Online and Campus Classes

It’s time like these that make people want to go back to school to get a degree or further their education. Although most people cannot afford to go to college and while others can afford to go.
There still be questions that linger over both group of people head about is it better to do online courses or on campus courses. People want to go back to school but the time and money is they biggest factor that hold them back from doing just that. Doing online will be less time consuming and can save them some money as well.Although, studies show that “Research suggests that online courses have significant higher dropout rates than face-to-face courses,”(Tello,2007). By that most people get phobia to do online classes and they just do not worry about it anymore. It not easy to do online classes because students will have to study more and they have less interaction with the instructor. In the same way, good feedback from the instructor help students in online courses to perceived to higher satisfaction(Tello,2007).
Even though that more students in online courses dropout than on campus due to little interaction with the instructor, online is better for people who do not have time or money to go to school on campus because some people feel more comfortable in their home than a classroom and online courses save you extra time for other duties you have to do around the house. The Prestige of Students Who Attend on Campus College are Greater with the Instructor         Higher quality of learning on campus college seems to be better for students.Students have better interaction with the instructor going to on campus college. Students have a better feel for the courses and learn more with the help of the instructor and their classmates. One factor that is consistently identified as contributing to students achievement, satisfaction, and persistence in face-to-face college classroom is interaction(Tello,2007). Face-to-face discussions help some instructor to help students with certain problems they might have with the assignment. The instructor can see which student is having a difficulty time with their work and can help them to correct the problem.

