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In this paper, I intend to express my personal worldview on the concept of spirituality and its implication to healthcare. Spirituality has become an integral component to offering of holistic patient care. Individuals tend to use the concepts of spirituality in an attempt to understand illness and changes they might be experiencing. Nursing considers human beings as being holistic comprised of body, mind, and spirit. The spiritual component of human tends to be universal and dependent on one’s health. This essay will provide my personal worldview by exploring the meanings of spirituality through sociological, and philosophical perspectives and explore the concepts of pluralism, scientism, and postmodernism as well as analyze seven basic worldview questions.

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Meanings of Spirituality

Spirituality refers to the behavior of people to get a meaning through different relationship such as intrapersonal, interpersonal, and transpersonal which helps to transcend (Dunkin & Dunn, 2009). Spirituality is a core component of compassionate care that holds the belief that “man is not destroyed by suffering but rather by suffering without meaning (Puchalski, 2001). The spirituality perspectives to be considered include sociological and philosophical.

Sociological perspectives

I hold that belief that for one to gain an understanding of spirituality and its implications to the healthcare practice, it is important to view it with its social framework. Religion and spirituality do not exist in isolation but rather in a social set up. It is through the religious doctrines that an individual gets a foundation for an elaborate understanding of wholesome human experience based on community of faith. Under this perspective, spirituality may thus be regarded as a set of beliefs, stories and practices that assist individuals acquire meaning of behavior in an integrated manner (Daaleman, 2004).

Philosophical perspectives

Under this perspective, spiritual care is considered as an ethical obligation to offering professional and quality care. The World Health Organization is a consensus conference, agreed on the definition of spirituality as “the aspect of humanity that indicates the manner in which people search and bring out meaning and purpose and the manner in which they experience their personal connectedness to moment, self, others and nature. Vermandere et al., 2011)” I consider that spirituality as a mechanism through which people seek to attain deeper meaning in various aspects of life.

Religious and Cultural Context of Modern Healthcare Care and Medicine

It is important to note that spirituality is a critical component of health that is not yet adequately integrated in the modern-day medical practice. according to Singh & Ajinkya (2012) religions offer the patients a specific moral guidance about a variety of medical issues as well as prescribe rituals that is important to the patients. Pluralism, scientism, and postmodernism are different contexts through which one may gain a better understanding on their impact to the modern healthcare.


Medical pluralism refers to the co-existence of a variety of different medical traditions within a given contextual framework. The area has recently sparkled an interest on the co-existence of biomedicine and the complementary alternative methods. On this case pluralism is said to incorporate separate and distinct systems of therapeutic practices (Islam, 2005). Adoption of pluralism has contributed to the development of a modern healthcare system that is comprehensive in nature and incorporate various healthcare provider, even in the private sector (Messen et al. 2011).


Scientism is regarded as an expression of the relationship between science and truth, knowledge and reality. This is concerned with substantive assertions that can be verified through a scientific process (Lewith & Falkenberg, 2012). Scientism has led to the development of evidence-based practice where health-care practitioners are expected to make use of current best evidence in patient care which has led to improvement of patient outcome.


This refers to the increased orientation towards meta-narrative as the determinants and informants of truth. The priorities in this post-modern society have shifted and is characterized by; regard for both values and evidence, attention to risk more than benefits, and increasingly well-informed patient. This has impacted in modern health care as it had promoted making of medical decisions based on evidence and values. The health under this perspective highly regards patients’ safety and their inclusion in making health care plans (Kata, 2010).

Seven Basic World View Questions

What is Prime reality?

This question aims to seek an understanding of the perspective on what one considers as the ultimate reality. From my perspective, I believe in the existence of God, who is Supreme, creator and sustainer of the universe. I consider this as a basic belief by which other beliefs must subscribe to.

What it the Nature of the World around you?

The major concern of this question it to gain a perspective on the external reality and describe whether one considers the world as being created or autonomous, chaotic or orderly, matter or spirit and the relationship to the universes. My answer to this question stems from my belief in God. My perspective for the external reality is that it was created by God, who installed an order in it can thus be regarded as orderly, it is comprised of matter and it objective.

What is a human being?

This question seeks to gain an understanding of individual perspective and personal nature. I believe that human being is a the most special God’s creation as he was created in the image and likeness of God. God gave human beings the power to subdue and rule the earth and this explains the technological advancements meant to enhance life.

What happens to a Person at Death?

At death, the physical body and the soul separates. The body decays and get converted to its original form of mud from which man was created. The soul ascends to heaven or hell. Therefore, death ushers us to a new life.

Why is it possible to anything at all?

This question considers the study of knowledge based on how we know anything and means of acquiring the knowledge. I believe that by being created in the image and likeness of God, He shared with the ability to know and seek truth. God granted us the brain power to help use discover things and learn the truth.

How do People Know What is Right and Wrong?

God created people in His own image and likeness and gave them a unique feature that differentiate them from other animals. This is consciousness that helps one to determine what is right and wrong. God also give guidelines on how people should live through the scriptures.

What is the Meaning of Human History?

Human history helps people learn from the past with an aim of having a better future. Understanding human history helps people to know God’s plan for them. It helps understand the laws that people should abide by.


The paper sought to discuss the concept of spirituality and its implication to healthcare. spirituality has become an integral component to offering of holistic patient care. Spirituality is an integral component in healthcare as indicated in the holistic care. The spirituality perspective discussed in the paper include sociological and philosophical perspectives. Pluralism, scientism, and post-modernism have been described as having a major impact to the modern healthcare and medicine.


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