IQ 200 Walden University Quantum Hematology Exam Practice

IQ-200 – Quantum Hematology
IQ-200 – Final Exam – Attempt 10
Marks: 1
How does one distinguish between a bacterial infection and a viral infection in a live blood
sample? (Select all that apply)
Choose at least one answer.
a. A high lymphocyte count is associated with a viral infection.
b. A low lymphocyte count is associated with a viral infection.
c. A low white blood cell count is associated with a bacterial infection.
d. A high white blood cell count is associated with a bacterial infection.
Marks: 1
What explains the morphology relationship between dry blood samples and iridology? (Select all
that apply)
Choose at least one answer.
a. Quantum physics provides the foundation for understanding the relation of mindemotions-feelings and blood.
b. Iridology studies patterns in the iris of the eye to assess mind-emotions-feelings similar
to the procedure used for dry blood samples.
c. At present, no explanation can be given to explain the morphology between the two.
d. The patterns studied in dry blood samples and iridology are exactly the same.
Marks: 1
Which of the following statements explains the scope of Quantum measurement for dry blood
analysis? (Select all that apply)
Choose at least one answer.
a. Free radicals affecting the coagulation cascade are an indirect measurement for the
vital body.
b. Dry blood analysis cannot give an accurate measurement of the vital body.
c. Coagulation patterns give us an indirect way to monitor organ morphogenetic field
d. Quantum measurement does not evaluate the morphogenetic fields.
Marks: 1
What did Enderlein define as the common cause for all disease?
Choose one answer.
a. Over-acidification of tissue.
b. Over-alkalinity of tissue.
c. Growth of virus.
d. Overgrowth of fungus.
Marks: 1
In order to see the oxidation effect on dry blood, how are the lenses configured with the Bradford
microscope? (Select all that apply)
Choose at least one answer.
a. A zoom lens is attached above the 4x lens, which gives is a magnifying power of 200x.
b. A 200x lens is used.
c. Use of a 4x lens
d. A 200x lens is used.
Marks: 1
Which of the following statements is a definition of Candida Albicans? (Select all that apply)
Choose at least one answer.
a. It is a yeast that, if given the opportunity to spread, begins to choke and frustrate the
normal function of the body.
b. It is a specific form of yeast that is found in the human body, especially in the digestive
tract, genital tract, mouth, throat, and bronchioles.
c. It is a virus that transforms into a fungus that attacks the internal milieu.
d. It is commonly referred to as a yeast overgrowth.
Marks: 1
Broken tissue lying out of center in the lateral zone in a ring-like pattern indicates what types of
Choose one answer.
a. Problems with bone joints.
b. Problems of psychological-emotional nature.
c. Problems of lungs, breasts, or thorax area.
d. Problems of prostate, ovaries, uterus.
Marks: 1
The questionnaire developed by Dr. Drouin and colleagues solved the quantification issues by
regrouping the parameters of the qualitative data. Which of the following was the criteria used
for the regrouping of data? (Select all that apply)
Choose at least one answer.
a. The Five Subtle Bodies
b. The 12 meridians
c. The Five Pillars approach
d. Grouped according to: Regeneration, oxidation, immunity, assimilation, and
Marks: 1
Which of the following is the term used for a diminished ability to form clots?
Choose one answer.
a. blood clotting
b. hypocoagulation
c. hypercoagulation
d. disseminated intravascular coagulation
Marks: 1
The technical term for free radicals is which of the following? (Select all that apply)
Choose one answer.
a. Cell Scavengers
b. Radical Protit
c. Red Blood Cell
d. Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS)
Marks: 1
The blood sample map is composed of nine concentric circles. What pathologies does the
seventh circle roughly represent?
Choose one answer.
a. Toxins outside of organs
b. Weakness inside of organs
c. Vital organs – bone joints
d. Toxins-lymphatic and circulatory systems
Marks: 1
While viewing a client’s blood sample under a microscope, a divine light therapy was applied to