Face-to-face help the instructor and students to figure out what they need to do to better themselves for the course. For instance, when a student have a problem with learning an assignment then the instructor can sit down with that student and talk it over. Students can also form groups to study together in, which will help each other out on the problems they are having with the assignment. In-Person Classes In-person classes are needed for students that better learn with face-to-face interaction. Most students have a problem interpret what they read in text.That’s why some research suggest that online courses have a higher drop-out rate than face-to-face courses(Tello,2007). Most students requires much needed interaction with the instructor especially in complex classes.
To help the students better understand what’s going on with the assignment. For students who seem to learn better that way need to take classes on campus. Also, in-person help students and the instructor to gain a bond with each other. Teachers and students can become very close friends over a period of time by seeing each other everyday.Doing face-to-face classes give students the ability to stop their instructor and let them know they’re lost. For instance, when a certain text of the assignment become complex a student, they can stop the instructor and get help on that part of the assignment. By doing that give the instructor and students time to go over the text and figure out what the student are having a dilemma with.
Face-to-face have its advantage over online courses do to more interaction with the instructor. Students can raise their hand to ask question to the instructor when needed.In an online class the student have to post that question in a forum and wait until the instructor get time to answer that question. It might seem that online classes are bad to do because of less interaction with the instructor but that just the outlook of it. If a student engage more into the discussion question like they should than they will have no problem with interaction with the instructor. In class on campus the student can easy stop the instructor and get help and that true. The students can do the same thing online as well but it different than just raising your hand.
All the student have to do is post any question they have and the instructor will answer their question. That why it’s important that the student have and do their work on time. So if there is a question about the assignment they need to know they can find out the answer in good time. Online teach students the importance of time management and how to stay ahead. The way the students do things on campus is totally different than online classes. Students see that if they play around then they will fall behind quick. They really do not have time to joke around because they have a time frame to turn in their work.
This make the students more responsible to learn how to keep things in order and use their time wisely. Online might have it down turn as well as it upside to it but in the long run online stand out better than on campus. The Risk of Students on Campus College      There are many risks students can be involved in while going to college on campus. The affect of students going to college on campus are high for students. So many students are face with so much peer pressure every day at school. One of the main risk students have on campus is HIV.Students are at high risk for HIV by having sex with multiple partners while attended college on campus(Adefaye, Abiona, Balogan, & Durrell,2009, August).
Students also be pressure by their classmates to drink and party a lot. Furthermore, that leave students with less time to study for their class. Students lack in study going to college on campus than students in online classes. Most students attend all types of parties that go on in college. Students do not put time into study do to the lack of rest they get from the parties they attend every other night.When ask, students reply that they have only one life to live while they young and they going to enjoy themselves. For the ones who do online classes do not be pressure to go party because they are at home doing they school work.
They go out too but after the work has been done because they have no roommate in their ear saying come on and let’s go party. Online is More Convenience for People to do         Online is more convenience for people to do then college on campus. Most people up in age feel more comfortable at home doing their school work than on campus.Do to age difference in college most older people feel out of place around the younger students. That why they have more people who are a family person doing online classes. Especially women, they are likely to attend online classes than men. Women feel more pressure at college from others than the men do.
Women have more peer pressure put on them to do things that they do not feel comfortable doing. That’s why the gender play a big role to the percentage of students that enroll in online classes(Dabai, & Hawa,2008, Spring).The males are more likely to go to school on campus than online but it also convenience for them too. It might seem that it better suit the women than the men to do online but it good for all gender. Some males feel better to just be at home and do their work as well. If people have very little income coming in that make it hard to afford a room on campus or drive to school everyday than online is the way to go. Trying to get up and fight the through all the traffic and get to school on time can be a headache at times.
That why when you do online them type of things is not a factor to worry about.All the student have to do is get up out of bed and walk to your computer and log in. Time can be on your side when doing online classes. Students have a Better Overall Outcome in an Online Classes        Students have better outcome in online classes than on campus does. For instance, students that do online classes study harder to learn what they are reading to past the course. Students that go to school on campus take it easy do to the help the can receive from their classmates. Time management is a big key factor in doing online classes.
Students have to plan ahead to get their work done and turn in on time.With good time management students can set aside necessary time to do others things around the house. At home students can study and get their work done with minimal distractions from others. Students can better concentrate and focus better at home without the distractions from other students. Online is convenience for students who cannot afford to get back and forth to school. It save time and money that most people do not have to give these days(Anonymous,2009,10,Sept). Plus, some faculty have better success with students online than on campus.
With some studies done on distance education “Their results suggest that experienced faculty view distance education as effective in terms of students performance and instructor-to-student interaction, and they ‘promote and recommend engagement in distance education’(p. 69)”(Bolliger & Wasilik,2009,p. 103). These days it good to learn how to use a computer and do school work on it. Most jobs people get now ask for some type of computer skills. Now that will benefit the student who been doing online classes because they have more experience in the computer than a student who do school on campus.The more a student do work online the more they become familiar with the computer and build their computer skills.
Online help people in so many ways not just for school but also for a future job. Even though that more students in online courses dropout than on campus, due to little interaction with the instructor online is better for people who do not have time or money to go to school on campus. Doing online classes help out in many ways with people who cannot afford to go to school on campus. For instance, if you’re a parent and cannot find anyone to watch their child for them until they go to school.Then online classes will be perfect for that parent to do and at the same time save money for a babysitter. Online classes take more study to do but its still take a load off of the student from trying to run back and forth to college on campus. With some studies done on distance education, ”Their results suggest that experienced faculty view distance education as effective in terms of student performance and instructor-to-student interaction, and they promote and recommend engagement in distance education’(p.
9)” (Bolliger & Wasilik,2009,p. 103).References Tello, F. S. (2007, July-Sep). International Journal of Information and Communication Technology Edu. Vol.
3, Iss3; pg 47, Retrieved September 7, 2009, from Proquest database Dabai, F. , & Hawa, B. (2008,Spring). “The role of gender and age on students’ perceptions toward online educations case study, Vocational High School. ” International Journal of Humanities and Socail Sciences, 2. 2; 102. Retrieved on September 7, 2009, from Gales database Doris, U.
B. , & Oksana, W. 2009, May). Distance Education Melbourne: Vol. 30, Iss. 1; pg. 103.
14pgs. Retrieved on September 7, 2009, from Proquest database Anonymous. (2009,10,Sept). Computer weekly News, Atlanta: pg. 126. Retrieved on September 7, 2009, from Proquest database Adefuye, A. S.
, Abiona, C. T. , Balogun, A. J. , & Durrell, M. L. ,(2009,4,August).
HIV Sexual risk behaviors and perception of risk among college students: Implications for planning interventions. (Research article)(Report) Retrieved on September 7, 2009, from Gale database

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Online and Campus Classes
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