Integrative Med

Drouin, P. (2014). Creative Integrative Medicine. Amazon KDP. ISBN: 978-1075282577file

  • Rakel, D. (2017). Integrative Medicine, 4th Edition. Elsevier. ISBN: 978-0323358682
  • Question1Marks: 1

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    Despite its bizarre nature, entanglement has been demonstrated repeatedly, and is the foundation for ___________, ___________ and ___________. (select all that apply)

  • Choose at least one answer.
  • a. quantum mechanicsb. quantum teleportationc. quantum cryptographyd. quantum experimentse. quantum computing

    Question2Marks: 1

    Perennial philosophies of the East and the West concern themselves with: (select all that apply)

    Choose at least one answer.

  • a. standard von Neumann quantum mechanicsb. the relationship of the individual to the universec. the relationship of the individual to Consciousness itselfd. interpersonal neurobiologye. the nature of Consciousness
  • Question3Marks: 1

    We experience not just energetic /emotional thought but also completely different kind of thought we call  ___________.

    Choose one answer.

    a. intuitionb. intellectualismc. calculating thoughtd. wisdom

    Question4Marks: 1

    Studies have shown that vibration therapy causes myriad physiologic changes in various organ systems, including: (select all that apply)

    Choose at least one answer.

    a. nervous systemb. digestive systemc. musculoskeletal systemd. endocrine systeme. immune system

    Question5Marks: 1

    Recent studies have reported evidence for a variety of biophoton-mediated regulatory processes, including: (select all that apply)

    Choose at least one answer.

    a. heart brain coherenceb. secretion of regulatory neurotransmittersc. cell-cell orientation sensingd. fire breath acceleratione. cell-cell communication

    Question6Marks: 1

    Quantum entanglement could provide at least a partial answer to the binding problem of consciousness allowing for a ___________ quantum state involving many neurons.

    Choose one answer.

    a. specializedb. localizedc. delocalizedd. unexpectede. infinite

    Question7Marks: 1

    Broadly speaking, there are ___________ distinct views of intuition. Although almost all definitions of intuition have certain elements in common – such as originating beyond conscious thought, immediate total comprehension and understanding, holistic insights and associations and affectively charged judgments.

    Choose one answer.

    a. threeb. severalc. nod. two

    Question8Marks: 1

    The world of experiences reveals three fundamental Laws of Nature, which are primarily reflected in quantum theory, but apply to all science. It is the means in which Consciousness objectifies the world. The three Laws form an undivided whole of operating principles and give meaning to the universe. They are the workings of how Consciousness manifests the universe and they apply at all levels, beginning with the fundamental subject–object relationships and the mathematics of Consciousness. What are the these Laws? (select all that apply)

    Choose at least one answer.

    a. creative interactivityb. complementarityc. visualizationd. recursione. observation

    Question9Marks: 1

    On rare occasions in the history of science, remarkable discoveries transform human society and forever alter mankind’s view of the world. Examples of such discoveries include: (select all that apply)

    Choose at least one answer.

    a. Germ theory of diseaseb. Quantum theoryc. Astrophysicsd. Plate tectonicse. Sacred geometry

    Question10Marks: 1

    In the non-locality group prayer healing experiment, healing took place in a hospital in ___________.

    Choose one answer.

    a. Hawaiib. Canadac. San Franciscod. Mexico

    Question11Marks: 1

    Quantum mechanics were introduced in the early 20th century (1926-1928) by ___________, ___________, ___________ and others to predict the behavior of elementary particles, like electrons. The quantum mechanical laws had several weird consequences with respect to classical physics, such as the uncertainty principle, complementarity of particle or wave structure and superposition in the wave function. (select all that apply)

    Choose at least one answer.

    a. Schrödingerb. Einsteinc. de Broglied. Bohre. Heisenberg

    Question12Marks: 1

    Popp and his collaborators demonstrated that photons, or electromagnetic energy quanta can be both absorbed and emitted by DNA molecules and this involves low intensity ___________ ranges of the spectrum.

    Choose one answer.

    a. infraredb. ultravioletc. electromagneticd. invisiblee. gamma ray

    Question13Marks: 1

    The study of unconventional cancer treatments by the Congressional Office of Technology Assessment in ___________ was a striking move considering that the NIH already had in place a large and thriving National Cancer Institute (NCI), but public advocates argued that the NCI was too biased to perform an objective evaluation.

    Choose one answer.

    a. Cancer Science Journalb. the 1980sc. the White House Science Divisiond. consideration of current lawse. the first place

    Question14Marks: 1

    Dimeric models provide the smallest systems in which features of entanglement can be studied. While energy transport is unrealistically restricted, analysis of excitonic dynamics in dimeric systems has revealed a number of insights into bipartite entanglement and how it may be affected by the ___________.

    Choose one answer.

    a. visualizationb. energetic measurementc. biological environmentd. quantum consciousnesse. physical environment

    Question15Marks: 1

    Examples of models built by brains include our concepts of: (select all that apply)

    Choose at least one answer.

    a. massb. peoplec. tigersd. quarkse. space and time

    Question16Marks: 1

    The word “quantum” comes from the Latin word “quantus,” which means ___________.

    Choose one answer.

    a. how muchb. why notc. whyd. how manye. how far

    Question17Marks: 1

    The description of reality demands that material objects are nothing but ___________.

    Choose one answer.

    a. realization of consciousnessb. waves of possibilityc. beams of lightd. particles in motione. quantum feedback

    Question18Marks: 1

    A photochemical event happens very quickly because it relates to the movement of electrons. Throughout a light absorption process, the electron structure can take on a new configuration, while the atomic nuclei forming the molecule remain constant. The following are some important photochemical reactions: (select all that apply)

    Choose at least one answer.

    a. Light reactions of bilirubin and porphirinb. Photosynthesisc. Sightd. Luminescence in firefliese. Olfactory sensitivity

    Question19Marks: 1

    Pain treatment modalities and instruments that operate on quantum theory use _________ to increase energy in and between cells.

    Choose one answer.

    a. resonanceb. biophotonsc. cell memoryd. magnetic impulses

    Question20Marks: 1

    An electron is a tiny bit of ___________.

    Choose one answer.

    a. cosmic dustb. lightc. matterd. energy

    Question21Marks: 1

    Possible non-local mechanisms that can emerge from person-to-person interactions are defined as “ dependent operations between two or more brains that operate at least in part on shared information content” and are also described as:  ___________,  ___________,  ___________, and  ___________. (select all that apply)

    Choose at least one answer.

    a. phase synchronizationb. resonancec. psychic phenomenad. non-local correlationse. interactive alignment

    Question22Marks: 1

    Research has shown that an intended thought appears to be able to generate physical effects over inanimate objects and living things, from unicellular organisms to human beings. The non-locality feature of this phenomenon is often associated with the concept of _______________ and aspects of consciousness and quantum physics.

    Choose one answer.

    a. wave mechanicsb. extrasensory perceptionc. neurolinguistic programmingd. entanglemente. spooky action at a distance

    Question23Marks: 1

    The integration of whole medical systems (WMSs) and conventional medicine entails some key, interdependent factors: (select all that apply)

    Choose at least one answer.

    a. Quality standards for whole medicine system treatmentb. Infrastructure and financial resourcesc. Universal practice guidelinesd. Fighting diseasee. Legislation

    Question24Marks: 1

    The concept of “electromagnetic bioinformation” was advanced by Fritz-Albert Popp to describe findings that _______________ and other extremely low-level energy transactions in bioelectromagnetics below the thermal noise limit could induce biological effects.

    Choose one answer.

    a. distant reikib. bioenergetic feedbackc. resonant bioelectricsd. biophotons

    Question25Marks: 1

    A ___________ is at work in magnetic-sensitive birds, i.e. a fundamentalquantum phenomenon so far understood to affect truly microscopic and well-isolatedquantum systems is seen to underpin a sensory mechanism of avian species and theirassociated biological behaviour.Choose one answer.

    a. quantum sensorb. biological constantc. neuropsychological theoryd. quantum leape. quantum theory

    Question26Marks: 1

    The human mental capacity to foresee the future strikingly resembles the prediction of ___________ for the future behavior of elementary particles, since different possible wave functions are simultaneously superposed and only lead to probability estimations.

    Choose one answer.

    a. neuropsychologyb. nuclear physicsc. Einsteind. quantum mechanicse. Oppenheimer

    Question27Marks: 1

    The knowledge that is emerging from the quantum worldview, the integrative knowledge, revolutionizes the way we do things especially in _________.

    Choose one answer.

    a. medicineb. theoryc. biologyd. religion

    Question28Marks: 1

    ___________ is Plato’s word for virtues like love, beauty, justice, truth, wholeness, goodness, etc.

    Choose one answer.

    a. Intuitionb. Religionc. Dualismd. Archetype

    Question29Marks: 1

    ___________ makes the brain more coherent.

    Choose one answer.

    a. Symbolismb. Meditationc. Thinkingd. Dreaminge. Ritual

    Question30Marks: 1

    What are the three problems with free will? (select all that apply)

    Choose at least one answer.

    a. Networks of brain neuronsb. Consciousness and causal agencyc. Skepticismd. Determinisme. Does consciousness come too late?

    Question31Marks: 1

    ___________ identifies with the brain while collapsing the possibility waves of the brain. So many paradoxes of thinking have been solved by this one concept.

    Choose one answer.

    a. Wisdomb. Quantum theoryc. Thinkingd. Consciousnesse. Law of attraction

    Question32Marks: 1

    Currently, the existence of quantum coherence and quantum entanglement in biological molecules is intensively studied and is considered ___________ at experimental level.

    Choose one answer.

    a. incoherentb. uncertainc. debatabled. elusivee. proved

    Question33Marks: 1

    Consciousness does matter, not the other way around like scientific materialists claim. Consciousness is the ground of all being and matter consists of possibilities for ___________ to choose from.

    Choose one answer.

    a. scientific materialismb. integrative medicinec. consciousnessd. mysticisme. quantum physics

    Question34Marks: 1

    Based on Newtonian worldview, _________ is not a healthy philosophy for human beings, it is not a practical philosophy for healing.

    Choose one answer.

    a. Determinismb. Non-localityc. Objectivityd. Darwinism

    Question35Marks: 1

    In quantum tunnelling, what defines a quantum particle’s possibility to pass a barrier? (select all that apply)

    Choose at least one answer.

    a. the particle’s determinationb. the density of the barrierc. the weight of the particled. the height of the barriere. the width of the barrier

    Question36Marks: 1

    Because of accumulating evidence that quantum phenomena need to be considered explicitly and in detail when studying living organisms, ______________ has recently emerged as a new field at the border between quantum physics and the life sciences.

    Choose one answer.

    a. integrative quantum nutritionb. quantum biologyc. quantum homeostasisd. macroscopic quantum theorye. quantum neurophysics

    Question37Marks: 1

    According to a November 2015 scientific article in Global Advances in Health and Medicine by Drs. Kafatos, Chevalier, and Chopra, the most accurate and fundamental physical theory at our disposal is which of the following?:

    Choose one answer.

    a. particle physicsb. relativityc. electromagnetismd. quantum physicse. Newtonian mechanics

    Question38Marks: 1

    Can matter process mind or intuition or feeling? This is a question that thwarts scientific ________________.

    Choose one answer.

    a. biologistsb. philosophersc. journalistsd. materialistse. apologists

    Question39Marks: 1

    Tangled hierarchy is the final piece of the puzzle of quantum ___________.

