Sustainable Analysis of Cobani Gyro Kebab Restaurant



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Sustainable Analysis of Cobani Gyro Kebab Restaurant
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Sustainable Analysis of Cobani Gyro Kebab Restaurant

Organization and Boundaries

Any business association requires to build up a compelling strategy for success to guide its vision and mission. The marketable strategy goes about as a formal proclamation that is utilized as a part of the aide the business objectives and any achievable arrangements inside a sensible indicated period. It controls every one of the exercises of any association inside a predefined timeframe regarding generation, estimating among others. In such manner, this paper gives a general strategy for success to Cobain Gyro Kebab an organization working in two 25th Avenue San Mateo Ca in California. On that note, the paper gives the portrayal of the business, market investigation, allows and licenses for the organization, money related projections. Different issues highlighted will be contenders of the business, hierarchical structure, proposed changes and the startup arrangements for the organization among different perspectives that are fundamental to the organization achievement.

The business is a full-benefit family eatery that offers moderate however great Cuisine. In such manner, the eatery furnishes its customers with feasting encounters that should surpass their desires for any visit they make to the office. The business values its customers and will offer them brilliant administrations custom-made on the present patterns and new elements that will be assessed upon an investigation of the requirements of the created demographic base. To accomplish this the Cobani Gyro Kebab means to assume control over the benefits of JD Drew’s eatery and viably change over it to an effective eatery (Turker & Altuntas, 2014). The JD Drew’s eatery has been working in the objective region for more than a quarter century it’s required to be franchised because of unpaid advances, administration changes among others. Along these lines, Cobani Gyro Kebab should duplicate the fruitful recipe that have been connected by the organization for more than a quarter century its presence and transform them into another developing undertaking. 

Cobani Gyro Kebab Restaurant goes for offering diverse items as a major aspect of its menus, for example, chicken, veal, broil meat, hedge assortments and different fish that will be served close by the different starters’ comprehensive of sandwiches, and plates of mixed greens, and unique servings of mixed greens that will contain boundless refills for the customers. With respect to material the organization will use freshest fixings, imported pasta and quality cuts meat items. A portion of the significant supplies for the organization will be Middendorf Meat, Joe Fazio pastry shop, DiMarie claim to fame sustenance that have been the real supplies for the previous organization. By and by the new unit will be at freedom of distinguishing different suppliers who will successfully meet their necessities’. 

The organization plans to present an incredible new scope of items that have not been seen before in this area, for example, Mangia Bene that will offer liberal bits of sustenance and quality flavors as a feature of the normal menu. What’s more, there will be administrations that provide food for all ages where kids matured under 12 years will have a chance of review Mr. Meatball that is a renowned toon character where the business will utilize the endeavor for making top picks recommends to little youngsters to take toasted segments that are intended for the littler cravings normal to youthful kids. In favor of beverages, the organization plans to give a full cluster of blended beverages, lagers and wines. In such manner, there will be a fully stocked bar zone intended to serve youthful grown-ups families, singles among different gathering a spot where they can appreciate. Since the business will be based on a family base, there will be no open doors for late night drinking and moves as that is not one of the business destinations. 

Most dietetic pros are as of now promising people to take an assortment of organic product bits for wellbeing sit tight. Basically this gives an amazing chance to the business whereby the organization will present a moment natural product blending business. The thought will permit customers to accompany their requests and the unit will mix for them a segment that rhymes to their prerequisites. It will offer both take dependably and direct utilization alternatives for the customers

Input and Output Analysis

Any business venture ought to carry out a market analysis that is one of the vital parts for startup business such as this company. The company market analysis will highlight the existing competitors, their business strategies and weaknesses and the Cobani Gro Kebab will leverage on it. At the same time, the market analysis will provide the competitors’ products and services already in the market and those they may entail bringing on board. Other important elements for this part will be the company projected risks and how to mitigate them.

  Within the California area where Cobani Gyro Kebab will operate, there are over 48 Restaurants according to market Estimates, Scan, Inc. (800) 272. The above list is inclusive of 18 fast food/sub restaurants, 11 sports bars that represent the upscale burger restaurants. There are 2 Barbecue restaurants, six Chinese restaurants four breakfast/lunch restaurants and one upscale full service restaurants. 

