Lesson Summary and Focus:

In most of the school and institutions of learning activities are programmed into lessons. In a specified period, a teacher is expected to attend a specific class and teach the students a particular subject set in the curriculum. The tutor usually prepares the content of the lesson and then deliver it to the students during the lesson. The primary focus of the teachings by the tutor is to impart a student with knowledge and skills about a planned subject.

Classroom and Student Factors/Grouping:

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Lesson Summary and Focus:
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In every classroom, a teacher may decide to use any method of teaching provided that they achieve their primary goal of empowering students through education. In this case, a teacher may group the students in small groups to enhance their teamwork in their learning process. Notably, this is done to improve the effectiveness of the student to in class and to ensure they learn effectively. At the same note, teachers set the groups to provide that they teach effectively for the students to achieve academic excellence. The effectiveness of the subjects provides that the students are in a conducive environment where they have a chance to develop self-motivation, right attitude towards school and proper interactions with their colleagues. Typically, the groupings in classrooms enable to effect good outcomes from the students through their growth in their academic life. The integration of different students in groups helps them learn all the components of a lesson which impacts all the students despite their different learning capability.

National/State Learning Standards:

During the K-12 education career system, it is critical to put in place specification to conform to the learning standards. In this case, rules sets students equipping them with the right knowledge and skills in the learning process. The importance of the standards is that they provide transitions after advancing ones learning capability hence graduating from one level to another set in a manner of expectations, understanding capabilities application of knowledge possessing certain levels of academic strength. Moreover, the standard is informed by the state of other performing countries to ensure that students are prepared to fit in the global society. Most importantly, the primary objective, in this case, is to set specific standards taught and the value of the content presented in classes guided by performance indicators.

Specific Learning Target(s)/Objectives:

According to Beth Lewis (2018), a lesson objectives must be precisely defined and should be in line with the education standards. The purpose of setting the objectives is to make it easy to know what you want to achieve and in what manner. The objectives also indicates the content that you want your students to get at the end of the lesson. The following are some of the objectives that I have set for my lessons:

  • First, is to introduce a topic to my History students to give them an insight of the subject.
  • Secondly, I give information of related subjects so that they can relate to ordinary things that they know.
  • Again, I will give examples of the content am delivering in class. to enhance their understanding of the topic.
  • Critically, as a teacher I will engage them by asking their contribution to the topic. 
  • More so, I would ask oral questions to get their feedback and know how well they have understood the topic.
  •  At the end of the lesson I would ask for their commentary about the lesson to assess the success of the lesson.

Resources, Materials, Equipment, and Technology:

Notably, as a teacher I have the obligation to determine the kind of relevant materials that am supposed to use in my class. The student are also expected to have required materials for the purpose of learning. Specifically in my history class some of the relevant materials and resources to aid my presentation includes:

  • History books to provide information of the topic to be handled in class. The book act as a significant reference for the teacher when it comes to the explanation of concepts and knowledge.
  • Charts are critical tools for the teacher for illustrations of ideas.
  • A computer and access to internet are critical technological resources that can be used to access information by browsing from various websites and searches.
  • Projector is an important equipment for demonstrations of topics especially in a relatively large class. This helps to attract the attention of every students whereby they are in a position of seeing what is being presented by the teacher.
  • Publication such as newspapers, journals, magazines can act as resourceful materials to acquire skills and knowledge in the history subject.

Anticipatory Set

Upon, getting into class it is important for me as a teacher to set a stage conducive for learning. Crucially, a technical approach can help achieve this. The following outline can appropriately set the stage:

  • Collectively greeting the students immediately when you get into the class.
  • Give a flashback of what was learnt in the previous class and probably ask some questions to test their memory and understanding.
  • Introduce the topic to be covered in that specific lesson giving a background of the subject.
  • Additionally, after giving the background information it is critical to briefly explain the topic in regard to what the students relate to. 

