Strategy Change at the Head of the Virtual Police Department VBBC Task Force


The mandate of every police department is to ensure they maintain law and order in its jurisdiction. The police have to work within the law to bring down individual criminals, as well as, organized crime groups. Even though police departments are well funded and well trained to bring down criminals, some criminal gangs are well organized and more sophisticated, hence making it hard for the police force to apprehend and prosecute criminal-affiliated to gangs. The Virtual Police Department has been facing this situation for more than a decade now. For many years, Virtual City has been a very calm city where people perform their work and live their lives in a peaceful manner. 

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Strategy Change at the Head of the Virtual Police Department VBBC Task Force
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However, the last one-decade has seen the emergence of a gang that has been engaging in very violent crimes such as robbery with violence, rapes, kidnappings, carjacking, and extortions. This gang is known as the Very Bad Biker Club and it has managed to disrupt the peaceful life of Virtual City. The Virtual Police Department has been using conventional crime-fighting strategies, to fight the criminal gang but they have been unsuccessful (Stewart, Schreck, & Simons, 2006). The rate of successful prosecution has been very low emboldening the gang that has been orchestrating crimes that are more violent. It has also been observed that the few members of the Very Bad Biker Club that have been arrested and successfully prosecuted are not daunted by their incarcerations. They use their prison cells as their new base where they continue orchestrating crimes from prisons. Currently, Robert Pole Jr, the son of Robert “Buddy” Pole the president of the Very Bad Biker Club is in county jail, he has not posted bail, and the police believe he wants to go to jail so he can be able to orchestrate criminal activities from inside the prison. His father the president of the gang is out on parole. He does not observe all his parole terms such as disassociating himself with known criminals and carrying a gun. The police department has found it hard to clump Robert “Buddy” Pole criminal activities and violations, as they have been unable to prosecute the gang members successfully. 

The criminal activities committed by the members of the Very Bad Biker Club has reached a very high level, making it necessary for the Virtual Police Department that is led by Chief Clayton Moore to come up with unorthodox measures and strategies to combat the gang. Chief Clayton Moore and his team have been strategizing on how well to defeat this gang and make Virtual City a safe place again. They came to the realization that they alone as the police department cannot defeat this gang. They decided to involve different stakeholders that play a significant role in fighting criminal crimes in the city to come up with a blueprint that would be used in the fight against the Very Bad Biker Club members.

A Brief Description and the Role They Play In the Fight against Criminal by Each Agency

Virtual Police Department

As mentioned before, the Virtual Police Department is led by Chief Clayton Moore. The agency holds the primary duty of ensuring that Virtual City is free from criminal activities and people are able to live peacefully. Chief Clayton Moore and his team of police officers are responsible for identifying criminal elements in the society, investigating their crimes, and coming up with irrefutable evidence that can stand in a court of law, for successful convictions. Regarding crimes committed by members of the Very Bad Biker Club, Chief Moore and his team have been conducting swoops and investigations that have led to some arrests and some convictions. However, it is important to mention that these efforts have not yielded much. The gang has grown tremendously and become bolder. They have become even more violent in their criminal activities with many murders in the city being attributed to their members. This very disturbing trend has to be curbed before it becomes even worse. This is the main reason why Chief Moore has called different stakeholders in the criminal justice system to come together so they can be able to come up with new strategies to fight the gang members. This department is also responsible for ensuring all logistics are in place to ensure all players play their role effectively. For instance, it is the duty of Chief Moore and his team to ensure the Virtual Police Department VBBC task force has all the required resources to help facilitate their work of fighting the gang members. 

Virtual Police Department VBBC Task Force

Chief Moore created the Virtual Police Department VBBC task force with an aim of fighting the Very Bad Biker Club gang in the city. I, Captain Jay Silverheels head this task force and I am responsible for coming up with strategies to fight the Very Bad Biker Club. Together with my team, we are responsible for investigating all criminals activities associated with the Very Bad Bike Club and we are tasked with the duty of ensuring that we come up with evidence that can guarantee successful prosecution of the gang members and their leaders. I report to Chief Moore who is the overall supervisor of our work at the task force. 