Some of the established competitors include Sacramento fast food chains that is a combination of different food chains the. Scaramentos main advantage lie on its established network and ability to leverage on the economies of scales due its large network mentioned above. Trattoria Fresco Specializes in providing Italian cuisines a feature that identifies it well however that provides a major weakness in terms of providing a wide variety of foods to its clients. On the same line is Marche aux Fleurs that is known for exclusive French cuisines among other small enterprises within California. Cobani Gyro Kebab will leverage on the above noted weaknesses of the competitors such specialized attention to clients, provision of wide variety of foods and ensuring a business with a multicultural face unlike the norm for specific region cuisines.

 In addition, the business will focuses opportunities on providing full services that can cater for all the family members by offering them complete meals at reasonable prices. At the same time, there is the new Gravois shopping complex that is within the vicinity of the proposed location of the new restaurant. The Gravois shopping complex offers an ideal destination for shoppers from the St Lous area. On that note, the company will make alliances with the proprietors of Gravois shopping complex on neighborhood marketing program, customer frequent diner loyalty programs and birthday Anniversary marketing mailings systems. 

The focus customers for this business unit will be the upper-income level families who have at least $ 60,000 per month and above a figure that represents over 98% of the families living in the St. Lous area (Golicic & Smith, 2013). The other group will consist of the regular travelers who will be using the adjacent highways. Most of the above mentioned competitor’s offer an individual full course meal at $75 that offers clients a full choice menu and additional drinks. However, with specialization the Cobani Gyro Kebab can charge more a feature that will be used to leverage the low cost expected to be introduced for a full meal were it will be possible to provide it at $ 65 which ,much lower than what the competitors offer. 

There is intense market competition for the families with the above-stated ranges of income a feature that requires unique approaches regarding the business for them to succeed. The business has to be aware of Marin Grill, Dave and Busters hard Rock Cafe among others that form a growing list of ever expanding restaurants within the operational target area. There were times when large companies such as McDon had the largest market share in the United States. However, currently the subway restaurants are taking most of its markets share due to their specialized services to the intended clients.

  With such business units operating together, it is vital for the business to note some of the competition and buying patterns of the clients. Most of the customers come from the southern and western regions since the stores are located in Jefferson County most of the clients who stay in Fenton will not be interested in travelling towards the rural Jefferson County for their shopping experience. There are some competitors such as O, Charles with better locations since it on a free standing building in the new Gravois Bluffs. Since the business unit plans to take over from an already established business unit there are a number of permits and licenses already obtained as listed below.

  • Annual business permit
  • Employment Identification number
  • Drinks and liquor permits
  • Food and beverages operating permit

Permits to be obtained

  • Renewal of the annual business permit
  • Music and copyright permits 
  • Medical certificates for the staff 
  • Flammable materials and fire control license.
  • Health and safety department license
  • Legal name and patents licenses
  • Retails sales license

Recommendations for Sustainable Performance

All suppliers to the business will be compelled to meet all the company regulations and requirements. Some of the basic requirements that the contract will have to adhere to include payments terms, delivery comes quality of the goods and services that have to be made with the particular supplier. The contracts spelled below will be used as the yardstick for all the business contracts that will be approved by the company’s supplies and logistics manager.

Description of service beginning of (date). Company ABC will provide to (Customer’s Name) food and restaurant services described in the attached form. The requested services will be delivered to (Business Name) premises on the effective date. Service Recipients fee. In consideration of the services to be provided by the supplier, the clients agree to compensate the service providers for the services that will be rendered as follows. Service provider’s fees for the services specified above and for additional services will be charged at a service provider’s standard rate of $ 10,000.00 quarterly. Any additional services not specified above will be charged to clients on an hourly rate basis at standard service providers’ hourly rate of $50 per hour Term. This contract is subject to determination by either party upon there provision of a ninth days’ notice to the other party and settling or agreeing to settle all accrued expenses during the period when the contract was in existence (Díez Rodríguez, Oliver, Vicente & Ahumada Cervantes, 2015). Facilities and Equipment By the virtue of this contract the client shall at its expenses provide the services provider with suitable food services space that includes adequate sanitary toilets facilities with heat, refrigeration and utilities services as may be reasonably required for the efficient execution of the contract. The client is further required to furnish building maintenance services that are required for the premises and shall make all the equipment’s required to the minimum standards requirements with all the federal, provincial and the local operation areas. Menus Service providers shall provide suitable food the-the clients as instructed by the sales and logistics manager of…….

