Integrating Facebook In Teaching And Learning Education Essay

In this information age people are interacting with a assortment of new engineerings that people in different places try to utilize them to ease their occupations and come up with good consequences. Educators are besides be givening to utilize those engineering tools for more effectual instruction and acquisition by prosecuting and actuating scholars in the acquisition procedure. One of those technological tools is societal networking web sites. Among societal networking web sites facebook is the most popular one which has sucked a immense sum of young person to utilize it for communicating and practical societal interaction. As a effect, many instructors are trying to do a usage of facebook to better the larning out comes and do the acquisition more interesting to the scholars sing to the young person battle in the facebook use and the monolithic sum of clip which they spend in this practical environment. On the other manus, it is important for the pedagogues to cognize which type of larning manner can profit more from utilizing this sort of engineering or whether there is a large difference in willingness of different acquisition manners for disbursement clip in facebook or non.
Facebook is the most used societal web by worldwide active users which was founded by Mark Zuckerberg in February 2004 as Harvard-only societal web site. This societal web web site was able to pull a immense sum of users specially youth in a short period of clip. Right now it has more than 500 million active users around the universe. Actually, Facebook is defined as “ a societal public-service corporation that helps people portion information and communicate more expeditiously with their friends, household, and coworkers ” ( ) . Although at first facebook was launched as Harvard societal web but developed to affect and prosecute other high school pupils, professionals inside corporate webs, and finally everyone who have entree to the on-line universe ( Cassidy, 2006 ) .
Facebook allows users to make a personal profile while leting for information sharing, communicating, exposure albums, making a friends list, organizing or using to societal involvement groups, and different sorts of on-line games. In drumhead, Facebook members can portion their exposures, send messages, chat, tag themselves or others on exposures, write on friends ‘ walls, articulation groups, create new groups, portion thoughts in group treatments, add sorts of applications, and play games in Facebook. Facebook has been accessed by 1000000s of users in a short clip while going a portion of users ‘ day-to-day lives ( Ellison, Steinfield, & A ; Lampe, 2007 ; Selwyn, 2007a ) .

Some maps and capablenesss of facebook such as enabling equal feedback, goodness of tantrum with societal context, and interaction tools make facebook an educational tool ( Mason, 2006 ) .
Learning Manners
The impression of larning manners is all about the ways which a scholar prefers to utilize when he/she is larning and retrieving new cognition ( Funda Dag & A ; Aynur Gecer, 2009 ) . Furthermore, Simsek ( 2001 ) stated that larning manner is a group of factors which determines how the pupils psychologically perceive, interact and response to larning environments. Harmonizing to Felder ( 1996 ) , every scholar prefers to larn otherwise. Some scholars can larn in an synergistic relationship with their friends and instructors and sing things by themselves, the others learn with a ocular presence of stuffs and information, and some scholars prefer to do usage of written stuffs and they agree that verbal accounts are more helpful to them. Therefore cognizing about the acquisition manners of the scholars is of import either for pedagogues or scholars. It could be utile for instructors because they will acquire a clear thought about how to learn persons with different larning penchants and besides it would be effectual for scholars to cognize how they learn better and easier. Indeed, there are some popular theoretical accounts to categorise larning manners such as ; David kolb ‘s theoretical account, Honey and mumford ‘s theoretical account, Anthony Gregorc ‘s theoretical account, Sudbury theoretical account of democratic instruction, and Fleming ‘s VAK/VARK theoretical account of larning manners. For the purpose of this survey Fleming ‘s VAK/VARK study was used to research different larning manners of research participants and see how different acquisition manners spend clip in facebook. VARK study tool was created in 1998 to research persons ‘ different acquisition manners. Alkhasawneh, Mrayyan, Docherty, Alashram, Yousef, ( 2007 ) , described ;
“ aˆ¦VARK is based upon cognitive development work by Bruner ( 1967 ) and Piaget ( 1990 ) who argued that worlds assimilate environmental cognition through four centripetal modes: ocular, aural, reading and composing, and kinaesthetic ( utilizing tactile centripetal abilities such as a odor and touch ) . VARK is an acronym for Visual, Aural, Read/Write, and Kinesthetic ( Fleming, 2004 ) . VARK is an instrument that is speedy and easy for pupils to utilize and understand. It creates an consciousness of larning manners and provides motive to seek betterments in their acquisition penchant. ”
Data is collected by administrating an online and manual study. The study is consists of two subdivisions, the first subdivision leads participants to an on-line VARK questionnaire ( http: // p=quetionnaire ) . Students are required to describe their tonss in an online VARK acquisition manners questionnaire in the manual questionnaire. The 2nd portion of the manual questionnaire consists of two parts. In the first portion, participants were required to reply five demographic inquiries include of their name, age, electronic mail reference, gender, facebook ID. Furthermore, the topographic point where they have normally entree to the Internet, length of clip spent online in facebook, and their rank in any academic group were collected. The 2nd portion, 5-point Likert graduated table with 6 inquiries, was measured participants ‘ clip spent for different activities in facebook. These six inquiries were developed by research worker based on different maps exist in facebook and different activities that a facebook user is able to make.
