moral life to accept endurance and have a natural death that would leave the rest of the world at peace with their death (Jong,  Halberstadt, & Bluemke,2012). The world believes there is no pain after death and, therefore, will be necessary to have endurance and rest after death.

Question 4

The morals of taking one’s life are the most contentious issue in choosing euthanasia. The most decision and response from the people regarding taking life depends on the standpoint of everyone. Patients that opt for euthanasia feel right to avoid the extreme pain and suffering before their death. Some also would not want to subject suffering to others, thus opt for taking their own life instead (Henrie & Patrick, 2014). The argument to some also is that if the same treatment can be subjected to animals, then it would not be bad doing the same to human beings to relieve them from their suffering.

The Christian would respond to the issue with the value put upon the life of a person. The first case about the value of the life of a person is based on knowing that they are made in God’s image.  Besides, from the Old Testament to the New Testament, the Bible vilifies killing. In exodus 20:13, Deuteronomy 5:17 forbid a man from murder. Jesus further prevents shedding of blood and killing when he states that whoever lives by the sword will die by the sword. The Bible further states that the murders will burn in the hellfire forever. In every Christian value, the taking of life is wrong, including suicides as such Christians should be like soldiers even in the face of death like Job. Job states that God gives and God takes. Therefore taking one’s life goes against God’s gesture of life gifted to them (Davies, 2013). From the Christian perspective, people who take their lives will be burning in the hellfire and will never have peace in the whole of their lives. Therefore, it will be wrong for George to have the euthanasia.

Question 5

Taking both the Christian and the world view on the case, George is unlucky because none supports his decision on taking his life due to his conditions. It will be immoral and cowardice on his side. The Christianity vouches for George to take a natural death and gives the option of George living the best life he could like a cancer patient and wait for his natural death. Christianity further advocates for him to repent and be closer to God to be able to have a better resurrection and be happy in the afterlife (Raphael, 2019). Christianity also roots for seeking medication to ease the pain and prolong his life.

 The drugs would help him also sought out what he can before facing his death. The medication makes him live the last parts of his life and experience various things he would wish to explore. The medication will also help him have time to think and do the other things he could do, have time with his family, and make a decision where he will be needed. Therefore George should not take the step for euthanasia and face medication.  The use of medication will have a smooth transition to the afterlife while having dignity and morals high.

Question 6

The world values life and the loss of one person would have social, economic, and psychological gaps in society. Though it will be painful seeing the sufferings from the individual, it will only be worse living with the regret of not seeing the loved one having their natural death. Moreover, taking off one’s life by the nurse or George himself would mean murder. The morals will be lost, and though he might have a quick death, the incidents surrounding his death will always be written on the loved ones. People always struggle to have their loved one’s life even if it takes their last sweat (Jong,  Halberstadt, & Bluemke,2012). The struggle and the hope that things may turn around are some of the factors that society will always appreciate.

It is a joint event to see people carry their loved ones to and from the house in their difficult situations, and that shows the view of the world on life. Where there is an outbreak, the world offers vaccinations and treatments to the affected.  The process keeps the world in light of what is required for suffering. The suffering needs care and love and to the very best the life that gives them confidence in ever having their healthy lives back. The world campaigns against the killing of the murderers that shows the value of life to everyone. George should, therefore, allow his family to have the best memorable last days of his life and not to cut it short for them.

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