the person. What was the effect on the blood under the microscope while the therapy was being
applied to the person? (Select all that apply)
Choose at least one answer.
a. The white blood cells began to move faster, performing more of their immunity
b. The red blood cells lost some of their integrity and began to die off.
c. The vitality was improved in the blood sample even, although the therapy was applied
to the client.
d. The blood sample improved when the divine light therapy was applied to the client.
This as a result of entanglement.
Marks: 1
The most limiting nutrition option emphasizes what type of food for consumption? (Select all
that apply)
Choose at least one answer.
a. potatoes and yams
b. fruit juice
c. food rich in chlorophyll
d. Sprouts
Marks: 1
What do we mean by Pleomorphic Stabilization? (Select all that apply)
Choose at least one answer.
a. The world exists as a complex web of interdependent relationships that are forever
b. Subatomic particles can only be understood in their relationships with the environment.
c. Germs must be understood in the interrelation between homeostatic mechanisms.
d. Germs are always reproducing, and we must seek to stabilize this phenomenon.
Marks: 1
What information does the different morphology on the dried blood samples provide? (Select all
that apply)
Choose at least one answer.
a. The more free radicals, the more the flow is loose.
b. It explains the vitamin and mineral deficiency in the blood sample.
c. It explains how the coagulation cascade is affected by the free radical.
d. It explains how oxygen dries the blood.
Marks: 1
Which of the following are parasites acknowledged by conventional hematology? (Select all that
Choose at least one answer.
a. Botcierella
b. Plasmodium
c. Spirometra
d. Trichinosis
Marks: 1
The Candida and Nutrition Manual provides how many types of cure (diet) options for the
client? (Select all that apply)
Choose one answer.
a. 5
b. 3
c. 2
d. 4
Marks: 1
A high animal protein diet causes the PH environment to switch to the acidic side. However,
which animal protein-based food does not cause the endobiont to absorb the protein? (Select all
that apply)
Choose at least one answer.
a. Organic milk and goat cheese
b. Lean meat
c. Cottage cheese and other cheese proteins
d. Meat from field grass grazing cattle
Marks: 1
According to the sample slide pictures made by Bradford, what is the difference between a
normal blood slide and one showing a chronic pathology? (Select all that apply)
Choose at least one answer.
a. The chronic slide shows a dark spot in the center.
b. The normal slide shows an evenly-patterned clotted blood sample but with dark spots
in the center.
c. The chronic slide shows white areas (cells) inside the clotted blood which become
wider and show a looser pattern.
d. The normal slide shows an evenly patterned clotted blood sample.
Marks: 1
Which of the following statements describes the vital body and the blood’s quantum
possibilities? (Select all that apply)
Choose at least one answer.
a. Consciousness collapses the possibility waves of both the vital body and the blood
morphology only after the archetypes of the supramental body have been accessed.
b. The blood represents physical matter possibilities.
c. Consciousness collapses the possibility waves of both the vital body and the blood
morphology simultaneously.
d. The vital body represents the morphogenetic field possibilities.
Marks: 1
What are the three coagulation pathways, described by Bradford-Allen, that are activated by
ROS and bacterial neuraminidase activity? (Select all that apply)
Choose at least one answer.
a. Plasma thromboplastin
b. Alpha1-Antitrypsin Inhibitor Inactivation
c. Fibronectin
d. Sialidase Activation
Marks: 1
Which of the following is/are the reason(s) why the fifth finger (baby finger or pinky) was
selected for drawing the drops of blood? (Select all that apply)
Choose at least one answer.
a. It is the agreed-upon procedure to draw from the same area. We can draw from any
finger as long as we are consistent so that we can reproduce the findings.
b. Because it is not where the heart meridian resides.
c. If we prick another finger, the results will vary.
d. It is the finger that is used the least and thus does not disturb the blood flow.