    Choose one answer.

    a. mechanicsb. theoryc. collapsed. measuremente. consciousness

    Question40Marks: 1

    The Academic Consortium for Integrative Medicine and Health and the The Academy of Integrative Health and Medicine define the term ‘integrative medicine’ as “the practice of medicine that reaffirms the importance of the relationship between practitioner and patient, focuses on the whole person, is informed by ___________, and makes use of all appropriate therapeutic approaches, healthcare professionals and disciplines to achieve optimal health and healing.

    Choose one answer.

    a. the World Health Organizationb. evidencec. the American Medical Associationd. quantum entanglemente. logical thinking

    Question41Marks: 1

    The philosophy of modern medicine is inadequate therefore modern medicine itself is inadequate in the _________ form.

    Choose one answer.

    a. subtleb. literalc. homeopathicd. allopathic

    Question42Marks: 1

    The point that ___________ makes in the case of Schrödinger’s cat is that the cat can’t be described as either dead or alive in the first place.

    Choose one answer.

    a. Dr. Paulb. quantum physicsc. biophysicsd. decoherencee. the double slit experiment

    Question43Marks: 1

    Although western medicine has in the recent past accepted the idea of integrative medicine, it still regards to a large extent the human organism as a biochemistry-driven entity at best and as _________ at worst.

    Choose one answer.

    a. being part of the universe itselfb. an integrated wholec. a machine with partsd. consciousnesse. basic physical material

    Question44Marks: 1

    When we ask the Zen Master “how do you know so much?”, the Master says “I ___________.”

    Choose one answer.

    a. trust my intuitionb. have great wisdomc. close my eyesd. open my eyese. am nothing and everything simultaneously

    Question45Marks: 1

    The distinction of  life and death is not within the purview of _________ and cannot be done within _________, but what we can do with the quantum worldview is to bring consciousness into the affair and recognize that it is the embodiment of consciousness that distinguishes between life and death. (select all that apply)

    Choose at least one answer.

    a. quantum physicsb. Newtonian physicsc. spiritualismd. molecular biologye. scientific materialism

    Question46Marks: 1

    Whole medical systems take a holistic ontological position towards the nature of reality. This means that they conceptualize, in addition to material elements and forces, the existence of nonmaterial forces working in nature and man, which also play a role in health and disease. Some examples of these nonmaterial forces include: (select all that apply)

    Choose at least one answer.

    a. Chiab. Arwahc. Jahd. Qie. Prana

    Question47Marks: 1

    Which of these are fundamental principles of the mind-brain? (select all that apply)

    Choose at least one answer.

    a. Emotionsb. Reactionsc. Instinctsd. Behaviore. Perception

    Question48Marks: 1

    Using the concept of non-locality and the fact that the human body is composed of energy fields and potentials, it follows that these fields can interact with other fields of ___________ both around the body and in the universe.

    Choose one answer.

    a. quantum potentialb. energy waveformsc. bioenergetic magnetismd. quantum entanglement

    Question49Marks: 1

    Darwin’s theory just doesn’t cut it because it does not have ________________ in it. We have to develop a ________________ -based theory of evolution and we have to look at evolution as the evolution of the embodiment of ________________.

    Choose one answer.

    a. synchronicityb. spiritualityc. consciousnessd. logice. value

    Question50Marks: 1

    The definitions of quantum concepts can be applied not only at the level of ___________, ___________ and ___________ when the energy differences between alternative possibilities are very small, but also on larger scales. (select all that apply)

    Choose at least one answer.

