Term Paper on Internship at Mewe Media Company (CN)


Mewe Media Company was founded in September 2015. It is a fast growing young company. Currently, its market value is $300 million. It contains a secure social network where employees and managers interact efficiently. Several programs were produced by the company for more than 10 million in an online broadcast. I went to Mewe Media Company for my internship which lasted for eight weeks.

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My internship experience with my organizational sponsor, Mewe Media Company, was great. The field experience has positively impacted my academic and professional experience. I was able to achieve more than my expectations. There are significant similarities between the theories and concepts learned in NYU course and the field work. A majority of the methods are applied in the field and the experience of using them first hand is overwhelming.  I learned a lot of lessons from my internship, and I would recommend other students to use internship in Mewe Media Company as it is not only a learning ground but also provides a friendly atmosphere.

My Internship Experience

There was a lot to learn from Mewe Media Company. One of the aspects that I learned was socializing and networking with directors and, employees in the company. Everybody in the company was friendly, and they worked together as a team. I learned that better results in an institution are achieved with support and cooperation within a team. This illustrated the importance of maintaining and nurturing a good relationship with everybody in a workplace.

One of the best experiences was impacted during my first week in the company, where I was able to shadow the HR manager and witness all his day to day activities. The close association assisted in learning the strategies of achieving success, measuring standards, meeting and exceeding goals and also an onward continuation towards driven success. I was also able to shadow the HR assistant, other directors, and employees, who gave me the right kind of exposure to the real work environment.

It came to my knowledge that sponsors plays a significant role in the sustenance of Television Channel Company and advertising. There is a mutual benefit between the sponsors and the company where the company advertises products and services to millions of people while the sponsors pay for a time slot during breaks. The sponsors sustain the operation of the TV channel. The company achieves all the sustenance through its advertising and marketing tactics that use a digital console that shows a list of advertisement breaks and telecast.

The social issues that aired in Mewe Media Company aired with a purpose. Currently, China is experiencing several social problems, and the channels intend to spread awareness primarily in China so as to provoke people to think about the issues so as to make a positive difference in the society. I visited the planner of the TV show and the script writer who is the actual mastermind behind the TV episodes on social issues.

The director acted as a catalyst and medium through which I acquired all the answers and knowledge about all the processes in the company. The company had impressive work that required all the employees to utilize their experiences irrespective of their status or skills. I met the script writer that is the mastermind for upcoming and popular TV shows. The script writer has significant responsibilities, and he cannot afford to make mistakes as it can affect the image of the company negatively even with a slight error.

As weeks passed, I started becoming technical where I learned various advertisement concepts, sponsorship, behind the camera processes, TV shows and sustainability of the company- where it gains profits during the process. It came to my knowledge that audiences are unaware of what happens behind the scenes.

During week four, I dealt with the technical aspect of the new social problem program that was under making in the company. The severe social issue in China is the problem of unemployment which has created a vast wealth gap between the financially advantaged and the have-nots. This has led to a lot of suicidal cases, depression and unstable population among a significant number work throughout China. I also realized that China economy is volatile and fragile. This was an eye opener as it assisted me in learning various problems and aspects of our nation.

In my observation, the New Media Company (CN) is treading carefully, as China is facing several social issues which are censored or hidden due to government or political pressure. Due to the government pressure, the company needs to plan and design their programs while considering these limitations in mind so as to have a proper growth that is hindered by oppression from any government or political party. I realized the advantages of taking utmost care of the government policies on the telecasts. The company in ensuring that it does not violate the policies, they have a separate in-house quality checking and evaluation team which checks and gives final edits to the whole telecast compilation before airing it on the channel. This is a very efficient and useful way of filtering out all possible ambiguities or errors that may have crawled into the programs due to negligence and other human errors.

In week 6, I was introduced to Mewe Media Company advertising department that handles all the publicizing and advertising requirements of the company. It is crucial for every organization to have an advertisement and marketing department so as to create awareness of their existence to their clients. Blindly telecasting and producing TV programs without creating awareness to the audiences on the ventures o the company is meaningless. For an organization to maximize revenue, popularity and TRP ratings, it should invest on a large scale adequate advertising.

As learned from the advertising process in Mewe Company, companies should have specialized individuals who have advertisement experiences for effective dissemination of information. The time spent on the Mewe Company has made me fall in love with the place due to the atmosphere, ready to assist employees and directors and presence of professional growth of the company. I wish I would be part of the team after my graduation.


Before the start of the internship, I had set both long-term and short-term goals. My first short term goal was written and oral communication which was achieved during my interaction with the directors and employee where I interacted as well as made notes of all significant aspects. My second goal was negotiating with sponsors. The director assisting me highlighted ways that they negotiated with sponsors where the sponsors paid for advertisements during show breaks. The third goal was to understand the media industry. I learned about new advertising and media where the company not only gained profits from advertising for sponsors but also advertised their services before shooting their shows at no cost. Therefore, all the three short-term goals were achieved.