Marks: 1
Dr. Drouin explains that we must stay aware of the subtleties of the healing process when
analyzing blood samples. There is the quantum leap, followed by the collapse, and finally the
manifestation of subtle changes that are observed in the blood. In particular, what expectations
should we have when observing a positive change in the sample? (Select all that apply)
Choose at least one answer.
a. The result needs to be tested and diagnosed by an allopath in order to confirm the
b. Manifestation is a step toward healing. It signifies we are on track, touching what has
to be reorganized. There is a gap between the manifestation and definitive healing.
c. We need to demonstrate a positive attitude and coach the client with encouragement
and positivity.
d. We should be cautious because the subtle changes that we observe in the blood do not
mean that a definitive healing has taken place.
Marks: 1
What does Enderlein’s Anartatic Law state? (Select all that apply)
Choose at least one answer.
a. Microorganisms have a developmental dependency on an internal milieu that is an
acid-based pH.
b. Higher forms are readily decomposed back into the chondrit stage by making them
c. Microorganisms are dependent on the body temperature’s internal state.
d. The ascending steps of total cyclogeny are dependent upon and accompanied by a
proportionately descending pH.
Marks: 1
What function does the third step in the coagulation cascade, the coagulation morphology, have
on the bodily system? (Select all that apply)
Choose at least one answer.
a. It adjusts the organs of the body so that they stay in Hemostasis.
b. It provides the blueprint for the creation of a soluble fibrin complex.
c. It creates WBC to help the immune system.
d. It serves to clear the systemic circulation of organic degradation.
Marks: 1
The HLB blood test places 5-7 drops of blood on a glass surface in order to activate the intrinsic
pathway of coagulation. How many different risk factors can be measured by this test?
Choose one answer.
a. 140
b. 104
c. 67
d. 14
Marks: 1
Enderlein was not able to resolve how a protit is able to jump, transform, and mutate to a
bacterium and then become a fungus. A gap exists in the sequence of events, just like in
evolution. How is this now resolved by Dr. Goswami? (Select all that apply)
Choose at least one answer.
a. The new vital blueprint enables the creation of new programs to run at the level of the
new morphology, or even the rebuilding of the organelle itself to carry out the required vital
b. With the archaeological findings where the missing link in evolution has been
c. With the use of the Five Pillars combined with the Ayurvedic chakras.
d. With a quantum leap from the vital directly to the supramental body.
Marks: 1
Why does the coagulation cascade get altered by free radicals? (Select all that apply)
Choose at least one answer.
a. The bone marrow is triggered to produce more RBC.
b. It is part of the function to clear the systemic circulation of organic degradation.
c. In order to clear the blood by eliminating the free radicals in a normal fashion.
d. The free radicals form more complex molecules and thus more choice opportunities.
Marks: 1
The coagulation cascade can be affected by many intrinsic and extrinsic factors. Which of the
following represent these stressors? (Select all that apply)
Choose at least one answer.
a. Biological imbalance
b. Toxicity
c. Excess vitamins
d. Deficiency
Marks: 1
What is Dr. Drouin’s recommendation for the quantum practitioner when addressing the healing
process with the client? (Select all that apply)
Choose at least one answer.
a. Start with a slow and gentle approach, and continue to improve the condition until the
client is back in a state of ease.
b. Seek a balanced (middle way) approach with a long-term vision of your client’s
healing journey.
c. Meet the fungus condition head-on by killing off all germs and sterilizing the client.
d. Start by temporarily exhausting clients with an excessive approach to diet in order to
achieve immediate and enduring results.
Marks: 1
Which of the following are three free radicals used for clearing the system of organic
degradation? (Select all that apply)
Choose at least one answer.