    a. sub-atomic particlesb. moleculesc. atomsd. planck lengthe. neutrons

    IM-701 – Theoretical Principles of Integrative Medicine
    (formerly New Quantum Context for Medicine)
    Dr. Paul Drouin, Dr. Amit Goswami
    LESSON 1:
    IMED600 – 1.1 Part 1 – (Dr. Paul Drouin)
    Welcome to Theoretical Principles of Integrative Medicine, IMED600 (IM-701). I will be doing the
    first module of this program, and then Dr. Amit Goswami will explore more in-depth what we call
    the theoretical principles or the new concepts of medicine. It’s very important, sometimes we
    don’t realize that behind the whole healthcare, there is a landmark, what I call a footprint that
    some Westerners associate with the scientific model that we are adopting and also, as I see it,
    with a philosophical or a metaphysical approach. And it’s like an environment in that we are
    used to it, and we just take it for granted and buy into everything that is said. But sometimes we
    have to revise and refresh our perspective and lay out a new foundation. You will see how
    important it is and this lesson is true. What I’d also like to tie together is what these theoretical
    principles are that come again and again, that is the brain of what integrative medicine and
    quantum integrative medicine is.
    So there is a movement now in medicine coming from all angles, and one of the key books
    would be this ​Integrative Medicine​ textbook that we will refer to that already with hundreds of
    doctors redefining the medical approach, where the focus is re-centered on the client. So there
    is a new dynamic now that is being proposed. Why? Because healthcare is in crisis and, as I
    repeat so many times, the way to solve the problem is not necessarily to address the economic
    issues, but to address fundamentally the way we practice healing and whether healing is
    actually practiced anymore. So, these questions are fundamental, and these landmarks, these
    theoretical principles will be repeated again and again in the curriculum of this university. But
    they are the repair that helps us to understand this total makeover of medicine. There is actually
    like a re-makeover of medicine, and to understand what’s going on, you need these kinds of
    landmarks, and this is what we’ll explain in the next hour or two.
    A shift in medicine is happening that we call integrative medicine, and to understand the shift we
    need this description here. So the doctor of tomorrow, in the next decade, or in probably 20 or
    30 years, will be approaching health with more depth in understanding, compared to the
    conventional medicine and, as we’ve said so many times, that is referring to a materialistic
    model, or reductionist model, based on this Cartesian model of the duality of mind and body.
    And there will be a time when we reflect on what is going on now. We’ll understand that in 10
    years or in 20 years. we will be a century ahead in how we are approaching health.
    The same thing in the history now. When we look at how we were dealing with mental health
    and how we were dealing with infectious disease and other situations, what kinds of approaches
    were used 100 years or 200 years ago. Those looked very primitive compared to what we are
    doing today. So the same thing will happen in the next decade. I’d like to see this doctor in
    integrative medicine, The Doctor is In. Remember the doctor in Star Trek, this doctor, but now
    you see in his hand is smartphone technology. And we will also explain how looking at the
    individual and monitoring their health, instead of monitoring disease, with another technology
    that is also available for the client, will be part of this shift to this new integrative medicine.
    The old doctor, and also part of this swing, because when I practiced medicine 30, 40 years ago
    as a clinician, a family doctor, emergency doctor, I was working also in Northern Canada with
    the Indian and Inuit. So I probably have a good idea about medicine, and the way I was relating
    with the client is totally revised with these new theoretical principles.
    So, the whole syllabus of this course… we will cover all these subjects. The course will be
    divided into eight modules, and I’m teaching the first one. Of course, Dr. Goswami will go more
    in-depth in the science of quantum physics relating to the art of healing. First we will speak
    about these theoretical principles of integrative medicine. We will also touch on the physical
    biology in the other modules, consciousness and quantum physics, a conceptual basis of a
    philosophy of integrative medicine, basics for integrative adult body medicine and body type,
    mind-body medicine, and Quantum Worldview. That will be the last module in Quantum
    Integrative Medicine. So let’s go on doing this introduction. So in the next hour or two, we will
    touch these subjects.
    First, the reform of healthcare at its base. And this is one of my favorite subjects because,
    again, it’s like it’s addressing what is taught in the university, how we train doctors in medicine
    and in natural medicine. What is the “scientific model” that we refer to? What is the philosophy
    that is associated with it? We already have touched on this in another class. And what is now,
    from this philosophy, the scientific model that goes along, and not only that, what are the
    repairs? And this is what I call the footprint of this medicine and the footprint of this new
    integrative medicine. So we will compare these two models to really show what are the
    boundaries here and where, in what terrain we are adventuring ourselves and what we were
    Re-centering the healing relationship on the client – this is one of the major themes in integrative
    medicine today because we have gone in the past through a model of relation where all the
    expectation is on the doctor. It’s like the doctor owns and masters the knowledge of what should
    be and is where the secrets of healing or restoring health reside. But at the end of the day, this
    means pharmaceuticals and surgery, and some of them are very limited, if we think in terms of
    chronic disease, psychosomatic disease, aging and prevention, and so on.
    Signature of Quantum Physics. We will see on what we draw. This is part of this footprint, what
    are the principles that will directly apply to medicine? And these are important landmarks. So it’s
    like we are changing our frame of reference, and we will speak about this. This is very
    important. As a medical doctor, when I was practicing and said I have this, I had my point of
    reference. I was trained with a framework of understanding. When the client walked in, I had a
    ritual. This was according to this philosophy of medicine, to this model of science where I tried
    to establish a diagnosis based on the observation of parameters specific to illness, labs and
    tests, and at the end of the day, I’d end up with a diagnosis which is to give the client a
    prognosis that most of the time was not necessarily positive.
    So in other words, I was framing this way of looking at the individual from a specific point of
    view, and as it goes, the, I want to say the journey, but this path is heading toward, maybe some
    research has been done, 100s, not even 100s of diagnostics, and at the end of the day maybe
    the doctor has to choose between 20 medications. So we think that medicine is complex, but it’s
    like, first of all, a reductionist approach. If the family doctor can not resolve [the issue], then he’s
    sent to specialists, but at the end of the day, this funnel to diagnose. And then through an
    understanding of medicine that is most of the time associated with the model of biology and
    evolution that goes with it. In other words, the survival of the fittest. The one who is the
    strongest, has the best genes, will survive either the surgery or the spectrum of medications that
    you may use.
    So you understand this is, and then after years, of course, this becomes, reflects these what I
    call theoretical principles, connects these, written on the walls, and everybody is just taking for
    granted this way of doing things. And now, because why do we have a reflection? We have a
    reflection because we are heading to a health crisis. It’s like the crux, as I see, to this way of
    thinking, of this model of science, of this approach to health that is unaffordable. So now we are
    shifting towards what we call integrative medicine, and an integrative medicine imprinted with
    the understanding of quantum physics.
    So the other chapters will be speaking about the linear to the multidimensional. We will speak
    also about broadening our understanding of anatomy from a physical model to the subtle
    energetic model. We will also speak about the fact that how to evaluate the client differently,
    now more in terms of positive health, parameters of health, and also we will, at the end,
    compare these different components of this integrative medicine that I call pro-consciousness
    medicine and what are the expectations for the future? So, we have a lot to see in this next
    And this is preparation because this first intro, the intention is to create a bridge with the
    concepts of quantum physics that will be explained in the next seven other modules. Dr.
    Goswami will go more in-depth, but in some way, it’s my responsibility to give you the link with
    the practice of medicine, or natural medicine, or coaching, and so on. So it’s on me to bring
    these ideas, because someone can say, what does quantum physics have to do in this picture,
    how this will change, and how this will apply, and concretely, how this is impacting the terrain,
    So, because I have this expertise in integrative medicine – I practiced as a family doctor for
    many years and I was also board-certified in natural medicine and licensed in acupuncture and
    homeopathy – I was already having this kind of a global, holistic approach to the client. So it
    gives me this understanding and expertise to bring all these theoretical principles to this picture
    and lend them to the ground of the practice.
    So, in my book, ​Creative Integrative Medicine, I​ explain that there is a cost associated with an
    incomplete medical education. And most of the time, we don’t even think about it. We don’t even
    realize what the consequences are of taking for granted the way that we are doing now for the
    last 50 years or the last 100 years and then don’t think there are other ways to address health
    and prevention in this healthcare. So there is an enormous cost to have a system designed, and
    I’m repeating myself again, on disease. We wake up now and realize that this healthcare is
    based on the management of disease, not on the management of health. But how to change
    that, it’s very difficult. It’s very easy to say, oh, let’s do more prevention, let’s change to the other
    side. But how can you do it when the roots of this medicine are based on disease?
    And just let me give you a result. The way to participate in prevention in this kind of environment
    is like prevention becomes another set of pills, a medication that you take on the cover of the
    other one to prevent another condition, another risk factor. In other words, it’s like sometimes,
    many times we see this on TV. It’s like if you don’t want to have this problem, it’s this
    complication now, you have to take this other medication that has also this side effect, and then
    to avoid down the road the other medication, so it’s another one. It’s a prevention based on
    dealing and treating disease, and treating it is not healing.
    So, we need this reflection now in this course before we head into practicing integrative and
    holistic medicine. Why? Because if we don’t change our frame, our understanding, we will just
    use an amalgam of natural medicine and natural products the same way we are using
    medications. So that will not change the equation. Medical healthcare needs first to be reformed
    at its base… Can we look at this slide now? … as the real cost of healing is directly associated
    with how healing is practiced in this society. What I mean by this base is how doctors and
    healthcare practitioners are initially trained and educated regarding the art of healing.
    So this summary, in this book, ​Creative Integrative Medicine​ that is in press now, we are
    re-editing the book, and then so, of course, I invite you to… maybe you already have received it
    when you signed up in the program to look at this preliminary book where I say and I lay out
    how the university was done and what is the mission and where all this go and also this vision of
    health care that we will also speak during this class.
    So from philosophy to science to theoretical principles – we already have seen, and maybe not
    all of you have been exposed to this class, we had a course on the philosophy of integrative
    medicine. And then we also had a course on holistic health. Now it’s like we go from the
    philosophy originally was this kind of reflection on the human being and try to grasp the
    complexity of human reality. And then we have this book about originally Plato and Socrates,
    especially Plato with the Allegory of the Cave. Allegory has a sense of what was, as a
    premonition of quantum physics and Socrates lay out and addressed this oath where we should
    be very natural in our approach, not have used any poison and so on, and great respect for life.
    But Aristotle already understood the connection between mind and body and he was saying,
    poetry is probably superior to science because poetry has intuition. But down the road, after
    centuries, Descartes came along and spoke about starting everything from scratch. And this is
    where we get this schism between the mind and the body. So Descartes realized that there is
    no possibility that these both can move along, and he created a dichotomous system where
    mind and body are training apart. And as it goes, Locke and Hume introduced what we call
    today Reductionist thinking where it’s like when you look at a watch, you put everything and all
    the parts in trying to understand that this would be a way to see how the whole mechanism
    works. And then Flexner developed this even further with the technology and the model of
    research and science and clinic.
    So now we are in the twentieth century and ended up with this model of conventional medicine
    based originally on the type, on the philosophy that does not reconcile the mind and body. And
    then the model of science that we have addresses only what is matter and can not actually
    understand how the mind and body work together. So at the end of the last century came along
    quantum physics. Of course quantum physics was at the beginning of the twentieth century, but
    quantum physics. Let’s come back to the studio now. The application of quantum physics, first,
    the best we could make of it is the atomic bomb right? But now at the end of the twentieth
    century, scientists and biologists and I would say the best minds of our times,started to shape
    the foundation of medicine. Doctor Bruce Lipton with the new biology challenge, the model of
    evolution with epigenetics. Neuroscience also has, through neurofeedback, new discoveries
    about how the brain works and how we can map different states, altered states of
    consciousness. We have other very impressive contributors like Dr. Joe Dispenza, who explores
    the phenomenon of how to change a habit and also creates these altered states of
    consciousness and documents them in the laboratory of his weekend of trainings, so, and on
    and on. So we will speak about this, and then Doctor Goswami absolutely and others that
    present principles of quantum physics that can apply to healing.
    So now, at the beginning of this twenty-first century, we gather together a new ground to set
    down this integrative medicine which is more scientific. Not saying that all the research is done,
    but they are in progress. We also have research now that is backing up what these scientists
    are speaking of, with the research with biophotons and others. So you know, this, it’s getting
    along together now, and this is what we speak during this next hour. What are the footprints,
    what are another new repair, the new boundaries that we will walk and recognize, walk and
    recognize this new way of healing. And this is what we call the theoretical principles. So they
    don’t come from nowhere. And we have, we compare also the one that medicine has its own
    repair and because we assume that they are scientific, but actually it’s questionable because
    the model of science on which they are based is not an updated model of science. It’s still based
    on what Descartes was speaking about. And then Newton, when he laid out his own model of
    physics, he didn’t realize that this will be also implemented in medicine, in healing.
    So we still already think to understand a human being on the reductionist model of science
    relating to Newtonian physics. So when we, now at the beginning of this century, we have
    quantum physics that is implemented in all fields, especially communication and iPhones and so
    on. So why is medicine still waiting? What medicine is still waiting to implement these new
    concepts that we will speak about? So from reductionist, now we will evolve to a model that we
    call a multidimensional model of medicine. And we will explain that in the next hour.
    In every philosophy, in every philosophy, scientific models have specific footprints. This is the
    way I translate what I call theoretical principles. They are footprints. They have repairs and then,
    because I’m in this path now for 40 years, my peers will say, oh, what you’re doing is
    non-scientific. What you’re teaching is not scientific. Then, what is this modality of healing that
    comes from old, ancient healing like acupuncture or homeopathy and natural medicine and so
    on? This is based on principles like vital force and prana and chi, this is non-scientific. So in
    other words, now we are changing the bond, we are expanding the boundaries of science
    because through quantum physics we start to understand how it works, what is vital force and
    chi and prana. We start to understand non-locality. We go beyond the barrier of physical
    understanding. We expand the anatomy to the subtle energy. We are expanding, also, the way
    to evaluate not in terms of disease but in terms of potentiality.
    So these are all the new theoretical principles, the new footprints of this integrative medicine of
    the next century. So let’s do this comparison, I’m going from also this textbook, ​Integrative
    Medicine,​ where you will find the references. So we have the old rules and the new rules. So the
    old rules are conventional medicine. And there is no judgment here because everything is an
    evolution. But we have to recognize that now it’s shifting. And conventional medicine is where
    the care is based primarily on visits. It’s like the more you see the doctor, the more acts are
    done because the system is disease oriented so you should get healthier.
    But it’s totally the opposite that happens, even if you have increased the cost. And we will see
    this in another class, the economics of healthcare have quadrupled in the last… So it’s not, and
    no the population is not necessarily healthier for that. Professional autonomy drives variability.
    So everything is like more, the balance is more on the side of the doctor, the one who gives the
    care and the knowledge, information, professional control, the care, information is in a record.
    So everything is empowering the healer, but that creates an imbalance in the relationship where
    the healee, the client, is expecting everything from this, from the doctor. So there is less
    responsibility, less knowledge on the side of the client. The relation is more, the balance is on
    the side of the practitioner. Decision-making is based on training and experience.
    Do not harm is an individual responsibility. So I don’t want to touch this because it’s such a
    sensitive subject, but “do not harm,” which was one of the principles of the oath of Hippocrates.
    I’m not saying intentionally we want to harm, but we create, actually, a system that some
    statistics have classified as the third cause of death after cancers and cardiovascular. Iatrogenic
    disease that medicine creates because of medical error or rounding mistakes or side effects of
    medication, so this is serious. I did a blog on this and also short clips. So we shall have a
