UND Resonance Structures of The Ozone Molecule Discussion Questions

These problems and their discussions will be included together in one post. After you decide which problems you would like to discuss, start a thread in the Topic 1 Forum. You need not fill in the content—onlybegin a thread with a subject line that includes your name and the problems you will be discussing. When you are ready to fill in the details of the post, you can simply go back into your post and click “Edit” and put the information into your post. By starting your post, you are claiming your problems and no other student is allowed to choose the same problems.

Notice! The first person to post a thread on the Forum with his/her problems in the subject line will be the only one to receive credit for the assignment should their be duplicate choices. Therefore, you should be sure no one has already chosen the problems you wish to investigate.

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UND Resonance Structures of The Ozone Molecule Discussion Questions
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You need to:

*show your work with the solution (use an

embedded image

or the

fx button on the Rich Text Editor

), and explain in text form how you approached and worked through the problem.

*explain in the text how you approached and worked through the problem

Ideally, you will choose problems that you had a hard time solving until something clicked (which you would then explain–what you figured out that you did wrong, etc.). Either way, you should lead a discussion about the problem. This will help everyone go through the thought process of these problems, see different ways that students set them up, compare approaches, maybe learn new strategies and hints, recognize mistakes, etc. If you cannot solve the problem at first, no worries, your classmates and myself will give you help you along and you can edit your problem until it is due. If you are having trouble, show your work and explain where you are getting stuck. Remember, you are not getting graded on whether you solve the problems correctly, but rather the attempt you make and the discussion you have with us related to it. So it will likely be more beneficial to you to select challenging problems with which you need help as opposed to easy ones that you can already solve.

Questions are :

1-Write the resonance forms of ozone, O3, the component of the upper atmosphere that protects the Earth from ultraviolet radiation.

2-. For which of the following substances is the least energy required to convert one mole of the solid into separate ions?

(a) MgO(b) Sro(c) KF(d) CsF(e) MgF2


64. Which bond in each of the following pairs of bonds is the strongest?Covalent bonds chemical link between two atoms or ions in which the electron pairs are shared between them. The strength of this type of bonds are dependent on the extend of atomic overlap, number of bonds between the atoms, and polarity of the bond.(a) C–C or C = C—-> The C = C bond has two bonds, therefore, it is stronger. More bonds=stronger bond(b) C–N or C ? N—> C ? N has more bonds, therefore it is stronger. (c)C?O or C=O—>C?O has more bonds, therefore it is stronger. (d) H–F or H–Cl—> HF is a stronger bond. HF has half filled 2p orbital of F overlapping with 1s orbital of Hydrogen while HCl has half-filled 3p orbital of Cl overlapping with 1s orbital of H. 3p is more diffused than 2p, therefore, the extend of overlap of. 2p-1s is greater than 3p-1s overlap. Longer/higher the extend of overlap=stronger bond. (e) C–H or O–H—> Oxygen is more electronegative than Carbon, hence, O-H is more polar, therefore stronger than C-N. More polar=Stronger bond. (f) C–N or C–O—> Oxygen is more electronegative than Nitrogen, hence, C–O is more polar, therefore stronger than C-N. More polar=Stronger bond.Explain the difference between electron-pair geometry and molecular structure.Electron geometry is the shape of a molecule predicted by considering both bond electron pairs and lone electron pairs while Molecular geometry is the shape of a molecule predicted by considering only bond electron pairs.Here is a photo for better visual distinction.Hope that helps. Thank you.-RileyReference: Madhusha. (2017, August 8). Difference Between Electron Geometry and Molecular Geometry: Definition, Identification, Examples. Retrieved March 31, 2020, from https://pediaa.com/difference-between-electron-geo

let me show you some of my work on discussion on week 7Problem 6.26Using the Bohr model, determine the energy in joules of the photon produced when an electron in a He+ ionmoves from the orbit with n = 5 to the orbit with n = 2.Solution:As according to Bohar’s Model, The energy of any ion, when an electron is moved from one orbit to other can be calculated by the following formula:here K is the Rydberg’s Constant whose value is 2.179×10-18 J, n1 and n2 are orbits, n1 is lower and n2 is the higher or final orbit.So for He+ we have atomic number=2, n1=2 and n2=5so putting the values in the formula we may get something like:Solving it further reveals that change in energy= -4.56×10-18 JSo  -4.56×10-18 J will be released when the H+ will be having an electron moved from 5th orbit to 2nd orbit. As the electron will be move from higher energy orbit to lower energy orbit so the energy will be released. ___________________________________________________________________________________________Problem 6.69Based on their positions in the periodic table, predict which has the largest first ionization energy: Mg, Ba, B,O, Te.Answer:As we know that the ionization energy is the amount of energy that is needed to make an atom ion or it is the amount of energy that is necessary to remove an electron from the outermost shell of a gaseous isolated atom. So the energy needed to remove first electron from the outermost shell, is called as first ionization energy.Ionization energy usually basis on the size of an atom, or on the distance between the nucleus of an atom and outermost orbit, in which the electron is revolving. So larger the size of the atom is, greater will be distance between the nucleus of the atom and outermost orbit, and lesser will be the energy needed to remove the electron. So in the given case if we observe we get to know that from left to right the radius of atoms decreased and ultimately size of atoms decreases which ultimately increase the attraction between the electron and nucleus of the atom and hence more energy is required to ionize it. Similarly atomic radius increases from the top to bottom in periodic table and hence the ionization energy varies inversely. in the given case,Oxygen is the one with smallest radius, as it belongs to 2nd period and hence its ionization energy will be highest. The Boron is a member of group 13 and 2nd period and its size is 2nd smallest in the given set of elements and hence its first ionization energy will be 2nd highest comparative to others.Next to Oxygen and Boron is Tellurium whose atomic radius is smaller than Mg, Ba but first ionization energy is higher than Mg, and Ba.Mg is found in 2nd period so its size will be smaller than Ba, which is found in 6th period and 2nd group. So ionization energy of Mg will be higher than the energy needed to make Ba ionized.So on the basis of the above analysis we may make the whole topic summarized as following1st ionization energy of given elements can be summarized asO>B>Te>Mg>Ba

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