Type all activities on one document. Name that document, “Unit Five Activities.” Label each activity by number, and do not submit until all items have been completed. All videos and readings necessary for completion of the following activities are located either in “Unit Five to Read” or “Unit Five to View.” 
Activity One:  Read The Essay Writing Process (Found in “Unit Five to Read.”) Open the link, Images of the Writing Process (“Found in Unit Five to View”) and closely study the illustrations of the general writing process. Create your own diagram for the essay writing process. Entitle it, “The Essay Writing Process” and use the “Insert”, “Shapes” and “format” features on the “Word” menu to help you create a diagram that you think illustrates the writing process as it is explained specifically for the writing of essays in the article found in “Unit Five to Read.”) 03 The Essay Writing Process UNIT 3.docx and the video found in Unit Five to View”   Work Time Required: About 30-45 minutes.
Activity Two:  In the last unit and during the completion of the first activity for this unit, you reviewed the stages of the writing process. Read the article, Prewriting Strategies (Found in “Unit Five to Read”) and view the video, “The Essay Writing Process” (Found in “Unit Five to View”) Focus on the information on the prewriting stage of the process as you view the video. Use either your current ENG. 111 writing assignment or a past one, to demonstrate your use of either listing, mapping, free-writing or looping as a brainstorming activity. 