The company’s plans to have all customers who have eaten at a Cobani Gyro Kebab whereby they have to know that the services are better and there are good employee services. The company will benefit from its core competitive advantage of proven Pasta House concept that has been there since 1974 and the high ridge serving that the company has operated for over 20 years. There is the concept of best home training in the industry and high management and crew that are open to the local market in all ranges. Other factors that will provide the company with competing advantage include known costs with purchasing regimes of the Restaurant rant industry and close support of the PHC president and senior Management.

Marketing Strategy and Sales Strategy

  The company aims at signing frequent diner customers within the new high ridge areas for three years of establishing its business. Over 6000 club members will be honored with loyalty point’s awards, and they will be used to sell the companies potential to other clients. The waitress and waiters will be key in increasing the average checks for add-on sales from 5 % to an average of over 13%. By this the business will be assured of having regular profits without solely depending on the business counts of the business.

The company will start with interim team who will be on probation period awaiting there confirmation after a six months period. The key personnel will be the overall restaurant manager, the company chief chef, the security officers, accountants among others. The qualifications for the above positions are outlined below

Restaurant Manager Job Description Qualifications and Experience

  The restaurant manager will be in charge of ensuring that the company operates efficiently and profitably according to its mission and vision. He coordinates and supervisors all the activities of the organization from sourcing the raw materials to the process of converting them to final products that will be consumed by the clients. His responsibilities combine strategic planning and the day-day management activities of the business. 

Job Description. Tasks performed by the manager vary depending on the business condition but usually they include.

• Being responsible for the overall performance of the business

• Analyzing and planning the restaurant sales and levels of profitability

• Organizing all the marketing activities that are required to enhance the business sales

• Preparing the company reports that have to be made yearly annually or at any time that the management may request for the same.

•Setting up the company budgets and ensuring that all the other departmental heads adhere to the same.

•Planning and coordinating the specific menus that are required by the company clients.


•A bachelor’s degrees in hospitality industry or a college degree with the combination of relevant experience

•A team player with leadership skills and ability to lead individuals from varied disciplines such as accountants cooks among others

•Proven skills in basic accounting process those are not limited to the preparation of the company budgets

•Good report writing skills hence communication skills that are desirable in the hospitality industry

Restaurant Financial Manager

The Finance has the overall management of the company’s money with the key responsibility of making returns to the investors. In that regard, he has to engage in financial analysis of the come any, forecasting, budgeting, engaging in cost reduction analysis and reviewing of the operational performance of the company 

Main Accountabilities

•Maintaining a system of accounting policies and procedures of the company

•Managing and outsourcing funds thereby being in charge of the fundraising activities of the business

•Overseeing the operations of the finance department that will entail the design of the organizational structure of the company

•Using hedging methods in mitigating the financial risks that may be experienced by the company and maintaining good banking relationship with the restaurant bankers

•Recommending appropriate dividend issuance to the shareholders that does not take effect on the company key operations

•Engage the company employees in effective cost cutting procedures by participating and implementing stages cost-cutting initiatives that may be proposed by the management

•Create additional analysis to the budgets and make respective reports to the managers.

•He should pose a Bachelor’s degree in finance accounting or any other business related course

•Should have ten years and over experience of working in a large restaurant

•Should has certifications from the Institute of certified public accountants or Certified Management Accountant designations

•He should have excellent communication skills with good presentation skills that of accounting figures to the management

•He should have an outstanding knowledge of electronic spreadsheets that are used in the accounting processes of the hospitality industry.

Chief Chef and Operations Manager

The head chef and operations manager will be responsible for all the companies’ menus that are overseeing the eatery restaurant section as well as the beverages section. He will oversee the preparation of the customers personal orders that will also include the presentation of their wines a service not limited to the process of masterly wine activities.