a. Superoxide Dismutase
b. Hydroxyl Radical
c. Hydrogen Peroxide
d. Hydrochloric Acid
Marks: 1
In the demo of Barbara, what were the major problems indicated by the dark field, phase
contrast, and dry blood samples.? (Select all that apply)
Choose at least one answer.
a. The fatty acid issue.
b. The depleted nutritional level.
c. The stressed liver.
d. The overworked kidney
Marks: 1
Which of the following are some possible solutions for Candida Albicans (yeast syndrome)?
(Select all that apply)
Choose at least one answer.
a. Lymphatic, liver, bowel kidney drainage
b. Live food nutrition
c. Reduce stress
d. Fungal antibiotics
Marks: 1
What factors accelerate the agglomeration of protits and endobionts? (Select all that apply)
Choose at least one answer.
a. High-content proteins and sugars.
b. Artificial fertilizers, preservatives, dyes, air pollution
c. An imbalance in blood serum between mineral salts (bases, alkali) and acids.
d. High-content fruit and vegetable diet.
Marks: 1
What test can be applied to check for Candida Albicans? (Select all that apply)
Choose at least one answer.
a. Candida Blood test
b. Candida Saliva test
c. Candida Spit test
d. Candida Lymph test
Marks: 1
Which of the following describe the process of the fibrin network formation? (Select all that
Choose at least one answer.
a. Two different polymerization sites, strand elongation plus lateral result in aggregation.
b. Linear end-to-end association of fibrin monomer; D-Domain.
c. The covalence between molecules leads to the formation of the network mesh.
d. Lateral side-to-side aggregation of strands; E-Domain.
Marks: 1
Which of the following statements about dry blood slide samples describes heart stress or cardiac
Choose one answer.
a. A reddish heart-shaped turbulence (spot) in the paramedial zone.
b. A poor outer peripheral adhesion.
c. A dark dot in the center zone.
d. Little river-like lines in the sample.
Marks: 1
Which of the following statements represent an alternative medicine modality that can be used to
measure the relationship (collapsing consciousness) between the vital body morphological field
and the physical body? (Select all that apply)
Choose at least one answer.
a. The tinnitus treatment to help clients with their psychological and physical ailments.
b. The imprinting of emotion on homeopathic substances and also water.
c. The meridian points of TCM to study their reaction to stimulus and emotion.
d. Quantum biofeedback presents a three-dimensional (trivector) electric shape of
Marks: 1
Which of the following statements about dry blood slide samples describes a Vitamin C
Choose one answer.
a. A white space in the center of the sample.
b. A deep dark ring around the periphery.
c. A poor outer peripheral adhesion.
d. A cracked pattern radiating outward, like a bicycle spoke.
Marks: 1
What is the term for a pathology of the ability of the blood to coagulate?
Choose one answer.
a. blood clotting
b. disseminated intravascular coagulation
c. hypocoagulation
d. hypercoagulation
Marks: 1
What do lemon-shaped red blood cells in a live blood sample indicate? (Select all that apply)
Choose at least one answer.
a. A condition where too many enzymes are assimilated by the RBC.
b. The surface of the cell membrane is switching between negative and positive charge.
c. A possibility is there is poor assimilation of proteins.
d. Undigested protein changes the cell membrane charge.
Marks: 1
Dr. Goswami talks about vital body congruence. Which of the following statements explains this
concept with regards to blood? (Select all that apply)
Choose at least one answer.
a. Increased congruence means there are more homeostasis mechanisms entangled with
the vital body morphogenetic field, which provides a better reflection of the blood.
b. When the dry blood has a higher level of oxidative stress there is more chaos or
disorder in the system. Oxidation is an indirect way to have an index of the vital body.
c. The more the vital body is in a state of order the more it is in congruence.
d. The dry blood has lost its vital essence and does not provide any information about the
vital body.
Marks: 1
The blood sample map is composed of nine concentric circles. What pathologies does the first
