personal Leadership Model

Personal values

Decision making

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personal Leadership Model
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Leaders are often judged by the quality of the decisions that they make. These decisions reflect the image of the leader and the principles that they hold important. For great leaders, they are aware of the need to  create a balance on emotions and logical thinking to ensure that the decisions they make impact positively to oneself, others, organizations where they are affiliated and to the society at large (Kase, 2010). It’s the quality of the decision that separates great leaders from mediocre. This is an individualistic value that are crucial for great leaders. The sense of accountability arise from the knowledge that as a leader one has the power to determine the direction that their related affairs should follow.

Time management

Time is a great equalizer as it is apportioned equally to everybody. The difference arise on how everyone utilizes every second of their time. Great leaders are time conscious and are always on the move just like time does. Managing time requires effective use of time while carrying out activities that will lead to the attainment of the set goals and objectives (Grissom et al. n.d.).


Wisdom is an important leadership value as it helps leaders in making strategic plans. It is concerned about utilizing the available knowledge diligently. As a leader, this value is crucial to me as it equips me with the capability of knowing which part of the puzzle fits where in the jigsaw fit. It has been termed as having an enlightened wisdom (Lloyd, 2006).

Servitude (empathy)

As a leader, I value the act of serving others. The servitude is enhanced by having empathy. Empathy provides a leader with the ability to identify and understand the situation, feelings, perspective and the emotions of others. Only by understanding the position of others will I become a better leader serving their interest as opposed to satisfying my personal interests. 


Effective communication is mandatory for any person with a leadership role. To me, this remains my most regarded value. It determines how one relates with others. Being an effective communicator does not mean using one style for all groups but rather requires the identification of the specific needs of each clientele groups and adjusting the communication style accordingly. Effective communication utilizes both verbal and non-verbal communication to communicate with employees, customers, and other members of the society.

Team work

A successful leader does not work in isolation and solace. To being a leader is like being captain of ship where a successful voyage is the synergy resulting from the efforts of the crew members. Being a good leader means recognizing the importance of teamwork and putting policies that encourage the group to collaborate is hitting the targets and the goals of the organization. As a leader, collaborating with others is my stronghold. Team work is required at all stages, from planning, execution and monitoring and evaluation.


This leadership value complements the teamwork and collaborative value. As a leader, there is a great need to integrate diversity in all the processes of the organization. It facilitates the manner in which talents are searched, identified, developed and advanced. It helps the leader create the culture of innovation within an organization. Leaders should ensure that they facilitates the creation of an organizational with diverse and an all-inclusive environment (Thomas, 2011).


As a leader, I value the importance of considering the sustainability of every decision, act and policy. As leader, there is need to take a broad look into issues and consider their technical, economic and environmental sustainability. Every leader is tasked with the responsibility of ensuring that the capabilities of the future generations are not crippled by our current actions.

Leadership Behaviors 

Time management

Creation of time schedule for every task

Maintain a personal diary

Monitoring and evaluating the progress of tasks

Decision making

Collecting information- to understand the situation

Developing alternatives

Analysis of the alternative

Choosing the best



Develop strategic plans

Consideration of long-term effects

Setting long term goals


Understand the condition of others

View an issue from different perspectives


Be an active listener

Provide appropriate feedback

Maintain a range of channels of communication

Identifying the needs of each group and adjusting appropriately


Considering the opinion of others

To support members of the organization 

Assigning roles and duties to the members of the organization according to abilities

Facilitating the process of negotiation as a way of promoting democracy

Promoting problem solving

Tolerance to diversity

Maintain a diverse workforce

Have discrimination policy


Determining the benefits and cost of projects

Developing measures of measuring environmental degradation.

Meaning and Purpose of Leadership Values

Being a value based leader is help shape one into a sensible leader with the abilities of enhancing self-managed employees with little or no need for supervision, helps create more enthusiasm in the team as a well as enhance a genuine organizational culture. As a leader being guided by value will increase the level of team bonding, reputation for reliability and ensuring that flexibility is an integral guiding principle. A value based leader recognizes the importance of ensuring quality welfare of people and not viewing people as a means of just achieving the leader goals.

As a leader with time management as their integral value to leadership on is able to achieve high levels of efficiency. This helps the leader achieve goals within the required time constraints. Employees may be motivated with a time conscious leaders as their efforts in managing deadline may be recognized through bonus for saving on the slack time. With such a leadership value, the same is instill within the organization where it become a culture practiced by all member in the organization.

A leader is as good as the decisions that they make. This makes the value of sound decision making a very important and purposeful value for my personal leadership model. Through decision making process, I will be in a position to ascertain my authority and indicate the relevance of my position. This is important is creating a sense of responsibility and accountability in me as a leader. Decision making will also help me as a leader to promote a democratic policy with the organization (Knippenberg 2013). This is important as it helps other open up and discuss issues affecting them. With sound and effective decision making, the general society will benefit as matter that may be affecting them will be dealt with accordingly.