    reflection absolutely. It’s like even if we have all these in our arsenal but if we have also side
    effects, as I said, with it. and of course mismanagement. And then secrecy is necessary, of
    course, confidentiality. The system reacts to needs, cost reduction is sought. Preference is
    given to a professional role rather than the system, so you go now toward the new rule.
    Care is based on continuous healing relationships. These relationships are re-centered around
    the client. And the quality of this relation is associated with the outcome of the care. And this is
    very important in what we call quantum integrative medicine, because we understand at another
    level how the client and healer and practitioner are bound together, are entangled together. We
    will speak about this later on. Care is customized according to the patient needs. In this world of
    integrative quantum medicine, every client is different and of course, even if we have protocols,
    they are more individualized compared to the other side where it’s more like protocols are the
    same for everybody. It’s kind of the same recipe and the protocols are most often determined by
    the specialist. And here, if you don’t follow this protocol, you can be judged for misconduct or
    there is lack of empathy there. Knowledge is shared and information flows freely. The client now
    is empowered by the information.
    We will see that this is very important. So in other words, the client is more empowered because
    he can gather more information, there is more exchange with the practitioner and not only that,
    the information through the digital technology that we will speak later on will flow more through
    the client. So important because it can’t, it’s impossible to have empowerment of the client if
    there is no feedback of information. And this is what is happening now with neuro-biofeedback
    to digital technology. Decision making is based on evidence, safety is a system priority,
    transparency is necessary.
    So this kind of secretive aspect that conventional medicine has now is like an open book in the
    new integrative medicine. Needs are anticipated, waste is continuously decreased. So we try to
    go to a system where there’s more responsibility, where you empower the client. We also open
    the possibility of healing to an infinite source now. Because previously, everything is limited to
    what we call scientific, pharmaceuticals and surgery. Here with quantum physics we open the
    access to other modalities of healing that are based on other ancient systems of healing of
    science. So this has broadened the basket of possibilities of healing. Waste is continually
    decreased. Cooperation among clinicians is a priority. So you can see now, let’s come back to
    the, so you can already see how we are, where we are evolving. But to go there, of course
    doctors need to be trained differently. You know, the scientific model that they are referring to,
    or the philosophy of healing that they are relating with is creating an environment with
    boundaries and repairs that are different from conventional medicine.
    This is very important, and then from, this is why that class, it’s very important, it’s why we take
    so much. Sometimes students ask me for protocol, all the time. But before you get to the
    protocols, and protocols are very easy to gather, by the way, you can have a textbook, a
    handbook of how to use a homeopathic or acupuncture protocol, but this is not what matters
    now. It matters to reframe the global approach to healing on a different basis, and doing so, the
    view of this different modality, understanding the whole model will flow by itself because we will
    have like a grid. We will have like a frame with this footprint where we can progress with the
    So again, one of the key points in this integrative medicine is to recenter the relationship with
    the client. So let’s have a focus now on this next slide. Re-centering the healing relationship on
    the client. So I can not insist too much, and again, this graph is taken from the Integrative
    Medicine book, to refocus the healing strategy on the client patient relationship, the foundation
    of medicine may be revised. So let’s look a little bit closely at this graphic now. At the center you
    have the client, and then around you have all these dimensions.
    Of course, we are not eliminating surgery and pharmaceuticals from, of course, other modalities
    that are also implements of integrative medicine: nutrition, natural medicine, botanic herbs,
    energy, mind-body connection, prevention. So we have a broader platform. And let me explain
    that, this is very important because as… When I practiced medicine for years, and you have
    sometimes people going to natural medicine and become the antagonist and then they preach
    only for one choir. No, for me, it’s like you integrate the best of everything in a larger
    understanding of reality.
    So this is how it works. It’s like the one doesn’t cancel the other. It’s like now you have a grid, a
    way to look at the client in terms of potentiality, in terms of bio-terrain. And of course the client
    could be at a different stage when we see him. You can meet a terminal client and you can
    meet someone that just is showing alarm symptoms, as we explained in another class. This is
    like a process. You can have someone that is in the adaptation phase, someone that is
    functional, where diagnostics are not already done but the client is not going well, and you can
    have a fraction of people that have a diagnosis. So looking at the whole multidimensional
    approach, then you will select what is the best to rebuild this individual, not just addressing the
    symptoms. But at the same time, if this client is very advanced in the process, well, of course
    you may have to use surgery or you may have to use pharmaceutics. So this is not eliminated
    by itself.
    So when I was in my practice in Canada, originally of course I was a family doctor coming from
    the school, and the therapies were 100% medical. But as I evolved as an integrative medicine
    doctor, and dealing with all kinds of conditions, progressively I learned and integrated other
    modalities of healing and at the end of the day 90% was holistic and 10% was medical. And
    then I had probably pretty good results because I had 10,005 patients in this practice. So people
    were coming from everywhere because they didn’t have an answer with their regular
    conventional medicine, and I could add other modalities of healing.
    Since the problem was not resolved. I could approach the terrain that I was, this is what I would
    call the bio-terrain physical. And then when you look at this new energetic anatomy, everything
    that could be more vital or more mental. And so I have all kinds of ways to restore health. Either
    readjust the vital body or either give other, propose a new meeting that the people were going
    to. So we will come at this later on. But it’s like now you have a bigger picture. You have a
    different footprint that you will walk with your client. Not everything is necessarily on your
    shoulders. This is an open relationship where you try to empower the client as much as
    possible. And today we have even more tools to empower the client.
    So one thing here is also important. This integrative medicine textbook referred to the mindful
    clinician. I was very excited when I read this chapter. A mindful clinician is a clinician that
    practices meditation. And mindful meditation is about this experience of being in the now, being
    in that space of where you are centered and at peace. Most of the time this reflects when you
    are in the alpha mode. So a mindful clinician would be better equipped to meet patients where
    they are by recognizing their true needs and being aware and present in the moment. This is the
    experience of mindfulness meditation. We can be more successful in helping others if we are
    able to recognize our own beliefs and then do our best also.
    This is text from this textbook: “To see the world through the lens of our patient from his life
    perspective.” So I’ll go a little bit below. “In the state of Being, the observer becomes aware of
    himself and does not dissociate himself from the person he’s observing. The result is Right
    Thinking.” So I extend this now to the experience, a deeper experience of meditation that
    reflects a state where you feel connected with everything and you are in entanglement with your
    client. We will speak about this, being able to understand the relativity of everything,
    nonjudgmental and compassionate. We have in the program a class where we teach
    pro-consciousness meditation where we blend together all of these techniques that help to
    experience altered states of consciousness like mantra and breathing. And here we also see the
    use of crystals. But you know everybody uses a technique that is comfortable.
    But let me comment on this now. This is really revolutionary now. So that we have in an
    integrative textbook the expression that no, the doctor may do meditation. Can you believe that?
    To be able to understand this kind of a new balance between the client and the practitioner? It’s
    like if you are more present, you are more invested in this state of mindfulness. Of course you
    will be more able to implement this. You come from a point of view or an experience where you
    refresh your relation with the client. So this is for me very, it’s revolutionary. Because we start
    from a point of view. This is what’s on one of the landmarks of medicine. When I went medicine I
    was taught to be this distant objective doctor.
    So don’t get involved in the subjectivity and the drama of this relation, doctor client. Be
    observing your parameters in your lab and so on. And then just try to separate yourself. But with
    quantum physics, now we realize that nothing of this is possible because you cannot dissociate
    the observer from the object. And then as it goes, we realize that as when you walk in your
    office, and before you see the client, your baggage, your own limitations that you have
    accordingly to healing will be imposed on the client. And we have some research now to prove
    that the first question and the first way we relate is already affecting the outcome of the
    relationship. So there is a responsibility on the healer to know when you start to be aware of
    that. And this is what is touched in this chapter now. It’s like oh now the doctor will be doing
    mindfulness meditation to be in this mode that is more neutral, that when he is present that this
    connection, this entanglement with the client is easier. So this is fascinating, and this will be also
    another footprint if we look at this theoretical principle.
    This is the state you will be in when you get in the healing relationship. Previously it was the
    common dynamic out there to say hey, it’s nothing to do. You don’t have anything to do with the
    outcome of their healing. The whole burden was put on the pharmaceutic recipes or the surgery,
    no, the environment that is already created in this dynamic relationship where not all the
    responsibility is on the healer. But this kind of balance is already important as a theoretical
    principle in the new context of integrative medicine. And it’s exciting that it’s not just, and of
    course I was aware of this for many years. But now there is a community of doctors thinking this
    So relationship-centered care. Let’s look at this graphic now that comes from HeartMath where
    you have these two individuals and we realize that everyone has an energy field, and again not
    centered on the client, an understanding of the patient’s culture and beliefs to help facilitate the
    healing process. This is what we said. Sees compassion as always helpful, even when other
    therapies are not. Quantum physics reveals principles of nonlocality, entanglement. So I should
    underline that because these are theoretical principles, the nonlocality.
    In other words we are entangled with our client nonlocally, meaning that is beyond matter. Is
    beyond the boundary of what you see, is unseen, and there the communications are instant.
    Interconnectivity has changed the equation of their healing encounter. This is the wording we
    use in the textbook: healing encounter. So yeah, it’s great technology in the last century. But in
    some ways poor understanding of this, on the quality and the subtlety of the relation between
    the healer and the healee.
    Okay let’s before we go then now let’s come back to the studio. Okay so during this hour,
    because Dr. Goswami will go deeper and deeper again, I will try to bridge this with how
    important it is. And one of his contributions is to have said as a quantum physicist, what will be
    the pearl? What will be the gift, what will be the signature of quantum physics that can be
    implemented in the art of healing? And nonlocality is one of them. And the other one, entangled
    hierarchy. He is also the first to be able to understand the entanglement, but more than that the
    tangled hierarchy is that we are supposed to understand the connection, mind and body. How
    mind and body could be a possibility of consciousness, how they intertwine together. Without
    tangled hierarchy this was not possible. And framing consciousness as the ground of everything
    where everything is a possibility of, and then how mind and body intertwines with tangled
    hierarchy, this is another landmark. This is another footprint of this integrative medicine,
    quantum integrative medicine. And then the discontinuous leap. This is you will see, and Dr.
    Goswami will go very in detail how creativity can happen in healing and spontaneous healing
    can happen. And how this leap of awareness through a process of creativity that Dr. Goswami
    described in four steps.
    So you will have a class exploring that. But you can understand that these four signatures are
    fundamental. There is the signature of quantum physics, the gift of quantum physics probably in
    the panorama, the theoretical principle that is probably the most important. Then we will see
    after what we call the downward causational model. This is another contribution of Dr. Goswami.
    So I don’t want to spend too long on this because Dr. Goswami will go into detail. But I was
    already reading quantum physics 30 years ago and when as a teenager you had this. But the
    question is yeah, if you read this and what? You read the different experiments of Einstein and
    the curve of the space and the play of time and speed and so on. And you know it’s fascinating
    but what exactly concretely with this will change our behavior, medical behavior, healing
    Why will this make a difference? This is what we are in the time now that we start to understand
    how to implement these, how the micro world behaves because quantum physics is about going
    in the subatomic, to the healing process. Why, because biology before quantum physics didn’t
    have any way to embody life in the biology. It’s like the radiation is smarter, it’s like you piece
    everything together but where is the purpose? Where is the zest of life? And adding
    consciousness to the equation is like now the embodiment of consciousness becoming the
    breath that puts everything to life. So this is again another footprint of quantum physics.
    But let’s see now, let’s lay out some others that as you go you will be more familiar. Again and
    again through the curriculum. So the blueprint of human reality, linear to multidimensional, we
    already had spoken about, but now we will be more in depth explaining the downward
    causational model and acknowledgment of Holistic Anatomy. Dr. Goswami will explain to you
    the five bodies of life: the physical, vital, mental, supramental, and bliss, how important it is for
    us. This is what I translated and what I call Holistic Anatomy, because we need…the medical
    doctor was studying the landmark of measures of the brain of medicine as human anatomy. But
    leaving apart the 99% of reality which is nonlocal, which is vital energy, which is mental and so
    on. This is what we have called Holistic Anatomy.
    The Quantum Model for understanding the movement of Subtle Energy in relation with the
    Morphogenetic Field, this is another footprint that is very important because it’s, to understand,
    to have a key for the psychosomatic disease and chronic disease we need to have this weight
    on understand how energy flows, how between these different layers. This is what I call event
    formation which are the five bodies of life. The client is understood through Health Parameters
    rather than disease. So we are now walking toward the medicine of positive health, of
    integration, of growth where we are not just seeking for disease but what would be the
    information to nurture, to increase vitality, to increase a healthier mental state and increase
    higher quality of emotions and so on.
    So this is what we were, what we look in this new environment of integrative medicine.
    Assessment in terms of potentiality rather than fatality. These are so important, this footprint
    now. You have to get familiar. They have to be imprinted on the new environment of healing,
    and this is where we are heading. Nonlocality and quantum measurement, entanglement of the
    healer-healee. We talked about it. The concept of disease is replaced by self-awareness and
    actualization. This is positive health, we will comment on that. Quantum creativity is involved in
    the process of reversing disease. So it’s another signature of creativity and healing that was not
    possible with the reductionist model.
    So how do we explain spontaneous healing? How we explain that some client was supposed to
    die and some day out of the blue because they have a greater awareness they were healed. So
    this is now creativity that is rolling embedded in the art of healing. Dr. Goswami will go very
    deep in that. So this is very important as a practitioner, as a doctor, will you not be interested to
    know the role, the principles that may make the spontaneous healing happen? Will you not be
    interested in that? And this will be part of this conversation in the next class with Dr. Goswami.
    So linear to multidimensional, if the first time you hear about that, maybe you have to wrap your
    mind around this idea, so what is it about? We refer to the fact that in conventional medicine we
    have an upward model, causation is upward. meaning that if you start to study pure medicine,
    the first two years and a half or two years is what, studying chemistry and studying molecular
    biology and atoms and elementary particles? And then as you go, first anatomy, the organs.
    And then you will throw in the neuro-physiology with the brain, and then what? Here’s everything
    you have to study, and now you start to understand how the mind works. Is it the byproduct of
    the brain? Is it something that’s juice or something?
    This is why Descartes just gave up and said you know, let’s take the mind to another class now.
    Let’s separate this to understand how it works. But then how to connect both together? How to
    understand this connection of mind and body? So there is no way with the reductionist model,
    looking just at how matter is organized from the more atomic level and elementary particles. And
    on a cellular ;eve; and organs and so on. You can’t understand what is immaterial, you know?
    You cannot combine the macro and get an outcome of what is the mind itself.
    So this is where with quantum physics, Dr. Goswami came along with this idea of the downward
    causational model. This is where Dr. Goswami has expressed consciousness and gone through
    everything. But consciousness is in quantum physics what they call a subtle field of information.
    An infinite boundless possibility. And then from there you merge different possibilities and then
    from there the brain is a possibility of this field, and cellular and molecules, and now instead of
    going upward, you go downward. And at the same time you realize that doing so, you reverse
    your whole environment that is not anymore the same now. It’s like you’re looking not just at the
    matter but you start from the subtle and refining to what is physical. So you have now an entirely
    new experience of what is reality where the consciousness becomes the ground of it. It’s like
    years ago when Galileo came along and Copernicus was saying that the Earth is not the center
    of the universe. So now you had to shift the whole thing around the sun, and then later on, of