Before the commencement of the internship, I had set three long-term goals. The first goal was to master speaking and negotiation skills. The skills were acquired during interaction and cooperation with staff in the company. The second goal was an expansion of contacts and communication circle. This goal was attained whereby the formed relations were not short-term but long-term. For example, the promises offered by the director regarding an opportunity after studies. Entertainment being the most popular industry in China laid the need for a strong network relationship in China. Due to this, it was essential to engage in one of the fast growing young company which illustrated the majority of opportunities in this industry.

Similarities and Differences between Theories/Concepts Learnt in the Course and Real World

The NYU course which has impacted me with knowledge using concepts and methods was practically illustrated in the field. There was a lot of correspondences between the class and field work. However, there were a few differentiating factors between the two.  In classwork, communication skills and effective leadership have been covered. These concepts were illustrated by the practical leadership skill that the HR director had. According to Yukl (2002), effective leaders promote teamwork in organization. The director was an effective leader who had promoted teamwork in the company, and was also a good listener, and he was ready to answer all my probing questions.

Marketing and advertisement concepts have been covered in class in details. These concepts were well illustrated in the media houses. Sponsors erupted as the source of sustenance to the company where they paid for their advertisements. The company also had personal advertisement strategies where they used newspapers, magazines, banners and self-advertisement to promote their products. Teamwork is another essential aspect that has been taught in our coursework. As illustrated by the study which is similar to the classroom concepts, teamwork is one tool that should be employed by every organization for its personal success.

However, the class and field concepts differ. Although the difference is slight, it should not be left unnoticed. Not all the theories were applicable in the field. The company used some differentiating concepts from what is learned from the classroom. Although the concepts were differing from coursework, they were practical to the distinct atmosphere and business. This is an illustration that, no matter the strictness of classroom concepts, their flexibility is essential according to the personal requirement of an organization.

Lesson Learnt

During my second week in the company, I learned that sponsors pay the company for their adverts to be screened. One interesting aspect was the cooperation and the mutual sustenance between the TV channel and the sponsors as both systems benefited from each other. I was able to understand how a TV channel chooses particular kind of shows. Whatever a TV channel screens is selected while keeping in mind the preferences, choices and the likes of the viewers. The knowledge that is gained in the internship will assist in building a solid foundation for the coming years. This is because it offers strong basic skills and understanding on the subject.

Every day in the company was a learning day where new aspects erupted where I acquired better set of skills and knowledge which are a prerequisite of a successful marketer in future. In week 4, I learned that the company’s processes are not as simple as recording and telecasting due to the provision of quality and evaluation team that meticulously checks the recording while providing edits whenever they are required before their telecast on the air. Therefore, every process in the company is crucial and requires surveillance and trained control as making mistakes is not an optional due to the millions of people watching the broadcasts.

One major lesson that I have learned throughout my internship is that learning is not an ending process. An individual should look forward towards learning new things irrespective of their position in life or age. Due to this factor, I did not limit myself to activities or tasks that are limited to my major, but I learned all that was at my disposal. This is a way of evolving and growing in different ways.

One of the reasons for not limiting myself was because of my observation in the company that its employees and workers are multi-talented. They were flawlessly handling assignments in different departments due to their flexibility and ability to adjust to different environments and atmospheres. The second reason for not laying limits is that more knowledge assists in unlocking more avenues and opportunities in future career prospects. This is because the majority of employers favors candidates with diverse knowledge as they can think outside the box.  

The aspect of the advertisement may seem costly, but in the long run, if a media company uses the correct approach, the advertisement becomes a boon and the popularity and revenue generated are worthwhile. Sponsors are the significant and relevant stakeholders in the company as they provide its sustenance. The company does not have fixed sponsors as they keep on fluctuating regarding market players. The practice assisted me in identifying that media company, sponsors and advertisements go closely in parallel, where they can suffer a loss in the absence of each other.

I have learned that it is always essential to record and take notes on important aspects. This assists in recalling and use of information for future reference. The inter-relationship between the media company and the sponsors is mutually beneficial. The company has maintained a high number of its viewer by using the strategy of incorporating the social issues that mostly affects the country on their current TV shows. It came to my understanding that a media house promotes itself by substantial investments in various media like magazines, TV channels, banner, and newspapers.

Recommending Others

Internship and field work are important and closely related. I would thus recommend everybody with the desire to enhance their skills as well as polish their skills for the current market that is competitive. It is impossible to learn advertising and marketing techniques properly through class lectures and books. Thus, an internship is very essential as it exposes a person to a world of application and not theory alone.

As an intern, one associates with managers, director, their assistants, and employees. This association prepares one to the pathway of gain and career feasibility preparations. The internship may provide a job opportunity in the future of the intern after graduation. In comparison to my case study, the director offered me an opportunity in the company which is a motivational, for me to work even harder in school. Internship also lays a platform for students to learn before entering the competitive world of job search. Due to the stiff competition in job search world, an internship would be an added advantage over others who failed to attend.


The eight weeks at Mewe Company has allowed me to understand that social networks are essential in a work environment. I made friends and close association with directors, managers, and the employees. The organization’s director has been of great assistance all through my internship, and he is a reflection of an effective leader. Marketing and advertising field is an exciting field that lays a common learning ground. Mewe Company is a foundation of my future career on advertisement as it has been an education field from the first day to the last.


Yukl, G. A. (2002). Leadership in organizations.

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