Over the last few years, we have worked hard to ensure we bring down the Very Bad Biker Club gang but we have not been successful. The major problem we have been facing is that the gang is very dynamic and it has been changing its mode of operation from time to time, making it hard for us to pin them down and prosecute them successfully. As a task force, we have come to the realization that we need to reinvent ourselves and come up with new and dynamic strategies that can enable us to be successful in our fight against the gang members. We have also come up with the realization that as a task force we will need more resources to enable us to fight the gang with modern crime-fighting strategies. Most of these strategies are technologically based and it will be important for the police department to back us up with the new technology that can help us do our work more efficiently.     

The Chief Criminal Prosecutor from the Office of the District Attorney

Raymond Burr holds the position of chief criminal prosecutor in the Office of the District Attorney and the important position that overseas prosecution of members of the Very Bad Biker Club. Mr. Burr works closely with the police department and Virtual Police Department VBBC task force, to ensure that they come up with good court cases that can guarantee successful prosecution (Taylor, Peterson, Esbensen, & Freng, 2007). Mr. Burr has been complaining that most of the cases that he presents to courts are backed by very weak evidence, resulting in a very low rate of convictions. He goes on to state that this has to stop and it can only be attained if the police department and more so the Virtual Police Department VBBC task force start taking their work more seriously, do good investigative work, and come up with watertight cases against the gang members. 

The Security Chief of the State Correctional Facility

The prisons department led by Major Allen Irongates plays a major role in fighting crime in Virtual City. Major Allen Irongates and his team are the people responsible for locking up criminals who have been who have been prosecuted and convicted by the courts. The main responsibility of the correctional facility is to punish criminals as convicted by the court of law, as well as, rehabilitate criminals and help them become productive members of society. It is also the duty of Major Allen Irongates to ensure that no criminals, especially from the Very Bad Bike Club can escape from their facility before they finish their sentences. It has come to the attention of the Virtual Police Department that convicted members of the Very Bad Bike Club plan and orchestrate many crimes from their jail cells. This should not be allowed to happen. It is the duty of Major Allen Irongates and his team members to ensure that all incarcerated criminals do not have the chance to plan and commit any crime inside or outside the prisons. 

The District Supervisor for the State Department of Parole

Every judicial system has a parole board whose main responsibility is to interview prisoners who are eligible for parole interviews and determine whether such inmates should be released back to society. Martha Street leads the parole board at Virtual City and together with her team are responsible for releasing Mr. Robert “Buddy” Pole the president of Very Bad Bike Club and other members of the gang back into the society, where they have continued committing criminal activities against innocent civilians in the city. For this reason, it is very important for Mrs. Street and her team to take a hard stance on all gang members when they come before her board for a parole hearing. In fact, most members of the judicial crime agency believe that all members of the Very Bad Bike Club should be denied parole when they appear before the parole board. Even though this is a vindictive strategy, it will ensure that members of Very Bad Bike Club serve their full terms in prisons and this can act as a deterrent measure against crime.

The Operations Director of the Virtual Security Force

The Operations Director of the Virtual Security Force is a force led by James Dunbar. The Virtual Security Force is a private security company hired by the Virtual Commercial Merchants Association to help with maintaining security in their premises. The force provides security personnel, equipment, and logistics that can help combat crime. The force has some police authority like the power to arrest criminals inside the property of their clients. In many instances, they are armed and this deters many gang members from committing criminal acts in premises they are protecting. 

A description of how the group came together to identify a solution to the issue while maintaining their role as representative and advocate for their respective agencies

For the past year, the Virtual Police Department has applied numerous investigative strategies and resources with the sole aim of bringing criminal charges against members of the Very Bad Bike Club. The operation started as a simple investigation of individual members of the gang, complaints, and criminal investigations and calls-for-service. These efforts were merged into a collective effort with the aim of bringing down the gang as a whole. The police department has incriminating evidence against many members of the gang but no information has been conveyed to the Office of the District Attorney or any other agency in the criminal justice system (Pizzaro & McGloin, 2006). 