center circle roughly represent?
Choose one answer.
a. Liver-bowel
b. hypersensitivities
c. Skin-emotional stress
d. reproductive organs: ovaries-prostate
Marks: 1
Which food supplement can restore the thickness of the intestinal mucosa and increase
immunoglobulin in order to repair leaky gut?
Choose one answer.
a. Carbon
b. Glutamine
c. Curcuma
d. Spirulina
Marks: 1
In what year did the HLB-metabolic research project begin at the Bradford Research Institute?
Choose one answer.
a. 1940
b. 1950
c. 1979
d. 1892
Marks: 1
Which of the following gives the correct progressive sequence of the Pleomorphic Process?
Choose one answer.
a. Protit, ascit, synacit, thrombocyte, thecit, deco-thecit.
b. Symplast, fungus, candida, chondrit, MVCH
c. Filum, endobionts, protit, thrombocyte, thecit, deco-thect, fungus.
d. Protit, symprotits, endobionts, colloid-thecit, mychit, thrombocyte, thecit, deco-thecit.
Marks: 1
The average population is in the adaptation phase. This is why there are so many cases of yeast
infection (colloid-thecit) – the yeast syndrome. How can this be reversed? (Select all that apply)
Choose at least one answer.
a. By taking a treatment of megavitamins.
b. By increasing physical fitness.
c. By shifting the PH with a diet that builds the bowel flora.
d. By targeting the diet of people.
Marks: 1
Which of the following is the term used for the capability of forming fibrin from fibrinogen?
Choose one answer.
a. disseminated intravascular coagulation
b. hypocoagulation
c. blood clotting
d. hypercoagulation
Marks: 1
Which of the following statements about dry blood slide samples describes a poor digestion or
protein malabsorption of the small intestine?
Choose one answer.
a. A poor outer peripheral adhesion.
b. A fibrin net with low concentration.
c. A dark dot in the center zone.
d. A white hole in the paramedial zone.
Marks: 1
The typical approach toward fungus, bacteria, and virus is that they are bad and need to be killed
(zapped). It is a relationship typical of International affairs where a country is considered bad or
good. How should we change our approach in quantum medicine? (Select all that apply)
Choose at least one answer.
a. We should promote the growth of fungi, bacteria, and viruses in the host to assure the
long-term survival of the fittest.
b. We should adopt the point of view of Hammer medicine where germs can be friendly
and play a role in the destruction of a tumor.
c. We should view fungi, bacteria, and viruses as being in a symbiotic relation where it is
important to maintain the correct balance.
d. We should welcome the existence of fungi, bacteria, and viruses because they are
always helpful.
T Yeast Synd
© 2010 Drr Paul Drouin
n M.D.
℗ 2010 IQUIM
M – All Rightss Reserved
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nd are not
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treating clients
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IQUIM cannot be held
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Any commercial products (equipm
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are for de
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ement by the
e presenter orr
The Yeaast Syndrome
Courrses Syllabus
• Yeast syn
• Many cau
• Indications that you may suffer from
candidass overgrowth
• Symptom
ms of Yeast Syndrome
• Leaky gut syndrome
• Heat Sho
ock protein and
a candidass infection
• Yeast syn
ndrome & ho
• Yeast syn
ndrome and heavy metaals
• How to decrease
e Herxheimer reaction
Whaat are Candid
da albicans??
 More com
mmonly refe
erred to as yeast
wth, Candidaa albicans arre a specific
form of yeast
that is found in thee human
body, esp
pecially in th
he digestive tract,
genital trract, mouth, throat and
 Yeasts are single cell fungi which
h are alwayss
ned to spreaad, but are normally
kept und
der control by
b a non‐polluted,
healthy body
with a strong immune system..
 If given the opportu
unity to spread, it beginss
to chokee and frustraate the norm
mal functionss
of the bo
 This prod
duces many symptoms and
a most
treatments for thesee symptoms only
compound the problem. Further spread of
the yeasst releases to
oxic waste in
nto the bodyy
and resu
ults in furtheer health breeakdown.
Yeasst Syndrom