Activity Four:  Can you name the oldest piece of punctuation?  Open the link for Reading Workout Challenge 7 and read, and you will be able to do so.  Follow the directions to read and respond in writing. Hint! If you copy and paste the workout pages into your saved activities document, you will be able to type your answers directly onto the pages. Note: This article is a bit more challenging, but is definitely an interesting one. Know that you cannot receive points for the vocabulary item, if you simply state that you know all of the words. 
Work Time Required:  About 30-45 minutes
        Activity Five: Read the article on organizational patterns (Found in Unit Five to Read). Identify the organizational patterns evident in the following paragraphs. (Found on last page of these activities. Just scroll down.) Label each of your answers with the topic of the paragraph. Why do we care? If you can identify the author’s organizational pattern when you read, you are well on your way to identifying his or her purpose for writing. When you write, you need to give attention to how you organize your information, so that you provide your reader with those same valuable clues for comprehension.  
Work Time Required:  About 45 minutes 
Activity Six:  Reynolds provides a free tutoring service that will help you with revision of your essays. This resource has many strengths; you can submit essays more than once, any time of day or night, and you will receive feedback within twenty-four hours.  View the video on the topic of Brainfuse (Video also found in “To View”  and complete the following activity: 
· Select any essay you have written for your ENG. 111 class, and save a copy in M. Word. 
· Click on the http:\ learn link (Found in Unit Five to Read) and visit the Brainfuse site (found on your menu in CANVAS.  
· Submit the essay by clicking on “Launch Brainfuse”, then click on “Academic Tools.” Next click on “Language Lab” and finally on, “Writing Lab.” 
· Compare the feedback you receive from Brainfuse with that you received from your ENG. 111 instructor. 
· Write a brief paragraph that begins with one of the following prompts: “The feedback I received from Brainfuse agreed on…” or “The feedback I received did not agree on…”     
Activity Seven:  Copy the Five-Paragraph Essay Template and then copy and paste any one of your essays into the template. If you are missing any of the required paragraph parts, simple write a statement saying that your essay did not include evidence of that part. Example: “My essay did not contain a hook.” Etc. 
Work Time Required: About 30 minutes   
Activity Eight:  Watch the video on procrastination and list the three helpful methods suggested for those who procrastinate. Which of the three do you think would be the most helpful for you? Write one paragraph and explain which method you will try and what you hope will happen if you try it.      
 Work Time Required: About 10-25minutes
Activity Nine: Open the checklist for writing expository essays and read the section on writing a thesis statement carefully. Examine one of your essays and highlight your thesis. To make sure you’ve stayed focused in each paragraph, try underlining the topic sentence, then circling key words related to its central idea. Copy any one of your paragraphs in that essay where you think you either did or did not lose your focus when you added your details. 
Work Time Required: About 10-20 minutes
Activity Ten:  Open and view the ppt presentation on the box outline.  (Found in Unit Five to View) This presentation explains how each sentence in a paragraph must answer a question about the sentence above it. Select any paragraph from one of your essays and create a box outline for it. Begin by identifying your main idea sentence. Use M. Word menu and the “Insert” and “Shapes” options to help you create your outline. Remember! View the ppt first and give careful attention to how the major and minor details are organized to support the sentence above it. 
Organizational Patterns Worksheet
Passage #1 – Chemical and Physical Changes
All matter, all things can be changed in two ways: chemically and physically. Both chemical and physical changes affect the state of matter. Physical changes are those that do not change the make-up or identity of the matter. For example, clay will bend or flatten if squeezed, but it will still be clay. Changing the shape of clay is a physical change, and does not change the matter’s identity. Chemical changes turn the matter into a new kind of matter with different properties. For example, when paper is burnt, it becomes ash and will never be paper again. The difference between them is that physical changes are temporary or only last for a little while, and chemical changes are permanent, which means they last forever. Physical and chemical changes both affect the state of matter.
Passage #2 – The Best PB & J Ever
When I got home from school after a long boring day, I took out the peanut butter, jelly, and bread. After taking the lid off of the jars, I spread the peanut butter on one side of the bread and the jelly on the other, and then I put the two pieces of bread together. After that, I enjoyed it while watching “Cops” on the TV. I swear, that was the best peanut butter and jelly sandwich I ever ate. 
Passage #3 – Bobby Fischer 
Robert James Fischer was born in Chicago but unlocked the secrets of chess in a Brooklyn apartment right above a candy store. At the age of six he taught himself to play by following the instruction booklet that came with his chess board. After spending much of his childhood in chess clubs, Fischer said that, “One day, I just got good.” That may be a bit of an understatement. At the age of 13 he won the U.S. Junior Chess Championship, becoming the youngest Junior Champion ever. At the age of 14 he won the U.S. Championship and became the youngest U.S. Champion in history. Fischer would go on to become the World Champion of chess, but he would also grow to become his own worst enemy. Instead of defending the title, he forfeited it to the next challenger without even making a move, and the rise of a chess superstar ended with a fizzle.
Passage #4 – Save the Tigers
Dr. Miller doesn’t want the tigers to vanish. These majestic beasts are disappearing at an alarming rate. Dr. Miller thinks that we should write to our congress people. If we let them know that we demand the preservation of this species, maybe we can make a difference. Dr. Miller also thinks that we should donate to Save the Tigers. Our donations will help to support and empower those who are fighting the hardest to preserve the tigers. We owe it to our grandchildren to do something.
Passage #5 – The Great Recession
Many people are confused about why our economy went to shambles in 2008. The crisis was actually the result of a combination of many complex factors. First, easy credit conditions allowed people who were high-risk or unworthy of credit to borrow, and even people who had no income were eligible for large loans. Second, banks would bundle these toxic loans and sell them as packages on the financial market. Third, large insurance firms backed these packages, misrepresenting these high-risk loans as safe investments. Fourth, because of the ease of acquiring credit and the rapid growth in the housing market, people were buying two or three houses, intending to sell them for more than they paid. All of these factors created bubbles of speculation. These bubbles burst, sending the whole market into a downward spiral, causing employers to lose capital and lay off employees. Consumer spending then plummeted and most businesses suffered. The economy is like a big boat, and once it gets moving quickly in the wrong direction, it’s hard to turn it around. 
Passage #6 – Screen Protector

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Before applying the screen protector, clean the surface of your phone’s screen with a soft cloth. Once the surface of your screen is clean, remove the paper backing on the screen protector. Evenly apply the sticky side of the screen protector to your phone’s screen. Smooth out any air bubble trapped on between the protector and the phone screen. Enjoy the added protection.

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