The chief of the Virtual Police Department thinks that going by previous happenings, these cases would most probably fail to meet the high threshold required by the courts to convict these criminals. Many cases taken to court by the chief prosecutor have been dismissed out rightly by the court, and this has made Raymond Burr the chief prosecutor in the district to adopt a controversial strategy of giving the gang members the option of agreeing and signing plea-bargains. This has seen many criminals agree to lesser charges where they are only required to pay fines to the courts. Very few gang members have so far spent time in jail for serious crimes they have committed. 

 It has also been noted that the few members of the gang that has been prosecuted and locked up in prison have found a way to continue running their criminal activities from behind bars (Aron, 2017). The Police department has not investigated and found how this is possible but they believe there are some rogue prison officers who allow gang members to communicate with other gang members from the outside. It is, therefore, important to have the prison department chief in the meeting, to help other members of the agency understand how the gang members seem to be able to run their organization from prison.

Another major reason why Chief Moore called the leaders of the various agencies is that it was found that a large percentage of all members of the Very Bad Biker Club ended up being allowed to join society on parole. The parole board led by Mrs. Street has been paroling members of the Very Bad Biker Club. The released criminals go back to their criminal ways and this has been making the lives of people living in Virtual City unbearable. All these factors forced Chief Moore to call the members of the criminal justice system in the district to come together and come up with strategies of fighting the Very Bad Biker Club. 

Description of the solution to the assigned problem and the role of each agency

The interagency group met over a couple of days and they came up with a strategy to fight the Very Bad Biker Club. The group decided that the best way to fight the gang would be to attack it on two different levels. The first level was to allow the continuation of the current police investigations and prosecutions. The second level was to come up with a strategic plan to work collaboratively to reduce crime in Virtual. Police officers from the Virtual Police Department would spearhead the first level of attack. These are officers that do normal police work in the city such as patrolling the streets, looking for criminals and aiming at maintaining law and order in the streets. It is important to note that these officers will not be primarily hunting down the Very Bad Biker Club members but just maintaining law and order in the streets, and just in case they stumble upon members of the gang committing a crime, they would act and to bring them to justice.

The second level would be more sophisticated with all officers involved having only one role of hunting down members of the Very Bad Biker Club. The Virtual Police Department VBBC task force will spearhead this strategy, which is the team that I lead. All the other members of the alliance will be tasked with specific roles, that will be basically to help or aid my team in performing the actual act of investigating and collecting evidence against the members of the Very Bad Biker Club. The Virtual Police Department headed by Chief Clayton Moore will be the overall supervisor of this strategy. Everyone will be reporting to Chief Moore, and he will ensure that each agency performs its duties efficiently. The Virtual Police Department VBBC task force will be the task force that will be responsible for fighting the criminal gang. We will be provided with the resources that we need, as well as, new highly skilled police investigators. The police investigators will be responsible for closing the gaps that have been leading to dismal conviction rates. For example, they will be seeking to determine the probable cause of each case before they forward to the prosecutor.

The chief criminal prosecutor from the Office of the District Attorney under Mr. Raymond Burr will be responsible for prosecuting the cases investigated by the Virtual Police Department VBBC task force. Mr. Burr will not be allowed to cut deals with members of the Very Bad Bike Club, as all the cases that will be forwarded to him will be backed by hard evidence. The prosecutor should also be asked to seek the maximum sentence for all the cases he brings to the court, as the main aim of this task force is to punish all the criminals severely so that other members of the gang can be deterred from committing a crime (Aron, 2017). Major Allen Irongates is the representative of the correctional facility in this alliance. His responsibility in this project is to ensure that convicted members of the Very Bad Bike Club are incarcerated in a secure part of the prison to ensure that they do not continue orchestrating criminal activities from behind the bars (Aron, 2017). He can achieve this by jailing all the gang members in solitary confinement until they show that they are ready to leave their criminal acts behind and that they are ready to be rehabilitated.  Martha Street should work to ensure that no member of the group is paroled under any circumstances. James Dunbar and his Virtual Security Forces should work privately on their premises to ensure that members of the gang do not target the properties they are guarding. 


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