    course, we went to a galaxy and so on, but then just doing the first shift was very shocking for
    everybody around.
    So medicine has to go through the same shift where you look at the physical reality, at the
    reductionist model, and you say here, this is the only thing. This is science, this is science
    based, and here you process healing from all that scope here. Now you get in the space where
    you turn everything around, where consciousness becomes the ground of everything. And then
    in doing so, now you add an understanding of this subtle energy where the other system of
    healing becomes also justified.
    So you were the outsider partner in the field of healing. And if you can understand that it’s not
    necessarily welcome, this is why holding to the old view has also some benefits. And this is why
    everything takes so long before it shifts around. So we prefer it to hold on to something that is
    inefficient, but other words many change this that also have financial benefits. So this is a very
    big hurdle, but thankfully we don’t have the choice now. Why we don’t have the choice is
    because we cannot afford this anymore.
    Okay let’s go, we don’t want to go on this side. So this is what is a multidimensional model of
    healing. Now we look at the individual not only physically, but with all these different bodies of
    life that Dr. Goswami will explain what is the bliss, the supramental, the mental, and the vital. So
    you can address these imbalances with these different levels with different approaches. With
    the vital body, you have approaches like homeopathy and acupuncture and Ayurvedic medicine.
    And with the mental you have approaches with hypnotherapy, meditation, and so on. And then
    the supramental, we will explore this later on but this has to do with archetypes of how your
    qualities and roles that organize function. And then the bliss is as I said what in another lecture
    we were speaking about this mystic having this deep altered state of consciousness.
    And today we realize that these very agreeable, pleasant neurotransmitters are also produced
    in these altered states of consciousness of ecstasy and so on. We will have another class to
    explore that. And especially Dispenza has gone pretty deep with brain mapping and having this,
    studying this altered state consciousness when individuals were experiencing these gamma
    waves. So we’ll speak about this another chapter. But from linear to multidimensional again,
    addressing these different layers of information. So here we have the same graph here. And
    then let’s make it the close up. This is what I was saying, for the physical, of course, we have
    herbology, pharmacology, surgery, and so on. And the vital you have all kinds of energetic
    products, PEMF here. We could also speak about yoga and Tai Chi and breathing and so on,
    it’s endless.
    So you understand now that we absolutely expand our possibility of healing. Mental, NLP to
    mention a few of them, Emotional Freedom Technique, hypnosis, meditation and so on.
    Supramental, integration of higher quality. Bliss, of course, altered states of consciousness with
    advanced meditation that I call pro-consciousness meditation. So in this new reality of
    integrative medicine, consciousness matters. This is another theory called the footprint. So let’s
    say a few words. I’d like to take a pause here at the hour and we’ll come back in a few minutes,
    thank you.
    IMED600 – 1.2 Part 2 – (Dr. Paul Drouin)
    – So another landmark or footprint of this integrative medicine is what we call the biofield or the
    new holistic anatomy. Without this, it would be very difficult to lay out the whole picture because
    you have to realize that quantum physics came along and started to say that what we see is
    probably .001%. So, for decades now, during the last century and more than that, one of the
    major pillars of medicine has been based on anatomy. So quantum physics is saying, yes,
    anatomy is important. Of course, we need to know the mechanics of the organs, but this is just a
    part of the reality. What would you think if you go to fix your car and the mechanic has just
    studied one part, has totally ignored the electronics of the car today, and then they try to solve
    the problem just from the mechanical point of view? So most of the problems, even the
    diagnosis at the beginning, would be impossible.
    So in other words, the same thing in medicine. How could we understand challenges like
    psychosomatic disease, chronic disease, aging, and many others that have a connection to the
    mind and body? So it seems impossible, and consequently, this is why we have most of the
    time what we call a symptomatic approach. Pharmaceuticals, for most of it, addresses only the
    symptoms and doesn’t necessarily recreate balance. Why? Because an important piece is
    missing. We have no clue about what is vital energy, we have no clue what the mental is, we
    have no clue how these compartments or these layers of information relate together. We don’t
    have a full picture, a full map of human reality, and this is for me what’s so important that it’s
    part of the program of the study of holistic anatomy that others call the biofield. You also have a
    chapter in this integrative medicine book about the biofield. So there is a lot of interest, and as it
    goes, research will pursue, too, at the moment, more information about this subtle anatomy.
    There is absolutely an interesting field now that addresses the biophotons, and that is very
    hopeful to solve the key of these different layers or bodies of information.
    And then one that I start with, and I explain this in another class too, is Sheldrake with the
    morphogenetic field. I will not be too long, but this is again, this is part of the footprint of this new
    reality. You walk in now, as I said, the gift, the multidimensional model, and you get in the
    biofield, and then most of the time you say, why, what is the ground for that? Sheldrake started
    to look at cellular differentiation and then started to put together a field of information, nonlocal,
    where these processes can go on. And then from there, Dr. Goswami built this body of life that
    we call the vital, the mental and the supramental, and the same through the study of sacred
    geometry applied to quantum physics. It’s another chapter that has given shape to this field
    looking like a torus field where energy flows in and out, and quantum physics substantiates that.
    It’s like we are a field of information, of possibility, of vibration, that pops in and out and at the
    macro level is almost impossible to see. But at the micro level, this collapse of possibility is more
    So here, in other words, this is a simplistic view. We understand the system doesn’t look like
    this. This is layers of information. This is nonlocal information, but this is just to give for the
    wording to this new reality. And what are these? So physical, we know about it. The vital, again,
    let’s have a closer look here. Vital body, organs, feelings, the archetypes read this under the
    supramental. There is an archetype, a body of law. The vital body addresses more the chakras,
    the vital energy, everything that has to do with natural vital force or prana and chi and, of
    course, the mental body has to do with thinking. And now having all these on a grid, we can
    understand how energy flows together.
    So you have the feeling and the vital; you have the realm of thought, the thinking, you have
    where thoughts are giving meaning to these feelings or these emotions. So feelings with
    meaning, this is an emotion. So you start to follow the flow here. So in other words, the physical,
    this is what I explained, physical is sensing. Feelings come from the vital body, especially the
    chakras which are the locus or expression of these feelings. And then as it flows in the mental,
    then this is where meanings are processed.
    So integrative medicine and consciousness and understanding of how thoughts, emotions,
    feelings move to subtle morphogenetic fields and manifest illness will allow for a practice of a
    real modern naturopathy, a modern medicine or integrative medicine. So let’s come back to the
    studio. This will be explained also in detail with Dr. Goswami who explains the movement of the
    vital body. And how having this awareness of this flow and then starting to understand where
    disease is created, because diseases are created when the wrong meaning is associated with a
    thought or feeling or an experience. So in the process of healing, the practitioner will be more
    aware of this connection, and then through creativity, new meanings will be now associated with
    experience and then new brain circuits.
    So we will go more in detail on this, but this is very important, this kind of understanding,
    because at the end of the day, psychosomatic and chronic diseases, most of them are
    associated with these wrong associations that have to be reframed, since the individual is
    caught most of the time in this drama because the play is going on inside this conditional reality
    where they have learned this, where they have experienced this. This is based on past
    experience, familiar experience, and then without going in this moment of creativity to reframe
    the new understanding to what Dr. Goswami speaks about situational or fundamental creativity.
    It’s impossible to add creativity to healing. So this is another footprint of medicine is the interplay
    of this different body of life and the possibility to access creativity in this understanding.
    So this will be all explained, and this is so important because in the reductionist model, you don’t
    have the possibility to inject creativity and spontaneity because most of them, when this
    happens, the doctor will say that was the wrong diagnostic, that was the wrong. Instead of being
    able to have the signs and understand what’s happening, there’s just negation and denial. But
    more and more this is happening now, the technician will say, I don’t know what you’re doing but
    keep doing what you are doing, and so what? But it’s important to understand that.
    We frame the individual not only inside their physical anatomy but also inside their subtle
    anatomy that we call the biofield or holistic anatomy, and having an understanding of these
    other realities which are the vital, the mental, the supramental, we try to create gaps between
    these layers of information and doing so, we allow the possibility of creativity to happen and
    manifest spontaneous healing. Spontaneous healing happens when the individual has bursts of
    awareness, new leaps, and has the possibility of looking at the situation from the self point of
    view. And Dr. Deepak Chopra has recommended this pretty well in healing, but Dr. Goswami
    pushes a little bit more the understanding.
    So another thing in this integrative medicine is how to evaluate the client. The integrative doctor
    would be the one who can evaluate the client, not only in terms of disease but also be able to
    find health parameters that can reharmonize the individual in terms of optimal health and full
    potentiality. So just translating the journey with the healer and the healee in terms of full
    potentiality and health, already we can expect a different outcome.
    But this was not necessarily the approach 300 years ago when Bishop was giving
    predominance to what we call the terrain, the bio-terrain. He was saying, what matters is not the
    germs, which was the point of view of Pasteur, but is the bio-terrain. If you change the
    environment, if you change the conditions, then you don’t necessarily have germs. But then, of
    course, with antibody therapy, the whole reductionist model gives a reason to Pasteur. But still
    in the background, we have this understanding that if you take care of the tree of the physical or
    vital bio-terrain, nurturing the vitality, trying to increase body vitality through all of this yoga and
    Tai chi and breathing, instead of just waiting to see what happens. then when the vitality
    decreases and you get out of balance, you try to fix everything from the physical. So instead of
    looking at the disease, you look at the whole picture where parameters will inform you how to
    improve the physical through nutrition and exercise and how to improve the vital body through
    some of the vital medicine or energy.
    So, how to improve the mental, giving to life the proper associations and meanings and
    improving the supramental by integrating what Confucius spoke about centuries ago regarding
    higher qualities and higher virtues. Not necessarily virtue in terms of sin but in terms of higher
    integration, a higher self. This is what Maslow spoke about, the actualization of the individual.
    So this is what integrative medicine will do. It’s not just looking, when the client walks in the
    office, and trying to find what’s wrong, but trying to find what I can tap into to bring that individual
    to his maximum potential.
    How the new healthcare will look in the next 20 years is beyond the reach of a linear model of
    thinking. So these theoretical principles, these new landmarks, these new footprints, you can
    understand now how important they are because if we don’t change this, it’s like Einstein was
    saying, you just do the same thing the same way and you expect other results, you expect other
    costs. It’s impossible. You have to absolutely reframe the approach differently in light of
    quantum physics.
    So that is great to look at how energy flows around the body and will also be used to understand
    how chakras, meridians, and different what we call the pillars of health, of the physical and the
    five elements. So this grade will be used to in some way track these positive feelings.. But you
    know, there is a new phenomenon now in integrative medicine. We speak about the fact that
    yes, the relation between the healer and the healee should be refocused, but it could be just
    words if there is no tool. And how we could completely empower the client is through
    information. So now, the last decade or 20 years has been okay. Yes, I go online, I read about
    the disease, this is okay, but this is more than what I am speaking.
    Feedback, the basic definition of feedback is giving back information to the individual. It’s a
    process of increasing awareness about how healthy you are. And we have a new phenomenon
    happening now through the smartphone and digital technology. We have ways to monitor
    hundreds of parameters about nutrition, heart variability, brain coherence, exercise, calorie
    counter, you can even count the quality of your sleep, and so on. And these technologies are in
    the hands of clients. So in other words, this is the most powerful tool to empower the client
    because they will feed back when we speak about this positive health that if you are at your
    optimum functioning. So if your variability is strained at optimum resonant frequency, now you
    know that through abdominal breathing, you can reduce the risk factor of cardiovascular
    You know that through meditation, if you have a higher brain coherence, you can probably
    address more conditions than you can ever think about, cardiovascular and depression and
    relationships and cancer and so on and on and on. So in other words, instead of sitting and
    waiting while your vitality decreases and you go through the path of the disease, the path
    through stress where vitality and the inner conflict and so on, now you are on another road with
    other health markers where the practitioner will be trained and be able to feed information back
    to you. So it’s not just words saying, hey, we will recenter the relationship on the client. We help
    him prevent disease by getting more information, providing more tools that can shape the
    lifestyle of the individual. because at the end of the day, it’s about the lifestyle, and lifestyle not
    only about food but also about breathing, about exercise, about sleeping, about thinking. A total
    holistic approach that is in the hands of the client in theme with the practitioner.
    So this is what we call today the optimal healing environment, which is coherent with a
    multidimensional model of healing. Recognizing the health parameters and physiological
    parameters and smartphone technology to coach a client toward optimal health, now we are not
    just theoretical here. We become practical. But before we become practical, we need to have
    this global vision with all these markers. So integrative healthcare management, that will be
    another subject of class but let’s have a focus here.
    So in other words, we just spoke about an evaluation with acknowledgement of health
    parameters and then also the integration of bio-neurofeedback to increase brain and heart
    plasticity, just to mention a few, and then an understanding also of the new biology in quantum
    physics. So I just said the word heres, new biology, but I should probably have developed
    another slide on this because another footprint of this new integrative medicine is to look at
    genes not as a determinant factor like fatalistic, but through the teaching of new biology with
    Bruce Lipton, with the concept of epigenetics, the theory of epigenetics. New biology reveals
    that you’re not determined by your genes, but you can create an environment, mental, physical,
    lifestyle and so on, that activates some genes and then you can create and be the master of
    your destiny. So you’re not anymore now in this alignment with the fatalistic diagnosis,
    prognosis, and a biology that determines the way you will end your life. So again, this is totally
    another repair and color in this environment of integrative medicine. So positive health, we add
    and add even more. So integrative quantum medicine, the quantum doctor healthcare, the
    transformation growth and integration of the higher qualities of the client.
    So this is very important. This concept of health has evolved so much since I was in practice
    from the World Health Organization saying, oh you’re healthy if you don’t have disease. For the
    idea of being healthy, we have added the notion of energetically, if you have more energy, but
    now we also add quantum medicine, integrative medicine, the idea of integration which is very
    important. So positive health is associated with integration, associated with some familiar
    concepts and with Maslow. In other words, of actualization, of growth of your personality, or
    integration of higher quality or being a better person in some way.
    So in other words, health is not just no pain. It’s being happier, more integrated in your
    relationships, in your health, in your environment, and you being less ego-centered and more
    centered on the higher Self. This is totally new. You didn’t see this, when I studied medicine with
    internal medicine textbooks. We never spoke about it, but now, with this new vision of
    integrative medicine, this is another very important piece or footprint or theoretical principle that
    is associated with this model. This is what we just said, more ego mode to Self mode.
    And then there is another last signature, the process of creativity that you will also be exposed
    to in the next chapter in the lesson with Dr. Amit. But let’s have a look now at the slide. So this is
    what I was saying. If you knew that spontaneous healing can be taught step-by-step, would you
    be interested? So hold on. In the next lesson, Dr. Goswami will go very deep in this idea of
    spontaneous healing and creativity. So to end the lesson, let’s review again the major
    theoretical principles that will lay out the ground for this new environment of integrative
    medicine, integrative quantum medicine, this new repair, what I call the footprint of this new
    Replace the concept of disease with self-awareness and positive actualization​. This is just
    what we were saying, resulting in integrative healthcare management that emphasizes optimum
    health instead of disease and fatality. This is absolutely typical, this is absolutely characteristic
    of this new integrative medicine that I call pro-consciousness medicine. Why? Because we add
    the embodiment of consciousness to this reductionist model that then becomes a
    multidimensional model, supported by the development and the availability of user-friendly
    digital technology. We didn’t see it coming, but that will change the equation, giving more
    information to the client. This will democratize healthcare and open the door to personal
    Again, this is what we mentioned:

    Creativity in the process of healing by empowering the individual to take a greater
    role in their healthcare.

    Multidimensional view of healing​ – again, new biology with Bruce Lipton that you are
    master of your genes and your destiny, you are master of your genetic destiny, not a

    Assessment using digital health parameters​, reflecting the movement of subtle
    energy in relation with the unified field of biology.

    Heart and brain plasticity

    Multidimensional coherence
    So you may have seen this slide before. But let’s come back to the studio. That was something
    from my book,​ Creative Integrative Medicine​. So in other words, I was saying that the tree of
    medicine has to be transplanted in a new soil. And the roots have to be deepened and
    intertwined, and then also bring back other modalities of healing. And this new land or ground in
    which the tree is transplanted, it’s the ground of quantum physics and consciousness absolutely.
    And doing so, the view of what’s come out will be taught in universities like it is now, and also in
    natural medicine schools, and already we have students graduating and implementing this
    modality of thinking and these theoretical principles in different fields. But I can see that also in
    healthcare where the interpreter could be like a coach, could be like a doctor that specializes in
    different modalities. It can be a master, it can be part of this interdisciplinary group implementing
    this new, because this is not there now in healthcare.
    I understand the doctor will not necessarily have the time to implement this, but he can work in a
    team that implements this type of intervention. The need is there. They are looking for these
    practitioners now because they know that something has to change, and you all will be this first
    generation of integrative medicine pro-consciousness medicine doctors or masters or coaches
    that will be revolutionizing healthcare.
    So again, these new landmarks, you can find them in the textbook of integrative medicine. We
    can review them, again, very briefly, and if we make a close up here, okay, so again, I repeat
    this. We have mentioned before the emphasis on relationship-centered care, understanding of
    the patient culture and beliefs to help facilitate healing, focused on the unique characteristics of
    the individual based on the interaction of mind, body. But this, you see, in some way, integrative
    quantum medicine makes this principle alive because it could be just reading this, it could be
    just theoretical. And I hope you can see with that class how this can concretely be applied.

    Regard the patient as an active partner.​ Again, you need tools to create that
    atmosphere and here the digital synergy will be there and understood in this context.

    Prevention, maintenance of health with attention to lifestyle.​ We will address this in
    another class, but lifestyles are changing and you need this science of changing
    behavior that we teach with Dr. Joe Dispenza to be able to be efficient in this art.

    Encourage the provider to explore their own balance of health​. So the grid that
    we’re offering to integrative quantum medicine can allow that.

    Require provider as educator, role model, and mentor in the patient.​ So we have
    seen how important now the responsibility of the healer to come in a neutral mode, in the
    now where you can interface with the client with a positive outcome.

    Use natural, less invasive interventions before costly, invasive​.

    So yes, but still, the way conventional medicine defines and regulates these
    interventions with an outdated model of science will not work. So we have to ​update the
    model of science to quantum physics to be able to implement these new

    Recognize that we are part of a larger ecosystem​ that requires more effort in
    sustaining its health so we can continue. Again, having this new notion of environment,
    the quantum environment of this body of life that I was speaking about also makes that

    Use an evidence-based approach from multiple sources of informatio​n. So already,
    with quantum physics, we have a lot of research and data with neuroscience, with brain
    mapping and so on, that can substantiate this approach.

    Search and remove barriers that may be blocking the body’s innate healing.​ Again,
    with the grid that we are offering to integrative quantum medicine, with the five pillars,
    the five elements, the chakra. We have a grid where we can read the bio-terrain that I
    was speaking about.

    Compassion as always helpful, even when other therapies are not​. Again,
    understanding that the ​entanglement between the healer and the healee​. And Dr.
    Goswami will speak about the differentiation between compassion and sympathy. You
    don’t want to be trapped also in the negative aspect of identifying with the pain of the

    Focus on the research and understanding of the process of health and healing.​ If
    you don’t have a grid that refers to the signature of quantum physics, it is very difficult to
    guide your research.