•Involved in the management of the kitchen staffs that include the cooks, cleaners and the waiters of the company.

•In charge of implementing the restaurants kitchen regulations, including sanitary and safety guidelines

•Takes part in the creation of recipes and the assessment of advanced orders that may be ordered by the clients

•In charge of the recruitment and employment processes of the kitchen staff as well as the training requirements for the company cooks

•Requires to have excellent cooking skills with diverse knowledge of various recipes for clients across varied regions across the world

•The ability to write menus and communicate the same to customers while ensuring the company’s profitability criteria is maintained

•Bachelor’s degree in nutrition and diet or a college diploma degree with proven track experience

•A team player and ability to lead staff as well as basic accounting knowledge

Restaurant Cooks

The cooks will be directly under the supervision of the company’s chief Chef where their duties will revolve around the actual cooking and ensuring high sanitary standards for the restaurants. The waiters order the menus that are requested by clients there will be no formal requirements for this category of job. The selection will be based on the experience and ability of one to produce specific meals

Due to an a wide variety of foods to be produced there will be no specific job training for particular menus however the cooks will be selected based on their experience and ability to cook specific types of foods. Additionally, the company will provide some in-house training where the cooks will be sent to specific institutions that specialize on a particular line of food to learn on how to prepare those menus. In addition to teach this staff members will come out with some clients for the company thereby the initiative will be acting as-as double sword approach.  

  Occasionally the roles of cooks and waiters will be interchanged thereby need to select them based on similar experience background. However, previous staff experience of serving as waiters and ability to place orders electronically will be given preference. At the same time, preventability will be assessed owing to the fact it is one of the key selling points for restaurant-related business.

The chart below represents the restaurants organizational structure for the first five years of operations where the come any will adopt a mix of the vertical and horizontal structure.

The above group of employees will be in charge of the design work on the walls and floor design of the restaurant. In that regard, the team will carry out shelving and displays work of the company that will be inclusive of designing the dining room look. Other members of the team will be in charge of record keeping of purchases swell as the budgeting works. In as far as, there will not be in charge of the actual application thy have to supervise the work by overseeing the kitchen equipment and purchase layout of the business. Finally, the will be in charge of continuous improvements of the business operations that will also entail advising the owners of the company whenever it is applicable.

The above employees of the company will require a suitable remuneration that befits their qualifications and competence. At the same time, the company values its employees and will like to retain the best talents available for the industry. On that note, the table below provides the companies personnel play where their key salaries are highlighted. 

Table 1

Year 1Year 2Year 3Year 4Year 5
Kitchen Labor$ 185,604$ 198,211$ 204,157$ 205,000$ 205,980
Dining Room Labor$ 99,834$ 101,601$ 104,649$ 105,000$ 106,000
Management Salaries$ 186,000$ 186,000$ 228,968$ 229,000$ 230,000
Total Payroll$ 471,438$ 528,780$ 544,643$ 539,000$ 541,980

Product and Process Redesign

The restaurant expects to have a moderate growth rate that is often characterized by steady cash flows to the company’s investments. As mentioned above the sales for the restaurant are expected to raise at a rate of over 4% through the first five years a situation that will translate t increased finances for the firm.  During the first five years of its operations, the company will invest all its residual profits on the expansion activities of the core business such as increasing the stocks and variety of products to be offered to the clients.

To avoid the mix up of the company cash and the high cost of maintenance that are normally experienced during the first year of restaurant operations the budget will be kept to a difference kitty often referred to as maintain solid operations budgets (Ahi & Searcy, 2013). To mitigate the risks associated with investments, the NPV projections will be used, and the firm will take care of the following assumptions

  1. Sales Forecast

 The company hopes to have a continuous sales volume increase of 5% for each year of its operations that will be solely based on the following.  

  • Increasing the visibility of the restaurant so that it can easily be noticed by all residents of St. Lous whereby every person will know the location of Fenton restaurant.
  • There is a need for increased traffic flow that will be aided by the intersection of highways 141 and 30 that will bring in double numbers of people using the roots.
  • The new shopping centers will bring in new retailers them by having more employees that will eventually be part of the clientele base of the business.
  • Increased seating areas that will be used by the client during spring periods and the continuous improvement of the PHC look of the hotel.