The Yeasst Syndromee, also known as chronicc
candidiasis, the chro
onic candida syndrome,
and cand
dida related complex is still
pted by somee medical do

Incidence of yeast syndrome is remarkably
high: 50%
Candida has been found to produce 79
distinct toxins
Main Causes
• Frequent use of antibiotics
• High sugar diet
• Cortisone and/or predisone
• Birth control pill
• Byproducts of yeast metabolism
• High stress lifestyle

Yeast Syndrome
• Yeast, once it takes hold in the intestinal
• Dietary changes which control yeast
overgrowth must become a life style change
in order to be meaningful as a long term
• Once having dominated the intestinal
mucosa, yeast renders the mucosa partially
incompetent to regulate the entry of
digested food into the intestine
Indications that you may suffer from a candida
• Have oral thrush
• Digestive upset/bloating
• Experience “brain fog”
• Have taken frequent antibiotics
• Have taken birth control pills
• Had cortisone treatments
• Have a high sugar diet/sugar cravings
• Have a history of hypoglycemia
• Have chronic yeast infection
Symptoms of Yeast Syndrome
• Fatigue or lethargy
• Feeling of being drained
• Depression or manic depression
• Numbness, burning, or tingling
• Headaches
• Muscle Aches
• Muscle weakness or paralysis
• Swollen lips/face
• Anxiety
• Allergies and allergy symptoms
• Chemical sensitivities

Panic attacks
Sinus problems
Eye fatigue
Muscle weakness and bone pain
White tongue coating
Psoriasis/seborrheic dermatitis/dandruff,
dry, itchy skin
Rectal itching
Pain and/or swelling in joints
Abdominal Pain
Chronic inflammation and irritation of the
eye and conjunctiva
Feeling of being intoxicated which leads to a
“hangover feeling” (due to fermentation
and alcohol production by yeast)
Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
Symptoms worse after waking
Facial rash
Avoiding food helps to alleviate symptoms
This circumstance is called the “leaky gut
syndrome” and what leaks into the
circulation are long chain polypeptides
(partially digested protein)
These molecules can set off the immune
system into inappropriate action as they are
recognized as “foreign” by the immune
The antibodies which are produced may
attack host tissue and this may account for
some autoimmune diseases.
Leaky Guts
• Dr. Alan Miller in his published article:
discusses the intestine wall thickness as a
barrier protecting large toxic and

pathogenic organisms to cross into
When intestines become diseased, the
intestinal walls becomes thin, allowing the
transport of disease bacteria, food allergies,
and toxic compounds to the blood stream.
 Supplemental glutamine can restore the
thickness of the intestinal mucosa and
increase immunoglobulin A to fight bacteria
turbo charging the immunity system.
 Confirmed by Dr. Klimberg V.S. that Oral
Glutimin accelerates healing of the small
intestine. Arch Surg 1990.
Free Candida Test: Candida saliva Test or the
Candida Spit Test

Cloudy saliva that sinks to the bottom of the
glass. Cloudy specks suspended in the water
The more strings and cloudiness there are,
and the faster it develops, the greater the
Candida albicans overgrowth.
Medical Candida Test
• The most reliable medical Candida test is
the Candida Immune Complexes test.
• The second most reliable is the combination
of IgA, IgG and IgM tests. None of the Ig
tests are reliable alone. They must be used
as a combination.
• Both the Candida Immune Complexes test
and the combination of Ig tests are
expensive and must be ordered by a
Live Blood Analysis and Candida
RDA‐Rats, Drugs & Assumptions
(Majid Ali, MD.)

