Health Care Management Systems

Nursing is an integral part of the health care system. Increasing access to health care services and education for women and children is a crucial part of the entire health system. It is the most sensitive section of the health docket in any society. It is important for there to be a program that would ensure this section of the health care services is well covered. When women are healthy the society is healthy. A proper program includes; sensitization of health issues, know where and how to handle emergency health issues and finally have access to affordable health care. In the light of this, an all-inclusive program would be inclusive but not limited to the following steps.

The first and most important step is public education and sensitization (LaBrasca, 2016). The women need to be educated regularly on how to take care of themselves before, during and even after pregnancy. The prenatal care education should involve the women being taught the importance of being checked regularly to ensure that they develop in healthy environment. Women need to be educated on how to take care of their bodies in preparation for pregnancy to ensure that when the time comes, they have the ability to carry a pregnancy to term. The journey to motherhood in matters health must be well taken into consideration. Education on the same is very important.

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Health Care Management Systems
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Training on emergency and unforeseen health eventualities must be taken into consideration. Women are mostly vulnerable and being the primary care givers of the children, they require emergency life skills (Public Health Interventions: Applications for Nursing Practice, n.d.). The health care system could do better with a section dedicated to public training of life skills. This training would eventually means that less children die out of emergency health hazards and less women die during child birth. There are women who live below the poverty line and the first aid skills would save lives in their situations. 

Finally, the government should ensure that the health care system is affordable to all people that need attention. The health care services and education have to be well funded in order to ensure that nobody would be locked out. It is very likely that with affordable health care, the mortality rates of both women and children reduce significantly (Public Health Interventions: Applications for Nursing Practice, n.d.). Implementation strategies would include setting short term goals and employing the right personnel to achieve the goal. In achieving the short term goals, gradually more and more women and children are roped in to the good health care systems. 

Resistances are likely to be from financial constraints and social support. Medicine in this day and age is important for various reasons; there are new viruses every day and ailments ready to attack children at birth. The rate of children born with defects is at an all-time high. There are more children needing special care and the more the numbers the more difficult it is to reach all the affected children and women. Another challenge is stigmatization of the children born with defects growing up. The mothers of these children often require a lot of financial help because their ability to work and care for their children is limited (LaBrasca, 2016). The mothers facing these challenges are likely to have negative impact on the health of the women. Mental exhaustion, fatigue and financial pressure in these instances puts a lot of pressure on the women in the society meaning that the health care system has a lot of responsibility in supporting the health of the women.

The various challenges can be overcome by health systems being open to the problems of the people. The health workers need to develop better approaches of handling the health issues in the society. Social education would help people know how to handle the women in the societies. There are several ways to handle the health of the women (Public Health Interventions: Applications for Nursing Practice, n.d.). Social welfare is supposed to be an integral part of the health care systems. Psychological support has to be given priority in maternal healthcare. Sensitization of the masses plays a big role in overcoming the challenges tied to health care. Stigmatization reduces significantly and mothers of the children with disabilities are given better working conditions.

Population Health Nursing Interventions are ways of ensuring that the health of the population is well care for. The levels are; health promotions, prevention, restoration and finally the management of the acquired health. There are a number of people working relentlessly to help manage public health systems (LaBrasca, 2016). The Population Health Nursing Intervention is an important system in putting together the effective health care intervention systems. Autism is very common in children born every other day.

In a home setting, autism is both a social and health problem. Both the child and the mother need assistance in terms of care and attention. The child requires the care of the mother all the time which can be very exhausting. Constant counseling and encouragement would help the individual get over the fact that they have problems that they need to deal with. The second step is to ensure that in the home there is no stigma about autism towards the child (What is Autism?, n.d.). As the child grows up, the people around the child are supposed to treat them with understanding. After the individual is comfortable in this stage it is important that they acquire a routine to help them handle their environment. Finally, the child and the mother need to be given constant psychological and recreational care to ensure that they adapt to changes well. The patients have better confidence in themselves and tend to be more responsible in the long run. They also adapt faster to their new lives and environments are more accepting to their reformed selves. 

Case Study

Does the situation warrant development of a case management system? Why or why not?

Autism requires the development of a case management system. Autism is normally misunderstood as being an easy condition to manage. The autistic children are slow to develop and there are no systems in place to assist these patients. Those who do get help and manage to change their lives are released into a society that is not very accepting of their conditions. The society needs a system to manage the condition effectively in order to encourage more people to accept autistic children and be able to care for them. Autism is a very expensive condition to manage and without efficient systems in place, it is impossible to handle.

What are the children’s health needs in this situation? 

In this situations, the children’s health requires microscopic scrutiny as they cannot effectively communicate their discomfort. They require regular checkups and monitoring. These children cannot be left on their own at any given time lest they hurt themselves. Their conditions require round the clock monitoring.

How do biophysical, psychological, environmental, sociology, behavior and health system factors influence those needs?

Autistic children will often experience autism differently. Some will have problems expressing themselves verbally, facial expressions could be mismatched and generally they have a perception of the world that is not easy to understand. They require patience as they grow up. Being children, an understanding mother will have challenges understanding what the child needs. As children, autism limits their growth a great deal. They need time to grow at their pace which is the most challenging part of their childhood. The health systems have been trying to handle the autistic children but the support could be more.

What desired outcomes would you establish for a case management system?

It would be beneficial for the children to grow up in an environment and society that allows them to grow and be the best they can be. It would also be good for a support system that would give the mothers of these children help to allow them catch a break and rejuvenate their strength in order to keep caring for their children. In the society today, giving birth to a child with disability is a big problem on all avenues. The children would benefit from a system that would give them the best possible exposure to a secure environment growing up.

How would you involve members of the community in developing the case management plan? Who should be involved?

Members of the community would be involved in developing a management plan for these children. This move would encourage the parents to refrain from hiding their autistic children given that they can get assistance in caring for them. The women in the communities should be at the forefront and the men too. This is important in ensuring that the community understands what the children need in terms of support. They have to be educated on the challenges of caring for autistic children so that in the long run they can help the mothers from time to time. They would be in a position to find a way of assisting the families of autistic children cope with their child’s disability.

What referrals would be appropriate for many of the children? What is the expected outcome of these referrals? How would you go about making the referrals?

The mothers would be encouraged to take their children for checkups any time they see something that does not look healthy in their children. By so doing, the conditions can be detected early and can be managed from an early stage. The referrals would thus be directed to new parents just in case they need the help, they can access it sooner. The referrals are expected to ensure that as many autistic children in the society are diagnosed earlier. This would ensure that the system is there for the children and their mothers all the way. They are supposed to have the assistance of the system within their reach in order to help them grow into possibly productive adults. The referrals would be most effective in the postnatal clinics. The pediatricians would be requested to refer the children they feel need closer attention. This means that the mothers are not misguided on the health of their children,

How would you evaluate the case management system for this population? Be Specific about the evaluative criteria you would use and how you would obtain the information to evaluate care

The case management system for this population is likely to pay off well. Evaluating the criteria would mean pitting the number of autistic children that have benefitted from the management system after a year against the number of children that used the system as it began. This would tell whether it was accepted by the society and whether the society was supportive of the system. It would also indicate whether the children and their mothers were receiving the much needed help. The numbers do not lie and by extension, the more adults with autism that are around, the validation of the system would be done. Its existence will have been proven necessary.


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