Multiple Means of Representation

As a teacher one should know that the students have different learning capabilities and therefore different teaching techniques are critical. Thus the teacher should know the best tools and materials to use to different students which would enable them to comprehend the school curriculum content. Notably, as a teacher, I would use notes to every student to act as a resourceful way of providing the primary data for every student. Similarly, I would give examples to make sure that those who are not fast learners, for instance, get content that they can relate to. At some point, one may use the visual presentation of material to help further understanding to every student. The visual presentation helps to make the learning process enjoyable (UDL Principle II: Multiple Means of Expression, 2018).

When it comes to differentiating the materials for the different group’s proper attention should be put to cater for all the levels. For instance, those at the English language learners level the teacher should use specific materials to provide for their needs which are entirely different from the other groups. In this case, the students require some time to learn the English language as they are not able to communicate fluently. Therefore, the students require specialized instruction since most of them come from backgrounds where English is not a common language. For the students with special needs, care should be taken to ensure that there are minimal distractions during teaching. Moreover, the students require an environment that would enable them to handle management tasks as well as simple instructions.

Besides, another category of the students with gifted abilities, the teachers needs to handle them differently with different reading materials because they usually learn fast and at the same time have the proper memory where they can comprehend and remember taught content at a particular point with ease. In some instances, the learners are self-taught and learn basic skills fast and with little or no practice (Amend, 2007).

Similarly, to the students who are early finishers, a teacher needs to employ a technique that would work for all the student and themselves. The teacher at such a situation should provide extra resources and task to ensure that the students are engaged for an instant the student may be ordered to work on extra work or else work on their homework. This would provide the other students to learn at their own pace too.

Time Needed:

Multiple Means of Engagement

Besides, the teaching process is not an easy task and therefore as a teacher I have to make my lessons interactive to engage my students in the content that I deliver. In class, one needs to use all manner of techniques that would occupy the mind of a learner. This is achievable through group discussion formation that helps students to work as a team. 

•    Again, it is important to use student-centered learning which will provoke thoughts in the student’s minds as the teacher may ask the students questions as well as asking them to contribute to various topics and giving their points of view. 

Consequently, as a teacher, I can differentiate my students during the interactive sessions with them. In this regard, the students who have difficulties expressing their ideas in good English would be noted as English language learners. The reason for this is because they are in the process of learning the language hence no good command of the English language.Moreover, the students with special needs may at times not relate the topic of discussion effectively which can be different with students with gifted abilities who can articulate their thoughts comprehensively. However, it may be different from the early finishers who might participate in a discussion but immediately be preoccupied with other ideas. 

Time Needed:

Multiple Means of Expression

•    One of the best ways to allow students to express themselves is to give them a chance to present a subject orally. This greatly gives them confidence and in the process improve their mastery of the content. The students may also demonstrate their knowledge through drawing and sketching as they explain to others. Again, different students when assessed during the presentation it would be noted through their capability be it the English learners, Students with special needs or gifted abilities and the early finishers.

Time Needed: 

Extension Activity and/or Homework

Also, it is reasonably a good thing to give students some homework to do. In this case, the work is the same content done in class but individually to be done out of the classroom for instance at home. The homework plays a significant role where it encourages a culture of studying which helps the student to review what is learnt in class thus a teacher’s objectives are met.

Time Needed


According to Derrick (2018), the instructional strategy can enable boosting of the learning process of a student. In this case, the students are capable of presenting great content. Moreover, the other instructional strategy makes the process of learning and teaching interesting. As a result, active engagement makes it easy to learn by the student. Finally, the instructional strategy boosts the delivery system of education hence students can learn new ideas and information.


Meador, Derrick. (2018, July 5). Building an Arsenal of Effective Instructional Strategies. Retrieved from https://www.thoughtco.com/building-an-arsenal-of-effective-instructional-strategies-3194257

Webb, J., Gore, J., Amend, E., & DeVries, A. (2007). Common characteristics of gifted individuals. A parent’s guide to gifted children.

UDL Principle II: Multiple Means of Expression. (2018). Retrieved from https://ssbp.mycampus.ca/www_ains_dc/Introduction7.html

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