    Accept that health and healing are unique to the individual​ and may differ for two
    people with the same disease. Again, this is another brand of this medicine, that
    medicine is individual. It’s not the same answer for everybody but how can you
    differentiate now?
    Can you use a different protocol if you don’t have a grid of analysis with a multidimensional grid
    that helps to individualize the approach for every client? It works collaboratively with the patient
    and the team. So to make this happen, we need to train these new practitioners, these new
    coaches, these new doctor coaches, the way I like to say that has this type of understanding to
    change the equation of the interdisciplinary provider because the players now are totally in your
    end of what we are speaking about.
    The main thing, healing is always possible, even when curing is not. But there is the source of
    the problem through the understanding of connection, mind and body. Yes, we can heal. Agree
    that the job of the physician is to cure sometimes, heal often, support always. I don’t know if
    Hippocrates said that. He spoke about the armless, no arms, use of natural means, nutrition is
    important, but he was not living at the time where pharmaceutics were there and surgery and
    other means of medical interventions. So that will be another chapter, but absolutely
    Hippocrates can be implemented totally to his health with this new integrative quantum
    So let’s come back to the studio in conclusion. So you understand now. We took a lot of time to
    define the environment in which healing should happen, to define the new relationship, to define
    the new anatomy, to shift from a medicine of disease to a medicine of optimum health and
    creativity. These are the theoretical principles, these footprints that again and again you will be
    informed, and this should be becoming for you a second nature so that when you get in
    practice, you are at another level where spontaneous healing can happen.
    There is this opening because I don’t think at this time conventional medicine is using this
    knowledge best. It’s like you create an environment of optimal healing, creating an environment
    of optimal healing needs this quantum physics understanding of that environment. If you don’t
    have it, you just have a fraction of what’s going on.
    So thank you for these few hours and then please take your time. Do the lesson with Dr.
    Goswami. Listen to the lesson and also read the transcript and reflect with the questions and
    essay that you will have to write and as it goes, you will deepen your understanding. Thank you
    so much.
    LESSON 2:
    Video 01​ – (Dr. Goswami)
    Hi, this is Amit Goswami, and my topic today is Quantum Integrative Medicine, new avenues to
    it. We start the discussion with the philosophy of currently what is called modern medicine. We
    will call it allopathic medicine, oftentimes, although the term is no longer very popular with
    modern medicine practitioners. But the reason for this differentiation is simple. There are
    alternative forces of medicine, whether the mainstream of modern medicine practitioners like it
    or not.
    In this whole series, we’ll show that the philosophy of modern medicine is inadequate and
    therefore modern medicine itself is inadequate in the allopathic form. So you must extend the
    idea of modern medicine to include facets of the human being that we are ignoring, we are
    neglecting, and this is, of course, the subject of this whole series and the course. So let’s start
    with the worldview.
    Modern medicine is based on a worldview that was essentially laid out by Sir Isaac Newton in
    the 17th-18th century, and this worldview is about matter. Newton never thought that his
    worldview will be adapted to biological living things. To his credit, Darwin, on whose work
    modern biology is based, on which modern medicine is based, did not figure it either that his
    work will be taken to be the basis of dogma to limit the human being so much as we do today
    under ​scientific materialism.
    What is this idea? It says everything is matter and matter moves, bending space and time.
    Everything is because of material interactions, and it comes with the baggage that Newton knew
    very well, and therefore, Newton already admitted that this is mechanics for non-living objects.
    These ​l​imitations are: the object’s movements are determined movements, totally calculable.
    You know some initial conditions, you know the forces, you can figure out where two objects will
    be at every moment of time.
    Determinism​. Is human behavior determined? Of course, followers of scientific materialism
    make it a huge debate. Do we have free will or do we not? Thousands, maybe millions of
    articles have been written on it. But after all these years, they forget a simple fact: if human
    beings did not have the will to live or will to heal, the medical profession would be going nuts
    because their success in healing people would reduce enormously.
    The healing intention has an obvious role to play in human healing. So by taking the idea of
    determinism seriously and developing a science of determinism to determine what health
    professionals should do or not do in helping their clients-patients to heal is downright ludicrous.
    Doesn’t it sound like that? Determinism is not a healthy philosophy for human beings.
    Determinism is not a practical philosophy for healing.
    Take another one of the limitations of the Newtonian worldview. Look at it. Look at it. This
    principle is absolutely false. ​Locality​ is the idea that all communications are carried through by
    local signals. Signals move in space and time, always taking a little time to move a little space.
    This is why they’re called local signals. Why is there a speed limit? Well, Einstein proved with
    his relativity theory that the maximum speed allowed in space and time is the speed of light. A
    huge speed, no doubt, 186,000 miles per second, 300,000 kilometers per second, it’s a huge,
    huge speed, but still it’s a finite speed so communication cannot be instantaneous.
    This is the point: local communication, taking always some time, moving always through space.
    Good. But today, ever since the 1980s, we have experimental data, thousands of thousands of
    them, that ​non-locality is a fact​. There is indeed non-local communication, although there is still
    controversy. There will always be controversy because people will always nitpick and make
    problems with repeated data, replicated data, but don’t be misled by it. ​Non-locality is an
    accepted fac​t. So in view of non-locality, you might say, “All right, this nonlocality is an accepted
    fact, but it is only true for the submicroscopic world and plays no role in healing.
    But you know what? Larry Dossey, a physician, wrote a book in 1982 where he suggested that
    medicine better look at non-locality because physics, now quantum physics, has been
    suggesting that non-locality is a fact of life, and then people followed-up Dossey’s idea in 1988.
    A group of doctors did a healing experiment, distance healing. People prayed for healing of
    some patients at a distance, hundreds of miles away, and the healing, in a double-blind
    experiment, the patients did not know that they were being healed for. The doctors did know
    that they were being healed for, yet the prayer actually healed only those people selectively who
    were prayed for.
    Other people on a big list, the control patients, they were not healed as an effect of the prayer.
    Their healing rate was normal, whereas the healing rate for the people who were prayed for
    went up drastically, without any question of significance, statistically speaking. Now, these
    experiments have been repeated. True, there have been some ambiguous results in some of
    the experiments, but most of the experiments, and this is what we decide in this domain of
    experimentation, the majority of experiments do show statistically significant results, and
    experiments which don’t show it, they are too, there is indeed a rationale for explaining the data.
    There is never any negative, anything negative, it’s just ambiguous, those cases, those few
    cases where distance healing has been shown not to occur.
    So what does that mean? Non-locality and healing? You better believe it. It does matter. So
    Newtonian physics in this respect is a little guide to medicine. If we throw out non-locality, we
    are throwing out a very powerful way of affecting people’s health. If we throw out free will, again
    we are throwing out a very powerful phenomenon to affect people’s health. So what should we
    do then? Well, we should throw out the Newtonian worldview because it’s already thrown out in
    the world of physics. In the world of physics, nobody believes Newtonian physics, although they
    do agree that Newtonian physics holds in the world of most microscopic matter. For inanimate
    objects, we completely agree that Newtonian physics is the final word as far as ​macro-material
    objects​ are concerned.
    For micro-material objects, Newtonian physics does not hold. This was discovered in 1925-26.
    Mathematical questions were discovered. The effect was discovered actually even before then
    that there are quantum effects that cannot be explained by Newtonian physics. This idea is as
    old as the year 1900 when Max Planck discovered that energy is quantized, ​little bits of energy
    make up a large amount of energy, and energy cannot be broken down in less than these little
    bits, and these little bits are called the quanta of energy​. Quanta is the plural of the word
    quantum, which actually in Latin means quantity, nothing special, But in physics, it came to be
    used to mean a discrete quantity. But the mystery of quantum physics is hardly in that
    discreteness of energy.
    The mystery of quantum physics comes when we recognize, like Schrodinger did, like
    Heisenberg did, like DeBroglie did, ​that both matter and light, everything is objects of possibility.
    In the submicroscopic world, objects are objects of possibility. So this is the physics that has
    replaced Newtonian physics. What does it do for you? Notice that the first thing it does for us is
    that it makes matter to be less like matter and more like ideas, possibilities, waves of possibility.
    It’s an idea. From that idea comes the actual experience of matter.
    So what happened with this recognition, what happened with this recognition of quantum
    physics is that we realized right away, from the beginning, that quantum objects begin as waves
    of potentiality which belong to another domain of reality. We call it the ​domain of potentiality
    today, and the space-time domain happens after we measure these objects of potentiality and
    make them into actual experiences. In the process, we play a role, ​we meaning conscious
    observers​, and therefore we know now that our choice, subtle as it may be, ​certainly we don’t
    choose in our ordinary state of consciousness​, but​,​ nevertheless, it is clear that our choice plays
    a role in making actuality the domain of space and time from the domain of potentiality.
    So choice is suggested from quantum physics from the get-go. And guess what? These other
    ideas that I talked about before, non-locality, you know what? That ​non-locality is the distinction
    between this domain of potentiality and the domain of actuality​ because for a long time people
    held out, giving the final verdict on the quantum worldview as compared to Newtonian, saying
    that, “Well, still, the domain of potentiality is just an idea. It has not been verified.” What really
    distinguishes between these two domains? If we say the domain of potentiality “is outside of
    space and time,” it is very difficult to conceive of “anything outside of space and time.
    So, what is it that distinguishes between, what is the distinction between these two domains?
    That’s the question that physicists ask. It’s a very, very good question. Einstein, Podolsky, and
    Rosen, three physicists, tried to give an answer, but they were antagonists. Their vision was
    that, well, it doesn’t sit well with quantum physics because quantum physics predicts that the
    domain of potentiality is a domain to which instant interconnection between two objects can take
    place, mind you, instant interconnection between two objects may take place, and that seems to
    be in violation with the theory of relativity. That’s why Einstein never liked it.
    Einstein never accepted the idea of quantum non-locality because the theory of relativity was
    very dear to him. But there is another way to understand this, and that way is also being already
    proposed by people. ​What if the domain of potentiality is outside space and time​? Then it
    becomes a definition of the domain of potentiality without violating, without coming to contradict
    the theory of relativity. People still refuse to simply recognize that the idea that Einstein,
    Podolsky, and Rosen gave, that idea is the crucial idea of quantum physics, is part and parcel of
    quantum physics.
    There is a way to distinguish the domain of potentiality and domain of actuality, space and time,
    and that is what Einstein, Podolsky, and Rosen discovered. It’s that instant communication,
    non-local communication is possible through that domain. Whereas in the domain of space and
    time, it’s always local communication. Locality holds. Here’s the catch: as I said, non-locality is
    now an experimental fact, and therefore there is no way, there is no way of going back to the
    Newtonian worldview after this coup.
    Quantum physics has made it to the world. It’s verified by experimental data. There is a way to
    discern between two domains of reality. No longer can scientists say that space-time is the only
    reality and any talk of outside of space and time is mysticism or some other derogatory term like
    super-nature. No, it’s not supernatural to talk about ourselves, space, and time. Quantum
    physics is not supernatural. It is the most natural physics there is because this is the only
    physics there is. It agrees with experimental data to such an extent that nobody in their right
    mind will ever propose that there will be something supplanting quantum physics, ever.
    So therefore the conclusion is that it is time to give up Newtonian physics as the basis for a
    worldview. It’s time to give up the idea that space and time and matter moving in space and time
    is reality​. It is time to give up the idea that material interactions alone determine the behavior of
    objects. But then I have already said that for material movement in the microscopic world
    Newtonian physics is enough. But it turns out that even in the macro world, Newtonian physics
    is not enough for living objects.
    This is where biology comes in. So mind you, Newtonian physics, then, is inadequate for the
    material world if you consider the micro and macro, both. But for the macro world, Newtonian
    physics gets back some credibility because the quantum effects are muted a lot, to such an
    extent that we can say that more or less all objects are Newtonian, more or less. But that idea
    just does not hold for living objects. So let’s look at biology. Let’s look at that part of biology
    which claims that it does.
    Molecular biologists claim that life is chemistry. Of course, chemistry is physics. That has been
    known for some time. So, molecular biologists are saying that biology ultimately can be
    understood by virtue of the laws of physics. But are those laws of physics the Newtonian laws of
    physics? Or are those laws of physics quantum laws of physics? It makes a huge difference. It
    has to be quantum laws of physics, obviously. To me, it’s obvious because the basic objects
    that are making up the biological being, they certainly are not macro objects.
    The whole basis of reductionist science is the idea that elementary particles make up atoms,
    make up molecules, make up the living cells. But elementary particles, atoms, molecules, these
    are all quantum, and therefore when they make up living cells, doesn’t it make sense to make
    sure that the argument still holds, that same argument we gave that macro objects, inanimate
    objects obey approximately Newtonian laws, that same argument holds for living objects as
    well? The truth is lacking. Nobody has proven that. Nobody has demonstrated that. There is no
    experiment suggesting that living objects, living macro objects are Newtonian, obey Newtonian
    physics, approximately, even approximately. In fact, the whole point is, as the simple statement
    will show, which Niels Bohr knew, and therefore Niels Bohr first talked about. Well, maybe for
    life we need a different approach. He had some ideas, I’ll share them later, a little bit later, but
    let’s stick to this thing that we’re pointing out.
    What is the difference between a living object, talking about a living object, and a bundle of
    molecules? A bundle of molecules is a bundle of molecules, is a bundle of molecules when it is