Fill a clear glass with water and place it by
your bed at night. When you wake in the
morning, work up a bit of saliva and spit
into the glass of water. It is important that
nothing enters your mouth or touches your
lips before you do this. Do not drink any
water, do not brush your teeth
Immediately make note of how the saliva
looks. Check again 2 or 3 minutes later.
Check the glass every 15 minutes until you
leave for the day.
Healthy saliva will be clear, it will float on
top and it will slowly dissolve into the water
without any cloudiness and without sinking.
There are normally some bubbles or foam
Candida saliva will have one or more
characteristics that point to a Candida
albicans overgrowth: Strings traveling down
to the bottom of the glass
Black, Budding Fungus, Yeast, Candida
Colloid Thecit:
An ambivalent form of endobiont.
Yeast‐Like Forms, Naessans
Crystals – Fungus
Pliomorphic Process
Pliomorphic Stabilization

Subatomic particles had no meaning in
isolation but could only be understood in
their relationships
The world existed as a complex web of
interdependent relationships, forever

Germs & interrelation with homeostatic
Zap vs Pliomorphic stabilization
What is the Solution?

Mental Attitude: Reduce Stress
Life food Nutrition : no Yeast , no sugar, no
dairy pr
Drainage: Lymphatic, liver, bowel, kidney
Reduce the pathogens load
Increase Immunity
Bowel dysbiosis
Immunity & Five pillalrs
Five Pillars & Immunity
Candida & Hormonology
• Association between candidiasis an lowered
• Steroid hormone activity
• The symptoms of candida endocrinopathy
have been indicated in published report
1. Memory disturbance
2. Myopathy
3. Hpocalcemia
4. Hypo parathyroidism
5. Cataracts
6. Ovarian failure
7. Hypomagnesaemia
8. Adrenal insufficiency
9. Acth deficiency
10. Tooth enamel Hypoplasia
11. Vascular calcification
12. Mental and neuromuscular deficiencies
13. Multiple endocrine deficiencies
Yeast Syndrome and Heavy Metals
 Heavy metals such as mercury, cadmium,
platinum, arsenic and lead in our
environment collect in our cells and when
present in elevated concentrations,
suppress our cell’s normal ability to utilize
 Reduction of cellular respiration often
triggers increased yeast proliferation to
compensate for this reduction in energy
 Yeast overgrowth in bodies challenged by
high toxic metal levels, can be understood
as the body’s desperate attempt to protect
itself against the ravaging effects of heavy
metal poisoning.

In such cases, the heavy metal load on the
system must be reduced to free the system
of long‐term yeast overgrowth.
Individuals with high levels of heavy metals
are likely to suffer if attempting to clear
yeast / fungal overgrowth, before first
addressing their elevated heavy metal
levels effectively.
When yeast is attacked in such cases, the
underlying heavy metal toxicity may cause
symptoms of considerable unwellness.
Such symptoms and signs are most often
misinterpreted as yeast die‐off reactions.
The Herxheimer Reaction

In theory, the use of any effective anti‐yeast
therapy could result in what is referred to
as the Herxheimer or “die‐off” reaction.
The effective killing of the yeast organism
can result in absorption of large quantities
of yeast toxins, cell particles, and antigens.
The Herxheimer reaction refers to a
worsening of symptoms as a result of this
The Herxheimer Reaction be Minimized
• Starting any anti‐yeast medications or
nutritional supplements slowly, in lower
• Drainage program with INDIGO
• Increase Immunity with INDIGO
• Protocol Bowel Dysbiosis Protocol

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Our guarantees

Delivering a high-quality product at a reasonable price is not enough anymore.
That’s why we have developed 5 beneficial guarantees that will make your experience with our service enjoyable, easy, and safe.

Money-back guarantee

You have to be 100% sure of the quality of your product to give a money-back guarantee. This describes us perfectly. Make sure that this guarantee is totally transparent.

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Zero-plagiarism guarantee

Each paper is composed from scratch, according to your instructions. It is then checked by our plagiarism-detection software. There is no gap where plagiarism could squeeze in.

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Free-revision policy

Thanks to our free revisions, there is no way for you to be unsatisfied. We will work on your paper until you are completely happy with the result.

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Privacy policy

Your email is safe, as we store it according to international data protection rules. Your bank details are secure, as we use only reliable payment systems.

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Fair-cooperation guarantee

By sending us your money, you buy the service we provide. Check out our terms and conditions if you prefer business talks to be laid out in official language.

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