Data was collected from 36 signifier four Malayan Chinese pupils ( 14 Male and22 female ) from SMJK Kwang Hua School in province of Selangor, Kelang. The whole of participants are at the age of 16 old ages old. Two pupils of these 36 are non facebook users. The questionnaires were distributed among pupils and they were expected to make full up them at place sing to their entree to the Internet at place to make full up larning manners questionnaire.
Date analysis and consequences
Learning manners:
Learning Manners
Table1: Frequency of each learning manner among participants
Harmonizing to pupils ‘ studies on their acquisition manners tonss, among 36 signifier 4 pupils, there are 14 kinaesthetic ( 39 % ) , six read/write ( 17 % ) , eight aural ( 22 % ) , and eight visual ( 22 % ) . The consequences validated this statement from Suffolk County Council ( 2002 ) , “ It has been estimated that up to 37 % of the population are kinaesthetic scholars… . ”
Different acquisition manners and clip spent in facebook
Data was collected shows that there are some differences among different larning manners on clip spent in facebook and different activity penchants. The holla tabular array shows
Q1: E-P
Q3: Ob
Q4: Act
Q5: W-V
norm of clip devouring in fb
53 %
53.5 %
72 %
64 %
South dakota
Table 2: Average of clip spent for each activity in facebook by different acquisition manners scholars
Indeed, this tabular array shows ocular and kinaesthetic scholars spend the highest clip ( 8.1 & A ; 8.2hour/week ) among other scholars in facebook whereas, aural scholars spend the lowest clip in facebook ( 5.5hour/week ) among other scholars. Another consequence which is interesting is that read/write scholars spend about 72 per centum of their clip online in facebook.
Chart 1: Different activities in facebook ;
Q1: E-P: Educational Purposes Q2: CHA: Chatting Online With Friends
Q3: Ob: Reading or Detecting What Others Do Q4: Act: Doing Activities in Facebook
Q5: W-V: Watching Videos Q6: SHA: Sharing News and Information about School
Harmonizing to the above tabular array and chart ocular, aural, and kinaesthetic scholars spend the highest clip in facebook “ lurking ” or reading others ‘ stations while read/write scholars spend an equal clip in facebook lurking and besides to make activities such as composing a position or uploading a image. In fact, pupils with different sorts of tilting manners spend the highest clip in facebook to detect and read whatever their friends do or skulking. On the other manus, pupils with any acquisition manners spend the lowest clip in facebook for educational intents. In fact, ocular scholars spend the highest clip ( 1.25 hour/week ) for educational intents among other larning manners where as kinaesthetic scholars spend the lowest clip ( 0.61 hour/week ) for educational intents. Kinesthetic scholars spend the highest clip ( 3.38 hours/week ) to chew the fat with their friends while read/write scholars spend the lowest clip ( 1.6 hours/week ) to chew the fat with their friends among other larning manners. Kinesthetic scholars spend the highest clip ( 4 hours/week ) to detect and read others ‘ activities while read/write learning manner scholars spend the lowest clip ( 2.4 hours/week ) . Kinesthetic scholars spend highest clip to make activities in facebook ( 3.38 hours/week ) while read/write learning manner scholars spend the lowest clip ( 2.4 hours/week ) . Kinesthetic scholars spend the highest clip to watch picture in facebook ( 2.93 hours/week ) , while ocular and read/write scholars spend the lowest clip ( 2 hours/week ) . Read/write scholars manner spend highest clip ( 2 hours/week ) to portion intelligence and information about school and classs while ocular scholars spend the lowest clip ( 1 hour/week ) . Students with read/write larning penchant spend 72 % of their clip online in facebook which it shows although they are non on-line every bit much as others but they spend most of their clip in facebook.