    an inanimate object. But a living object, fundamentally there’s a difference. A living object
    becomes nonliving when it’s a dead object. For dead objects, guess what? It is a molecule. It is
    a bundle of molecules, there’s no question. There’s nothing extra. It is a bundle of molecules.
    But a living object, you have to come to terms with what is dead. A living object is fundamentally
    different from a dead object. For dead objects, nobody objects. It’s a bundle of molecules.
    But then what’s the difference? Why is a dead object different from the living object? Obvious,
    otherwise why are you calling it dead? But simply by the fact that there is death, are we living
    objects? We are saying that, look, there’s got to be something about life that is not being
    explained here by assuming that they’re a bundle of molecules alone, that’s it, that’s all there is
    to it. No, that cannot be all there is to it, otherwise, the phenomenon of death could not exist.
    Some differences must be taking place. What is that difference? This is what the biologists are
    Another way of looking at it is the origin of life. If life is indeed made of molecules, then we
    should be able to demonstrate that yes it is so, yes it is so. Such a demonstration lacks or we
    have not been able to demonstrate that we can start with simple molecules and get anywhere in
    making even close to what we can call a living object. Yes, we have made some progress
    initially. That is true, but then the projections that were made and the experiments that came
    later, they all use what’s called bioengineering, taking little bits of pieces of life itself and then
    making what seemed like a progress, but you are starting with living molecules already, and
    then if you make progress, is that real progress? What produced that living molecule? In fact,
    there’s a fundamental difficulty in doing all this that has been known since the 1950s as soon as
    the structure of DNA was discovered.
    The living cell has two very important macromolecules. One is the living cell, one is the protein
    and the other is the DNA. Proteins carry out the function of the cell. DNA is the hereditary
    molecule. That’s good, but here is the catch: DNA has the genetic code. Genes are part of the
    DNA and these genes are the code for building proteins. Proteins are such complex molecules
    that without this code, we couldn’t possibly construct proteins, so nature has this code, and
    proteins are made then by DNA. The code is written on the DNA.
    So far, so good. But then what is the origin of life? So we make the DNA through simple adding
    up molecules and making it more complex,more complex, and then there is DNA and then it will
    make protein? No. It doesn’t work that way. Why? Because it takes proteins to make DNA. We
    are stuck Without protein, you cannot make DNA. Without DNA, you cannot make protein. You
    see why they will never be able to make a living object in the laboratory because of this
    impossibility, circularity in making a macro living object. Circularity kills it, kills the idea. You
    cannot do it without having infinite time to do it.
    So then where is molecular biology? The basic assumption of molecular biology that biology is
    chemistry is physics is wrong, either way of looking at it. ​Reduction falls apart when you realize
    that there is a difference between life and death.​ Synthesis, that idea falls apart because how
    would the original synthesis come about? So it is time to acknowledge that either way we
    approach it, we can approach it from the medicine side and point out that look there are roles
    that our free will, choice plays in healing that we cannot ignore. We are throwing a large part of
    healing that way. There is a role that non-locality plays in our healing. If we accept Newtonian
    worldview, we are throwing away a large part of healing once again. If we take, look from the
    other way, you can only find that the molecular-biological way of equating biology with physics is
    just bound to fail because of the difficulty of ever constructing a way of synthesizing life in the
    laboratory or ever distinguishing between what does death mean.
    If a living cell and the dead cell has the same chemical composition, same elementary particles,
    atoms, molecules, then why should they be any different? Now, there are ideas. The scientists
    are never short of ideas, their ideas like emergence and stuff that complicates the issue that
    often is used in beautiful arguments of sophistry, but there is no demonstration.
    On the other hand, the science that I will take you through, the science that we have built now
    which is giving us an integrative medicine, this science is based on solid arguments, theory and
    experimental data verifying every bit of these arguments. So in other words, we have only what
    may be called a science based on future projection, a promissory science. Karl Popper, the
    great philosopher, used to call scientific materialism promissory materialism, things that it
    cannot solve with promises for the future. It will be solved someday, but that day never comes.
    So either we live with a promissory incomplete science or we live with a concrete science,
    agreed that it too has to develop a lot more than it is today and we are proud to say that, it
    opens up new research and that’s good.
    So which one is the one that will help us more? Science from the beginning had a spirit that it
    should be helpful to people. If it doesn’t help, what good is it? Ideology is no good. Right now,
    the materialist medicine, which is tantamount to machine medicine, when they’re saying,
    “Material medicine, what do we mean?” “We are saying matter behaves like machines. “They
    are deterministic. “They are locally bound. “What does it mean? “It means only one thing, that
    we are material. “That’s all we are. “There is no specialness to the human being,” and what I’m
    saying is that already we know how to define the humanness of human beings and we can take
    advantage of this specialness, we know what to do with this specialness and then can use it for
    our healing. This is the new science. This is the new medicine.
    So which way to go? I don’t think it requires much debate. Obviously we would go with human
    science. Obviously we go to human medicine. So in this course, you are going to get the details
    of a human medicine. First of all, what distinguishes human mind, human beings, human
    consciousness? Well consciousness is the word that is going to be big in our development. It’s
    the distinguishing factor. ​Consciousness can be embodied in living beings. This is the new
    science, the basis of new science. Consciousness is the ground of being and it can be
    embodied and that embodiment is produced when we have a living being.
    Consciousness embodied is life, and then life develops, evolves as Darwin said, but not quite
    following Darwinism. It’s too limited. It’s a materialist theory of evolution, and therefore leaves
    out the role consciousness must play in evolution, therefore only part of the story. We need to
    correct that story. When we do, we find that consciousness plays a huge role and it becomes
    clear what consciousness has done to produce this huge evolution from a single cell, to multiple
    cells, to invertebrate, to vertebrate, to mammals, to primates, to the human being in order to
    produce who we are and in that process producing a human being whose health we are
    concerned with in the healing profession, in medicine.
    You have to take the human aspects that evolved since that single cell which already is
    fundamentally different because in a single cell consciousness is embodied. In the nonmaterial,
    there is no embodiment of consciousness that is possible. But in the human being, especially,
    the embodiment is much much more sophisticated than that that happens in a single living cell.
    In fact, that that can happen for human beings is so special that human beings are even very
    different than the closest, closest ancestor, the primates, quite different.
    So therefore to limit human medicine to basically mechanical medicine is a huge mistake. To
    limit human medicine to even animal medicine would be a mistake because human beings can
    process something that animals cannot process, namely, mental. The mental dimension is much
    much more sophisticated in the human being than even the primates, although the primates can
    from all of the versions that we have done can do a little bit of the mental processing.
    This is the point: consciousness, mind, and then closer analysis will show that what biologists
    have rejected, what was used to call life, vital energy, then we have another dimension which is
    beyond the mind, beyond the vital which we call supramental today, which is based on our
    intuitive experiences, and then this whole idea of consciousness as a whole, all these ideas will
    enter into the totality of our healing science, and has to, otherwise, we’ll never heal.
    So why is Newtonian physics and Darwinian biology and molecular biology insufficient ways for
    the healing science, insufficient philosophies for the healing science? Also because for the
    wholeness healing, wholeness and healing come from the same etymological word, must never
    forget that. For wholeness, we not only need to consider the physical, but need to consider
    these nonphysical aspects which scientific materialism throws out simply because it cannot deal
    with them, it cannot entertain them. Of course there is sophistry. There’s arguments against
    considering such nonphysical dimensions of reality, but guess what? All those arguments have
    now fallen apart because of this new phenomenon that quantum physics gives us, non-locality,
    and this phenomenon invites consciousness into the affairs of the nonliving and that’s how living
    is created.
    As I said, living is distinguished by the embodiment of consciousness. If consciousness is not
    embodied, nonliving, we can deal with it purely by materialist science. There’s no problem. But
    as soon as consciousness is embodied, the question changes fundamentally. The old physics,
    the old biology just do not apply anymore. Those two just are not adequate to apply a healing
    science for the complete human being. This is the point and this is what we need to understand.
    This is why we need a new avenue, a new approach, and that approach is Quantum Integrative
    Medicine. Thank you.
    Video 02​ – (Dr. Goswami)
    Let’s talk more about the ​embodiment of consciousness​. The point that I made already is that
    the distinction of life and death is not within the purview of molecular biology, just cannot be
    done within scientific materialism. What we can do with the quantum worldview is to bring
    consciousness into the affair and recognize that it is the embodiment of consciousness that
    distinguishes between life and death. Once we have done that, then it is easy to see the
    direction of the progress that has to be made. And it also easy to see that in Newtonian physics,
    this is impossible to do because if you have Newtonian physics, as scientists pointed out a long
    time ago in a paper published in 1995, you don’t need to read the paper, I’ll just give you the
    summary, which is that within classical physics, Newtonian physics, the only way consciousness
    can be put in is dualism, which nobody likes.
    Scientific materialism arose from trying to demolish the dualist philosophy that was prevalent
    before. So what’s the point of carrying on the idea that Newtonian physics is enough to deal with
    biology, to deal with issues of life and death, to deal with human health and healing? It’s just not
    possible to introduce consciousness in any other than dualistic way. This is the fundamental
    problem for scientific materialism, for Newtonian physics, for molecular biology. And there is
    more. There is more. Conscious experiences.
    What happens from the amoeba, simple one cell, to the experiences of consciousness, the
    experiential self, living objects, living beings as we progress through the ladder of evolution?
    These experiences are limited to just sensing for the one-celled creature. But look at what
    happens as one cell goes to multiple cells to invertebrate to vertebrate to mammalian with the
    brain that can handle emotions, and then eventually the human brain which can handle mind,
    thinking in the abstract sense. Even in the higher sense of intuitive mind.
    So all these experiences have to come in. And how do we handle them with just matter to guide
    us? In the future, we’ll have more discussions of this, but it is a fact that scientists have come
    along and shown quite conclusively that, in truth, the idea that matter can process mind, even
    that idea cannot be justified. So how is ever a material philosophy based on Newtonian physics,
    how is that ever going to handle the various aspects of consciousness which evolves, if you put
    it that way? In the Darwinian kind of theory, all this evolves.
    In the quantum-based theory, we’ll get it right. ​The embodiment evolves, not the evolution of
    consciousness​. ​The materialists look at consciousness as an emergent phenomenon​ of matter
    and therefore get misled that it’s the various aspects of consciousness that somehow evolves
    through Darwinism. Of course, that’s a big question whether it could, whether it even makes
    sense to demand of Darwinism such complexity of the biological affairs.
    But coming back to the question of can matter even process mind? Can matter even process
    intuition or feeling? This is the question that will thwart the scientific materialists the most, once
    one looks seriously at what happens with creatures as we evolve from the single-cell creature to
    the human being. With the new science, all this is solved because we are looking at
    consciousness-based science​. Quantum physics does it for us. Once we do that, once we
    introduce consciousness, it becomes easy. Because then you can see that it’s the ​embodiment
    of consciousness, and as the embodiment becomes more and more sophisticated, we develop
    more and more of conscious processes for the being to experience​. Okay, see the problem?
    Let’s go into the second concern, once you put consciousness into the equation of all this.
    Newtonian physics has a fundamental prejudice called objectivity. Independent, separate
    objects make up reality. This ​objectivity seems like a reasonable idea for developing a science.
    Science should be objective in the sense of the data​. Otherwise, how the data should be
    credible if people have different opinions about the data. Subjective data certainly makes it easy
    to do science, which is based on both theory and data. Good. But objectivity, and if you demand
    that the objects are Newtonian objects, it’s a huge problem to maintain how reality can be
    explained. Because reality is that when we have an experience, it has two poles. That’s the
    Reality is that we have an experience, not who experiences the objects of experience. This is
    reality. Human beings certainly do that. Nobody can doubt that I am looking at a camera, and
    nobody can doubt that you are looking at a picture of me talking on your screen. There is an
    experiencer. You are experiencing me. I am talking to the camera. I am experiencing talking to
    the camera. No way that one can eliminate the subjective aspect of consciousness, because I
    have an individual flavor of how I look at a camera, how I behave. And similarly, you have a
    specific quality of consciousness. That’s the traditional name that philosophers have given to
    this experience of subjectivity.
    You have a specific quality of consciousness through which you look at the screen. That specific
    feel of consciousness. How do you get that? That’s subjectivity. Subject has to be explained.
    How do you get that starting with Newtonian objects? Think about it. Newtonian objects have
    that reductionist model behind them, the elementary particles making atoms, making molecules,
    making cells all the way to the brain, if you are talking about human beings. They’re all objects.
    If you make a big conglomerate with objects, you get objects. There’s no other way to think
    about it. There is no way that a subject will emerge from a conglomerate of objects. No way.
    So this is a huge problem for maintaining objectivity, which is a fundamental demand of
    Newtonian physics into human affairs, the science of the human​. You can maintain that there is
    no human, there is only a machine, but it doesn’t, as you have been arguing all through this
    hour, that it doesn’t wash. It leaves so many things unexplained. Right? So how to get the
    subject, which has been called the hard problem of neurophysiology, how to explain the subject.
    It’s a huge problem if you try to do it all with Newtonian and molecular biology worldview. There
    is no question that I self-suggest, that even a single living cell had the ability to distinguish
    between itself and the e…

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