As a visionary leader, I will be in a position to guide the general direction that the ship takes. It is a great opportunity for me as a leader to bring the best in me and plan on how to achieve it. Strategic planning helps the stakeholders understand the journey that the organization is embarking on. This puts a mode of preparedness on all individuals as they will be aware of the milestones expected. Through strategic planning, the society is given an opportunity to be involved in all matters that may be touching them and an opportunity for them to air their voices.

The purpose of enhancing empathy of my personal leadership model is to ensure that all my decisions and policies are all people-centered. Leaders are meant to serve. Servitude can only arise when one puts himself on the “shoes” of others and try understand issues from their perspective. The purpose of this is to ensure that the solutions promoted are not oppressive to any party. Empathy is meant to be in place to ensure that as a leader, I understand the situation at hand as it is (Mittal & Dorfman, 2012).

The purpose of communication in the art of leadership can never be down played. A leader must relate with other individuals. Enhancing communication is meant to achieve openness from both side. Openness on the other promotes integrity which are crucial elements of an effective leaders. Effective communication promotes understanding with other as issues are well raised, discussed and solution to the same proposed and delivered (Northhouse, 2015).

My leadership model promotes the value of teamwork. There is greater unity in working as a one team. Teamwork is purposeful in developing common goals and objectives. For an effective team, there is division of roles but union of purpose. Every person in the organization is made aware of what is expected of them. The spirit of teamwork is important in promoting communication, collaboration, problem solving and handling conflict. To fully enforce the spirit of team work, my leadership model promotes the spirit of tolerance to diversity. This means to enlighten all members that diversity brings richness of ideas, innovation and perspective. The policies on this value emphasizes on the need to uphold unity in diversity. A diverse team can handle a large segment of the market share (Goetsch & Davis 2014). With diversity, there is a greater potential of promoting specialization which will in turn influence efficiency.

As a leadership working with a sense of sustainability is one way of indicating responsible leadership. Sustainability is meant to ensure that the activities which the leaders engage in considers the plight of other even those in the future generation (Carter & Goldsmith, 2012). Where economic sustainability is considered, as a leader, it an opportunity to show that the benefits to be accrued from a certain endeavor outweighs the cost of achieving it. Environmental sustainability indicates that as a leader I am conscious of maintain the quality of the environment and not over-exploitation it in a way that it may cause extinction of resources (Hargreaves & Fink 2012).


As a leader, by promoting sound decision making as my leadership values, it will result to dealing with issues that may arise in the rightful manner (Knippenberg 2013). Sound decision making also ensures that the choice made is the best in consideration to time, budget and other considerations. 

Time management results to projects being completed on time thereby avoiding costly delays. Promoting a culture of time management will help the employees avoid procrastination. Efficient time management results to things being handled in an orderly manner making it easy for retrieval or future referencing.

Strategic planning is an important value to a leader. Before one is granted the opportunity to take the reins of leadership, the strategic plan is used to set out the one with potential of taking the organization to a great height. It provides an opportunity for the leader to align their manifesto with the vision of the organization. The welfare of the employees will be addressed to ensure equity, fairness, health, and safety of all parties involved within the organization or in the society.

Empathy in my leadership style will enable the acceptability potential with the people I am meant to serve. Addressing the needs of people from their perspective will be a prove of my understanding of the situation at hand. It will be a way of me as a leader being on the same level with other for one cannot serve from the top  (Mittal & Dorfman, 2012).

Promoting communication will result to people airing their issue clearly and having means of providing their feedback (Northhouse, 2015). As a leader, the effectiveness is felt from the satisfaction of those being served and represented. The medium of communication will be enhanced and at the same time the barriers that may ne hindering communication eliminated. Through communication the leader and others in the organization are brought to the same page.

Teamwork impact on the level of interaction with the employees, customers, stakeholders and the society at large. Promoting the spirit of teamwork increases the chances of success. Working together for the greater good means that issues are addressed amicably. While not everyone may always agree to the decision, teamwork puts system in place that all members are left satisfied with the decision and the end result (Goetsch & Davis 2014). Teamwork is essential in ensuring that an organization can boast of diverse culture. Such a culture has a positive impact on the level of innovation.

Sustainability value will enable me embark on achievable journey. This results to projects whose returns are beneficial and can support themselves with no need of additional backup. To promote sustainable environment, will lead to the organization being innovative and reducing negative impacts on the environment. Going organic will a major impact of having this value in my leadership style (Hargreaves & Fink 2012).


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