Findingss and Discussion
This survey aimed to calculate out the sum of clip spent in facebook for pupils with different larning manners and besides to happen out activity penchants of facebook users with different larning manners. Sing to the consequences there are some differences in clip spent in facebook for different acquisition manners. For case, the consequences show that ocular and kinaesthetic scholars claimed more clip spent in facebook so it can be concluded that this environment is more interesting and prosecuting to these types of scholars but it does n’t intend that this environment is non suited for the other types of scholars with different larning manners like aural or read/write scholars. So any type of larning manners can profit from this environment and instructors can do a smart usage of this societal web web site to prosecute pupils in larning procedure and besides to enrich their acquisition. Furthermore, consequences show that each type of larning manners is interested in skulking or reading and detecting whatever others do. In this respect, instructors should take into see this sort of pupils ‘ involvement in their instruction schemes and teaching methods. Actually, this is the teacher function to plan, construction, and program in a manner to do the facebook an educational environment. It can be done when a instructor uses facebook in a manner it is and in a manner that it engages pupils to remain in it for a long clip. Teachers should look at the nature of facebook and inquire themselves what has made the facebook popular like this. What is the facebook power that keeps people interested about it? To reply these inquiries some researches should be done. Harmonizing to some surveies that have been done, societal presence and interaction among people could be a ground for this attraction. People enjoy of societal interactivities and showing their sentiments in societal environment. They like to talk out to show themselves and they have wonder to cognize about others. Many instructors tend to utilize facebook for educational purposes because they know most of pupils are interested in utilizing facebook but they face some challenges in the manner of utilizing it because they want to utilize it in a similar manner that they use any other online tools like wikis, moodle, or educational web sites whereas, facebook has a different nature. Teachers can believe about facebook in a different manner. In a manner to reenforce face to confront schoolroom larning. They should inquire pupils to come to the facebook and portion their perceptual experiences, believes, thoughts, sentiments, and definitions about different constructs and topics to acquire more familiar with each other ‘s perceptual experiences, acquire more thoughts about different educational affairs and open up their heads about different affairs. For case, a mathematics instructor begins learning fractions in schoolroom and so asks pupils to take part in their class facebook group and reply the instructor ‘s inquiry. The inquiry could be why do we hold to larn fraction? Why it is of import to larn about fraction and it can be used in our life? To reply these inquiries pupils have to believe, hunt, and explore and so come up with different replies and discuss with their schoolmates about their findings. Right now, the instructor can do certain that they are more interested in larning fraction because they know how of import is the acquisition of this subject and furthermore they will be more curiose to see is their sentiments and thoughts about fraction comes true or non. Actually this survey has some restrictions. First, because the information was collected from merely 36 Chinese race pupils, it could non be generalized. In add-on, it has been limited to a study method. The consequences could be more accurate if there were some qualitative methods of informations aggregation.
Social webs, particularly facebook are used by a immense sum of pupils anyplace in the universe. As a consequence, most of instructors are interested in utilizing this societal environment to prosecute pupils in larning procedure. It is important for instructors to cognize whether facebook is suited for all pupils with any type of larning penchants or non. This survey showed that ocular and kinaesthetic scholars spend more clip in facebook but it does n’t intend that the other types of acquisition manners do n’t utilize facebook. Indeed, it depends more on instructors to take the best scheme to suit the demands of any type of larning penchants. Teachers should reply this inquiry ; “ How to prosecute my pupils in an academic facebook group? ” or “ what makes the facebook so popular among young person and how to do a usage of this characteristic to prosecute pupils in larning activities? ” This survey has been done on a little group of participants ( 36, 16 twelvemonth old pupils ) . Further surveies should be done on more sums of samples. Furthermore, some surveies should be conducted to happen out in which manner educational usage of facebook can be more interesting for scholars.

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