Table 2 below shows the sales forecast for the company within the first five years.

Sales ForecastYear 1Year 2Year 3Year 4Year 5
Food and Liquor Sales$1,638,070$ 1.703,593$ 1, 771,737$ 1,790,765$ 1,805,790
Merchadise$ 5,478$ 5,533$ 5,588$ 5, 765$ 5, 805
Gift Certificates$ 37,700$ 38,831$ 39,996$ 40,609$ 41, 101
Total Sales$ 1,681,248$ 1,747,957$, 1,817,321$ 1,837,139$ 1,852,696
Direct CostsYear 1Year 2Year 3Year 4Year 5
Sales and Merchadise at 25.7%$ 421,053$ 429,474$ 438,064$ 472,145$ 476,143
Other$ 0$ 0$ 0$ 0$ 0

Business Assumptions

•The JD Drew’s will not be unable to make their note payments or lease payments that will lead it be being declared defaulters

•The company will acquire all the assets of the JD Drew’s, and they will be in state as analyzed.

•All the transactions required to start the business well be completed within the next six months by then the shopping complex will have been built and the highways completed.

•There are no unforeseen changes in the expectancy and the purchasing trends of the population leaving within the operational business regions.

•The expected access to loans and financing are sufficient to maintain and fulfill all the financial plans of the business

•The current landlord for the J Drew’s company will have no problems with the new owners of the business and thereby he has no plans of carrying out immediate renovations or maintenance procedures that will adversely affect the business

On the other hand, there is some assumption that will be based on the macro aspects of the businesses, and they are represented in the table 3 below.

AssumptionsYear 1Year 2Year 3Year 4Year 5
Current Interest Rate5.5%5.5%5.5%5.5%5.5%
Long Term Interest Rates9.5%9.5%9.5%9.5%9.5%
Tax Rate22%22%22%22%22%

Social Impact of the Organization

From the above arrangement, Cobain Gyro Kebab Company arrangements to fabricate an effective eatery business that will give credible and conventional dishes from various districts of the world, for example, Turkey. The organization will assume control over the operations of the J.D Drew’s organization that has been a fruitful business however as of now having some budgetary imperatives (Brandenburg, Govindan, Sarkis & Seuring, 2014). By taking an effectively settled business, the eatery will be guaranteed of a decent demographics base notwithstanding acquiring a group of experienced experts in this industry. Financing for these operations will be filed through an advance that will be paid for a stipulated time of five years. 

The strategy for success gives a business sector investigation to the business that recognizes the key contenders, their valuing techniques, stamping activities among others. The organization will devise its strategy for success that will be exclusively equipped towards getting a bigger piece of the pie notwithstanding winning more clients from the conventional players. The human asset part of the business is dealt with clear choice procedures and an association outline for the same. The segment for the organization money related projections gives the key suspicions that have been made in these projections and the normal budgetary streams once those suppositions stay consistent. In a perfect world, the thought gives a splendid business wander that if executed will prompt one of the best eateries in the area.


Ahi, P., & Searcy, C. (2013). A comparative literature analysis of definitions for green and sustainable supply chain management. Journal of Cleaner Production52, 329-341.

Brandenburg, M., Govindan, K., Sarkis, J., & Seuring, S. (2014). Quantitative models for sustainable supply chain management: Developments and directions. European Journal of Operational Research, 233 (2), 299-312.

Díez Rodríguez, J. J., Oliver, C., Vicente, L., & Ahumada Cervantes, B. (2015). Addressing strategic environmental assessment of Mexico’s transition towards renewable energy. In AEIPRO 2015: International Congress on Project Engineering (pp. 1121-1132).

Golicic, S. L., & Smith, C. D. (2013). A meta‐analysis of environmentally sustainable supply chain management practices and firm performance. Journal of Supply Chain Management49(2), 78-95.

Turker, D., & Altuntas, C. (2014). Sustainable supply chain management in the fast fashion industry: An analysis of corporate reports. European Management Journal32(5), 837-849.

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